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  1. College related quests, rework of Companions werewolf related sex (including male player werewolf now), follow support rework, some new misc additions, more Maven quests, Shady Seller quests, and some other stuff. Progress is still slow. Haven't worked much on the mod the last two weeks, and probably won't be able to dive back in for another week. Honestly I should have portioned out the new content into their own separate patches, but now its too late as I have several additions that are wip and need to be finished, cleaned up, and tested still.
  2. End of July, August maybe? No concrete date though. If I get enough time off from work I can get it done sooner. Is the 5p animation registered and showing up in the SexLab animation list? Also Sibbi's quest might get stuck, in which case you can use the console command "Set SC_MJCounter to 1" and increment the number until the scene starts again. After you've joined the Theives Guild and started the sex training with Vex/Delvin, Vex will have a new dialogue branch when you ask her about the Goldenglow job. She'll mention that you can infiltrate as a prostitute, which you can agree or disagree too. Agree, and you should be able to walk into Goldenglow and be approached by the mercs there.
  3. The daedric quests were written very early in the mods life when I was still learning how to start sex with SexLab. At that time, the most I could really do was start sex via a dialogue line. As you can tell, I can do a lot more now with what I know and the Sanguine questline will definitely get a rework at some point to be more involved with the player.
  4. I'm not certain what exactly the SLEN integration does? What kind of creature follower are you trying to use and for what dialogues/options?
  5. Probably not going to happen, I'm guessing OStim uses it's own code for starting up sex, which would require rewriting basically all of the scripts in this mod. I would also have to see if it has all the functionality of SexLab which I use throughout this mod. As Mehmeme suggested you most likely are missing a 5p animation which is needed to progress through that scene. Billyy has at least one, and I think Funnybiz has a few. Next update is coming along. Been busy with RL as usual but I am getting closer to finishing. No planned release date though, just to avoid setting up expectations and then failing them again. I have looked into possibly adding this, but will probably do it in a separate update after I finish the College, so as not to delay that update any longer than needed. Might also make it a separate patch, in case there are those who don't want the voiceovers.
  6. You can actually increase the limit by adding these lines to "SkyrimEditorCustom.ini". If you don't have this, you can create one in the steamapps\common\Skyrim folder. [Localization] iExtendedResponseLength=180 iExtendedTopicLength=120 bAllowExtendedText=1 This will let you make longer dialogues and response in the CK. You can technically extend these further, such as 255 for response and 160 for topic but if you go too long, some dialogues get cut off visually from the menu if you aren't using a mod like Better Dialogue Controls.
  7. The forcegreet should stop if you turned him down at the first or second opportunity. You can manually stop it by using this console command "Set SC_ShadySeller to 1". I'll go ahead and add another dialogue script to the first dialogue to stop the forcegreet as well.
  8. The Shady Seller should initially forcegreet you with this line: "Hello there miss/sir, might I interest you in some rare and unique potions?" Since you are not seeing this line, and instead seeing something else entirely different about vampires (which is not a part of or added by this mod), either this mod has not been started correctly or you have another mod altering his dialogue. Delvin's dialogue for training should also be available the same time you can ask for tips from Vex. This is only ever blocked if you have Player x Male content disabled. It sounds like the main quest for this mod isn't running for you, which is why you are missing dialogues. If you type "sqv Sexlab_Confab" into the console, it should show up as Enabled: Yes, and State: Running. If it shows up as No and Stopped, then something has gone wrong with your install of the mod. You can restart the quest by typing "StartQuest Sexlab_Confab" into the console, though you might have other issues with parts of the mod if you are having to do this. This is showing that SexLab was not able to find any registered animations for a werewolf 4p. You might want to re-register your animations and make sure that one shows up in the Toggle Animations tab in SexLab.
  9. The command to end that quest is "SetStage SC_Companions_Creatures 200".
  10. No date for the update yet, still working on it though. Lots of little changes and new stuff being added. Good idea on that Solitude one, I'll look into adding it. Dragons are planned for when I cover main quests, Giants you should be able to kill with sex in the next update using the potions. Still thinking up an idea for normal bounties that would be most compatible with other mods. Maybe a spell that you can learn at the college?
