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  1. Cool, thanks for the info, so @Pfiffy what all do I need to download to get to testing the new TDF stuff and can you link it for me please?
  2. Hi, so I have updated from 163beta8 to 163 and after doing so if I use the CLEAN button for any reason then right after it says Sexlab v1.63 ready, about 2 seconds later the game CTDs. The crash logs are showing it has something to do with PapyrusUtil. When I installed 163 I let it overwrite everything including PapyrusUtil which I am hoping is what I was supposed to do? Here is the latest crash log and Papyrus log, hoping y'all can tell me what to do to fix it and stop it from crashing just because I "clean" the system. Crash_2021_12_2_14-6-21.txtPapyrus.0.log
  3. @CliftonJD Hey mate, couple quick questions for ya, 1st there are 2 patches for MYiYH in 8.0.4 are both needed or just one cause in xedit they look like they do the same thing and conflict with each other. 2nd I've tried every file on the download page for Lakeview Manor including the file that is inside the 8.0.4 fomod, and I'm still getting this grey wall that I can walk thru in the cellar, any idea what is causing it or how to fix it? Didn't see it until I started a new game with an empty cellar. Last question for both @CliftonJD and @Pfiffy, I've removed the old TDF stuff and got a save file ready to start testing the new stuff you guys are working on, what do I need to download and install to get going with the testing? I assume the tdf patch in 8.0.4 still works with y'alls new stuff right?
  4. Will the experience for each prostitute carry over from the currently used main esp file to the new AIO esp that you guys are working on? Will resetting in the TDF MCM affect the prostitutes exp as in clear it or wipe it out for some reason? Always afraid to reset mods in the MCM in fear of loosing data during a reset.
  5. Glad it worked for you too... I just wish I knew how in the hell mine ended up on the MYiYH list when I never put her there. Still confused about her having the Slave being a Prostitute dialog instead of the normal [Persuade] option, but doesn't matter, she's working as a city prostitute in the Jarl's Longhouse in Winterhold as a freed slave with rank 4 relationship and still has all her experience so I'm happy .
  6. Sounds good mate, let me know when you feel confident it won't break my save so I can test it, I'm chomping at the bit for the new named locals. How goes it on the map marker, names show in quest list integration? Good I hope. .
  7. @OsmelMC @Ashal Asked this 3 days ago, pretty please can one of you point/link me a changelog or tell me the difference between 1.63beta8 that I currently have and 163 that is on the download page now? Pretty Pretty Please?
  8. Ok, so I downloaded that and low and behold it worked as soon as I loaded the save game, boom, the script fired and my no name generic banidt ex-slave hooker got her original name back, woohoo, turns out she was a Bandit Highwayman. So I immediately used Jaxson's Renamer on her because I couldn't rename her via PAHE cause I freed her, changed her name which released her from MYHiYH mod and now I have a "freed" slave hooker to pimp out again or send to another city to work, woohoo... So glad you sent that link, that was the only thing that worked to recover that fully trained slave prostitute. Strangely tho for some reason she still has the part of her slave dialog that comes from TDF, so that's weird, but anyway I can have her follow as a hooker, or send her to a city as a hooker, or just use her as a plain follower, cause when I freed her she was so happy she's at releationshiprank 4, woot
  9. Jaxon's Renamer does nothing, can't rename her with it, tried . This one is the generic bandit slave that lost her name and mysteriously ended up on the MYHiYH rosters . This is in reference to the custom follower, I took her off AFT before enslaving her putting her back on the games ai. Then enslaved her so she was under PAHE control. Disabled her essential flag in her esp file, and checked in the console to verify she was no longer essential. Still took 0 damage from punishment whip or magic neither had any effect. Submission would not go up cause can't take damage for some reason... Released her as a slave then 10 seconds later toasted her ass with a massive fireball and successfully killed her. No clue at all why she took 0 damage while a PAHE slave, makes no sense to me at all. I'll look see what I can find, thanks .
  10. Your's are doing better than the one generic bandit slave with no name. She talks to me and other npcs, but nothing I do has any effect on her, except console command disable/enable/kill.... I think I'll try that one you found to rename her via console, but same as you Jaxons didn't do anything.
  11. Still technically City Prostitutes and Independent Prostitutes all work "independently" of player control, thus why I called them Independent Prostitutes. Independent/Roaming all the same, they can work anywhere in the world wherever you put them. I do see your difference in City tho, and yeah I said send them to a listed city so that's the same thing as you said I think. LOL. But either way we both know which ones are which LOL. So what 8 locations did you add I'm curious and how is the AIO looking? got it where it won't break my save for me to test it yet? . Will be soooo nice if you can get the map markers working for all of the hookers, city, inde/roam, slave... that would be so awesome and such a huge QOL improvement over what I'm working with atm. .
