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  1. Awesome, will I have to start a new save? If not, to be safe, I think I'll wait until I finish Courier in Chains before installing this new version, as that's where I stand currently in Bound in Skyrim quest chain.
  2. Wait, bound queen is part of this quest chain? That's a pass, I'll be reloading a prior save before I freed Chloe. I did Bound Queen once, and that was enough to make me not want to do it anymore. EDIT: Oof, I don't mean to come off complaining. Sorry about that.
  3. Yup, reloading did the trick. Was kinda afraid that upgrading from 9.0 B1 to B2 was at fault. Now to do the quest chain... which is gonna be a pain, but I think I get a break after completing each stage?
  4. I think I am experiencing a glitch with the initial steps of the Chloe quest. I agreed to find the key to her restraint pole, so off I went looking for it. Now it's been some time since I last tried this quest line that I forgot where the key was located (and forgot to check the quest marker), and ended up finding the note first. So obviously, finding the note progressed one part of the quest, but then I remembered that I am missing part of the quest and located the key in the lockbox. Except the quest stage for the key didn't progress and I can't unlock Chloe from her restraints.
  5. Well, I guess it is a good thing I never tried out that option. Because, lol, that doesn't sound rewarding at all.
  6. I dunno, the last time I ran the Cursed Collar quest chain, everything was removed at the conclusion of the quest. At least, I remember so.
  7. I got a question for the Damsel in Distress quest that has a chance to occur when you experience a cursed loot event; is one of the head restraints a varient of the Balloon Hood? My current character is a Kha'jiit, so obviously not everything is gonna "work", especially items not refitted in through the inclusion of the Beast Race Refit included in DD5. I only ask this because, after reloading from a previous save (since I didn't want to do the DiD quest with an absent head), an NPC placed a Balloon Hood on my head and it gave me the invisible head issue. Mi
  8. I'm not sure, but the options in the MCM have been shuffled around a bit. So it may be under a different tab than the old menu. But yeah, it seems to be gone. I've looked in all tabs. Maybe Kimy thought the option was unneeded? If you need to unload your unused restraints, you can probably install Laura's Bondage Shop (mod), the shop is based outside Whiterun,
  9. Eh, I've read that some people reported that their game crashes much with DCL 8.5 and DD 5, but results vary.
  10. Well, yes. If you are going to install Devious Devices 5.0, you will want to install Cursed Loot 9 Beta. Otherwise you might run in to stability issues with running 8.5 with DD 5. If you want to run the older version of Cursed Loot that is currently available, you'll probably want to go with the older version of the Devious Devices mods (which are seperated from each other).
  11. I actually wanted to request a mod like this for a while now, I just didn't really know about the best way to approach it, because GOOD FREAKING GOD it's annoying trying to make my characters look good enough while modifying the face that wearing gags won't cause clipping issues, or make the gag look loose. If you can get the mod working in a way that wouldn't cause permission issues with other mods, I'd like to see it released. Because that sounds fantastic!
  12. Because, mods requiring other mods is the norm. Cursed Loot is a mod pack that relies on items and functionality within the Devious Devices Framework mods (DDa, DDi, and DDx), which in turn the Devious Devices Framework relies on other mods because of their functionality (Sex Lab Framework, Sex Lab Aroused), and those mods also rely on other mods such as the Unofficial Patch, SkyUI and SKSE. It's not unlike how regular software works. Yes, normal software have dependencies. You normally don't see it because software usually comes prepacked with everything it needs to run if it's no
  13. No. This pack, Devious Devices 5.0 contains Devious Devices Assets, Devious Devices Integration and Devious Devices Expansion in just one nifty download (alongside the new Devious Devices Contraptions). The older versions of DDa, DDi and DDx are not required to be installed since this pack includes them.
  14. I don't suppose there's an answer to this question is there? I wouldn't mind adding the "furniture" placement items by additemmenu, but I would like to know if there actually is a way to build the furniture myself (considering the mod description says it is possible?).
  15. I think it is a problem with Darepacks or D.A.M.N Surprise Boxes stacking. I dropped 1 of the 2 I had in my inventory and I was able to open the remaining Darepack no problem, and didn't get cursed loot so that was a bonus. I couldn't pick up the one I dropped because it disappeared in to the void it seems like.
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