  11. Ria's bear quest and Aela's wolf quest are actually both a part of the same quest (SC_Companions_Creature). Stage 170 is part of the second bear quest. Unfortunately, Aela's quest alias has her move to her room during this scene. Normally not a problem, but since you ran into problems with the bear quest, that creature quest never completed properly, which is why Aela's in the room. It's safe to use setstage to set it to 200 to stop that. This is fixed in the next update. This should be fixed in the next update as well I believe. I've rewritten the backend scripts for starting sex for the next update.
  12. I think that's actually a Sexlab caused "bug". Similar to when sometimes you get teleported to 0,0,0 coordinates on the map, which is over the Whiterun giant camp. If you have SOS, it will add dicks to werewolves. You can also use mods like MNC and ABC with CF to show the normal werewolf dick. If it's not equipping, you might need to select the actor using N, then go into the CF MCM and see if he's equipping the "aroused mesh" which is the one with the dick shown. Don't think there will be much for DB follower support. I might add some for if you have one of the DB members or initiates as a follower, but not for other generic followers. Since they all transformed, it sounds like the call for sex had already passed on to Sexlab. If you open the console you should see a line saying that creature sex started. In that case, it's Sexlab that is not starting the sex. Not much that I can do there if you have the animation installed and registered. Does Vilkas/Aela say their line for everyone to undress? Is it just the scene where they choose that is not progressing, or when you get to decide, do they also not have sex? If you are getting to the point where Vilkas/Aela says "If that's what you want Harbinger." and then nothing happens, then that means the script to change the quest stage is not firing, which sounds like you are having script issues. You can try using the console command "setstage SC_Companions_Party to 65" for the guys, or "setstage SC_Companions_Party to 85" for the girls. You can use the console command "sqv SC_Companions_Creatures" to see if this quest is running and at what stage. She will only move there currently if the stage is between 100-199 and the quest is running. If it is running, you can type "setstage SC_Companions_Creatures to 200" to stop the quest. If she doesn't move after that, or the quest is not running, then something else is affecting her. Do you know where it stops? This quest has been redone for the next update anyways as the location has changed. Thanks I appreciate the comment!
  13. I've recompiled the scripts for the Harbinger party. Hopefully that will allow it to run without stopping. It's already been re-written for the next update as well. SexLab Confabulation Com Party.zip I'll definitely keep mods like these in mind when I eventually get to Dawnguard/Dragonborn content. Whether I include compatibility in the base mod or create patches will have to wait until I get there and see in what direction I want to take with NPCs like Frea and Serana. I don't have anything currently planned for orc strongholds. Solutions already has a method for entry in the strongholds, so I probably won't be messing around with them for now. I might look into added a quest that the player can do to get access to that word wall. UPDATE: Okay, so a small update/notice on how things have been going. I still don't have a new PC built up yet. I've been trying to get a Ryzen 5900x as the last part that I need, but getting my hands on one has been rough. I was so close one day, but they had just sold the last one when I walked into the store, so I'm still stuck waiting. I have done some additional progress on the mod, but working on my laptop was getting frustrating and I was running out of inspiration for some ideas for College related quests and the like without it ending up as just go here, have sex, go back, etc. For a few weeks now I've pretty much put aside the mod, but I think I'm ready to start getting back into it and working on the College again. There isn't any planned release date, as I don't know when I'll consider this next update ready for release. Might be soon, might be another month, no idea. Just know that I am still slowly working on the mod, and feel free to mention and suggestions that you may have, especially related to the College and mages.
  14. SC_Handler.pexSCON_TIF__067AB849.pex I've checked and recompiled these two scripts, but they should have worked regardless. There isn't anything that stood out as wrong with the way the function was called. Regardless, I've already updated the party scenes to hopefully play out better without getting stuck like previously.
  15. You can try using the console command "SetStage SC_Companions_Creatures 40". The bear scene is also getting a slight rework for next update to prevent issues like this. Serana and Frea will definitely get coverage when I get to Dawnguard and Dragonborn content. I don't really have anything else planned that would involve Karliah. The Companion forcegreet for when your a member works up until you become part of the Circle. So everyone forcegreets you at first, then when you become an official member, you have the ability to turn down the other whelps, and then as a member of the Circle no one will forcegreet you anymore. The forcegreet is meant to be a way to force the player into having sex, as requested by a few people. It wouldn't make to much sense, for this mod at least, to have that continue after you've reached joined the Circle. Anubis has one or two I believe. Male Werewolf PC x Female NPC stuff is getting added in the next update.
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