  12. Bethrosoft, LMAO love it, yeah no way in hell can Steam update my copy of SE, I have everything blocked in my firewall, the manifest file set to read only, and the update only on game launch (doesn't always work) set. Blocking via firewall works wonders, Skyrim can't talk to the internet thru the firewall with it blocked and I use Peerblock to block everything related to Steam (really hate steam) so I'm good on that end . So yeah I'm on 1.5.97 of SE (last ver pre AE), SKSE 2.0.20 (last ver pre AE), and SexLab Framework 1.63beta8. Everything works fine for the most part, I do run into a few glitches/bugs here and there, the biggest being a very annoying as hell camera bug/character bug (more character than camera) where at the very beginning of an animation scene the player character not just the camera but the character and camera spins in place around in a circle about half a dozen times and ends up misaligned when the animation finally plays causing me to have to use the reset/realign button to get em' back in the right spot. Only one of my 9 characters does that and no clue as to what caused it either, just all of a sudden out of the blue she decides she's gonna spin in place like a freakin ballet dancer before starting to fuck so IDK... It was funny as hell the first couple of times, now it's just annoying. Anyway, I saw the update and was just curiously wondering what the difference between 163beta8 and 163 actually was and if it was worth updating or not, reason I was asking about a full changelog. If there is any chance in hell that it inadvertently fixes the spinning character bug I'm experiencing that's just icing on the cake .
  13. I have a question, I am currently on SE 1.5.97 using Sexlabframework 1.63beta8, is the 163 download on the front page newer and different from the version I have now or the same? If its newer is there a changelog I can read to find out what's new and different from the version I have? What exactly is new/different in v164b the changelog on the frontpage is very very vague tbh.
  14. So do they have to be duplicated in order to "save" them from death? Or is there a way to save them without duplicating them? I know for Astrid at least the only way I can think of would be to resurrect her right after her end sequence to "keep the original" but technically she would have died but been brought back. Which for those with a resurrect spell as opposed to the console would at least be semi-lore friendly I think, maybe. Correct me if I'm wrong but when you "clone" a unique npc with Proteus it changes it gives the clone a new ref ID right? And PAHE when you enslave a unique npc does the same thing right? give them a new ref ID? So you never actually have the original npc it's always a clone cause they don't have the original ref ID right? I honestly want to know cause if they keep their original ref ID then that would be awesome and great for my immersion but I don't know how that would be possible, or is it? I think I've confused myself now.
  15. Ok, have no idea how to multi quote from two different pages so will just use yours @Pfiffy. From the massive amount I've been testing TDF I have figured out the wording and terminology used, which is not a cohernt or consistent thing btw... You have "city" prostitutes which are the 3 npcs you can have working in each of the named specific places in Skyrim, so far those are the walled cities, Whiterun, Markarth, Solitued, Riften, Windhelm and the non-walled cities of Dawnstar, Falkreth, Morthal, Winterhold, Ravenrock. As of right now those are the actual "city prostitutes" that can be told to work alone in a city and sent specifically to each on via the dialog options. Those are limited to 3 hookers per city. They are what you guys would consider or call "independent city prostitutes" because the work in a specified city and they work independently of player control. Also with enough experience they can be told to work in the Jarl's longhouses. That's 30 hookers so far, 3 per city and 10 cities. Now without using TDF Enhanced you can have 3 hookers following you at any time regardless of if they can or can not work solo. INHO that would make them what you called a "normal" prostitute, which is one that works under the direction of a pimp and is not "independent". However for the sake of the mod and it's controls this would just be a name placed on that specific mechanic and really has nothing to do with what they are called. With TDF Enhanced you can have 7 hookers following you, which I assume is the part you are working Pfiffy to increase and add more hookers? Personally I would not want more than 5 hoes following me at a time cause more than that can cause some performance issues on lower end machines, thus why most follower framework mods, and some other games themselves limit the amount of active followers to 5. During my testing I did have 7 following me around at one point and noticed some lag and stuttering especially in Solitude and Windhelm and I've got a $3k high end rig, so yeah might want to keep that in mind when increasing the amount that can follow you at one time. Personally I would not go over 5, especially if some nut out there already has 5 followers with them form something like EFF, AFT or similar. That could get messing on a mid-range pc, and horrific on a potato. Ok, where the "independent" part comes in which I see confuses people because technically once you tell a prostitute to work by themselves anywhere be it a city or a random location, they are "independent" cause the player isn't standing over them controlling who they have sex with. With that cleared up a better reference to the 15 added prostitutes of the "independent" addon would be "roaming prostitutes" which on that mod page I think they are referred to as such, can't remember. Anyway these "roaming" prostitutes are such because they are not working at a specific location designated by a specific line of dialog and limited by the "3 hookers per city". These "roaming" hookers can literally be placed anywhere in the game world and will "work" from whatever location you drop them off at finding clients and making money (as long as there are people around). The option is the below the list of cities available when looking at their dialog. "Right here will do" or "work here for now" I can't remember the exact wording and how it's spelled out, but y'all get the gist of it. Now the good part about these 15 hookers is that they actually show up in the city management quest with map markers so you can remember where you left them. Not sure if that is part of the Independent Prostitution addon or if it is part of the Enhanced addon, either way it's a nice feature and makes keeping up with hookers easier. However