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  1. Actually it appears that these gender tags aren't necessary for animators to manually place, as SexLab will append these onto the tag lists when they are registered. (Not sure what was stopping this from happening on my install, but reinstalling SexLab seems to have fixed it for me.) For example, human x human animations, as well as human x creature animations, will have MF, FM, CF, FC, CM, and MC tags added by SexLab, same with the gangbang variants with 3-5 actors (FMMM, MMMF, FCCC, CCCF for example). I am assuming that it would properly add tags for FFMM, FMCC, etc. animations, but I did not test for these since I don't know of any animations for these situations. Testing with Anubs Male Female Wolf animation which has no gender tags before registering it, after registering SexLab added these tags: MFC, Cfm, fmC, CMF. This means that those types of tags don't really need to be manually added by animators. The only exception I see are determining the genders of the creatures, since SexLab appears to group CreatureMale and CreatureFemale under "C". Possibly two new tags, Cm and Cf could be used to specify if the creature is male or female (MMCf or CfMM for example would be for an animation with two human male actors and a female creature actor.)
  2. Isn't the whole point of having this discussion to talk about tags in their current state, and to possibly remove unnecessary tagging and add in more relevant tags/missing tags. By no means am I demanding animators to add these tags, and I've already found ways to bypass the missing tags in certain animations, seeing as I already use them in my mod. Again, this was merely a suggestion of tags that should be included in case a standardize list of tags was to come about. MMG mentions lacking tags in the main post, and you yourself also note about absent tags that have mod interactions. The ones I mentioned are tags that I actively use in my mod, but have to resort to other methods of grabbing the animations, since those tags aren't present in some animations. Sexlab will add MF, FM, MMF, FFM, MMMF, etc to the tags of an animation if they do not already have those tags. It should add them to creature animation as well looking at the functions. Edit: Actually looking at the script again there's no reason why FMC, MFC, FFC, etc. shouldn't be added to animations without those tags. Now I'm wondering what is preventing those tags from being added when I register them through SLAL.
  3. This is just a suggestion for tags that I believe need to be added to animations. I can't rely on the user taking the effort to add certain tags to animations, so either the animator has to add them or I have to call animations by name, which has it's own issues since not everyone installs the same animations. In Confabulation I already have users who complain about "wrong" creature threesome animations playing. Without tags like MFC/FFC, etc. I can't reliable get the proper animations to play without having SexLab just get all "compatible" animations (which includes animations with two creatures where I only want one creature). Talking about standardization, tags that indicate the sex of the human actor(s) and number of actors involved should always be included (MFC, FFC, etc.). I don't think this is too much of an issue with normal human x human animations since SexLab adds these tags in by default I believe, but for the group creature animations they are missing.
  4. I think "Kneeling" and "Behind" are probably useful to some. "Kneeling" suggests sex is occurring with one or both actors on their knees but not doggystyle since that implies hands and kness on the ground for me. "Behind" is useful for animations where one actor takes the other from behind, but not necessarily in a doggystyle position. I plan on eventually using the magic tag, for mage specific animations. A few tags that I would request be added are tags such as MFC, or FFC, etc. be added to creature animations involving more than one human actor. As it is now those tags aren't included in some animations, so I have to either specifically call the animation by name or use some other tag that none of the other creature animations use. (For example, FFC horse animations I have to call by name since they aren't tagged with FFC. Otherwise an FCC animation can play when SexLab gets a list of compatible animations. Same for FFC canine, which I am currently using the cunnilingus tag to get the right animation, but this is not exactly ideal and not future proof for new animations that could come out.
  5. This looks promising, I think I'll probably end up creating a patch for Confabulation to use this in certain locations where furniture sex would be extremely likely.
  6. Progress has been fairly slow so far this month. I was planning on getting out the Maven quests for TG Cumdumps, but it's nowhere near ready. So I'll probably push the next release towards the end of July and add in some other misc stuff in addition. As Naps-On-Dirt mentioned, I would recommend you use SL Solutions Revisited, since it has more content added to it compared to the original Solutions. The patch is technically compatible with both however. I planned for this mod to be a way to introduce sex into Skyrim without changing too much of the normal gameplay. Dark Brotherhood still requires assassination, Theives Guild still requires you to sneak around and steal things, Companions still require you to be a fighter and warrior, etc. The bounty quests, bandits, giants, dragons, etc. are a bit to random to easily cover with sex options that would still make sense while still keeping the idea behind the bounties, that is to kill the target. I also have to consider compatibility with other mods that alter the bounty quests or add in new ones. It's a bit outside the scope of this mod. The creature quests from Aela that send you to an NPCs home, I actually do plan on covering at some point, since the goal is to get rid of the creature. So having sex with it and getting it to leave the house makes sense. The second phase of these quest send you to clear out a den, where sex won't make sense, since you are tasked with actually killing and clearing the area.
  7. The quests mentioned are the ones that directly have content associated with them. Other quests are either already covered by SexLab Solutions or didn't make sense to cover. I don't think there would be any major issue to using both, but why would you? As Valcon767 mentioned above, those options become available after reaching a certain point in their respective questlines. They exist mainly for users installing the mod mid-playthrough, or who want to disable the dremora in the house afterwords.
  8. I don't have any issues with that line on my end, with or without the patch. All the patch does is add a condition to hide/show that line depending on whether you choose to serve or not. You might want to check and see if you have another mod altering the starting lines of the Companions. Troubles of Heroine does this for example.
  9. After the quest where you turn into a werewolf and Skjor dies, when you return to Jorrvaskr and talk to Aela she should have a dialogue asking if she is alright. Two days after asking her, she should have another new dialogue, which leads to you and her having sex. Another two days later, you can come across Aela having sex with a wolf in her room at night if you enter the basement between the hours of 1:00am - 7:00am. Aela has to be already be in the basement for this to work (she should be going to bed during this time, unless you have another mod altering her sleep schedule).
  10. If you're asking if you can do the Thieves Guild Cumdump content on an old save, then yes you can. Repeating the Honningbew Meadery quest specifically though you can't, as there are several things that have to be set for it to work right. For example, Hamelyn and the skeevers have to be alive, the nest should be untouched, the quest needs to be at a certain stage with aliases filled, a triggerbox has to be active to properly set everyone non-hostile, etc.
  11. There is an option in the MCM to auto start horse sex if you are running into this problem, too avoid you riding the horse if that is happening to you.
  12. This mod doesn't touch the radiant quests, aside from adding a dialogue to the criminal.
  13. That scene is a part of the NON-Member companions questline. If you fought Vilkas, I am assuming you are a member of the Companions, in which case there is no scene there with Eorlund.
  14. It could be due to the sound level of the weapon you are using or if you have another mod altering how stealth and detection works. In my testing I had no problems killing Narfi using all weapons, as long as the NPCs didn't get close by (near the opposite side of the bank they are still able to detect the murder).
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