from my testing I have noticed that if you assign a prostitute to a named city location thru the dialog (limit 3 ea.) that they do not show up on the map and are not listed in the city management quest, which is a shame cause that would help out so much in remembering every single location of the moment 45 different hookers. So that may be something one of you could look into making sure works correctly and any current working prostitute show up in the quest and has a map marker. But that is the difference in the classification of each type of prostitute that I have gleaned from my massive amount of testing these fantastic mods (finicky and glitchy at times but still great). Independent Prostitutes and Roaming Prostitutes both work independently of player control or input once set at a location and are only limited by which option is selected in the dialog, 3 per city or 15 anywhere. Followers and ordinary npcs can be "sent" to the cities that are listed and shown in the dialog from anywhere in the world and they will walk/run/teleport to that city within 48hrs (takes a while to walk ya know). This I can verify thru my testing as I've sent Olfina Grey-Mane from Riften all they way to Markarth and it took her right at 2 days to show up at the inn inside Markarth, which works. If you want them to work in the Jarl's Longhouse you have to talk to them again after they arrive at the inn to tell them to go to the Jarl's Longhouse and they will immediately walk over to it and go inside, (can't send them from one longhouse to another directly). You do have to be kinda quick when sending npcs that have their own home tho, cause as soon as you take them off duty, they start walking back home, gotta catch em before they're out the door to send them to another location via the city dialog, so keep that in mind. This is for any prostitute already working in a city somewhere that you want to send to a different city if you want to "rotate your stock" so to speak. The Roaming Prostitutes although still independent of player control once placed, has to be physically taken to the location you want them to work at and use that dialog option to have them stay there and work. Resulting in them being marked on the map thru the City Management quest which is nice. So to use Clifton's phrase a "Normal Prostitute" is one of the 3/7 that are following the player being pimped out (trained or otherwise doesn't matter). "Independent Prostitutes" are the 3 in each city sent there via specific city dialog, and the "Roaming Prostitutes" are the 15 that are manually placed anywhere in Skyrim the player chooses. Now I do not recommend adding anymore capacity to each city I think 3 is a good number cause if you start adding in abunch more then you run into performance issues because not everyone has an expensive gaming rig to play on so that is something to keep in mind. Besides one can always use one or more of the current 15 roaming place anywhere prostitutes if they wanted more than 3 in a city. Three inside the inn can get abit crowded, so I split mine to 2 in the inn and 1 in the Jarl's Longhouse, but that's just me. I think adding in more named locations with the 3 hookers per location limit is fine and a good idea because it gives the convenient ability to be able to send them to that location from anywhere without having to manually take them there yourself, so that's always a plus, but the downside is a long list of places in the dialog window to scroll thru. Anyway I think it's great just please guys figure out a way to make every prostitute show up under the City Management quest and have a map marker so we can keep up with them better, please . I won't discuss the slave prostitutes as Pfiffy can verify I've already went massively in depth with them in their current state and what you actually have to do to get them to work and make money which can be slightly annoying but it does work and is ok for now. I am hoping that between you two y'all can figure out a way to get the slave npcs to work similar to normal npcs so that they can be told to go to a city and they actually go to that city own their on, that would be such an awesome QOL improvement and so amazingly fantastic I might have an orgasm, compared to how it has to be done right now . Anyway guys sorry for the massive wall of text but as Pfiffy can verify I am very passionate about these two mods and wanting them to be the absolute best they can be and I am so grateful to you guys for all the work you have put in to making these mods so enjoyable and so much fun, and I look forward to seeing how much further you take them to make prostitution great again! Thanks guys .
  16. This was the slave with no name, she was never mentioned to be a custom follower, that was from a different post. Slave that the name vanished on was a generic bandit from Pinewatch. Most likely the bugged was caused by MYiYH, but no clue how her name got added to that because I am using your patch for MYiYH and it loads way way after the MYiYH mod, so no clue how that mod bugged this one single generic bandit slave npc... Unfortunately I either have to delete her or loose 16hrs on my current save, still debating which option to take. The slave that took 0 damage from being punished either from the whip or from spells was a custom follower she only has a mesh and texture folder with the esp file, so unless somewhere in the esp it's calling base game scripts, she is not scripted cause she did not come with any. She is flagged as essential in her esp but not unvulnerable cause I've seen her go down to bleedout in combat. So I don't know what is causing her to not take any damage while being punished which is causing her to not gain any submission at all. Her sex level will go up cause she can have sex just fine, but no submission.... I did turn off her essential flag in her esp and successfully killed her in game with an op potion powered fireball so I know she can die now, but still takes 0 damage being punished which result is no submission gain... I took her off of AFT control and put her back on the in game follower control AI, still takes no damage, so at this point I am guessing there is something hidden in her esp that I'm missing that is causing this bug, or shes a daedra in disguise, LOL. As for the sandboxing, non of my slaves while under PAHE control out in the open world or inside a building when using the dialog "OK Slave..." "Wait/Sandbox" options do anything at all, they don't sandbox, they don't move, they stand still with no idle animations at all looking like a statue. 99% of my slaves are the no name generic bandit/necromancy/forsworn/witch/hag type that are non-unique nothing special about aside from having a pretty face from various "prettier bandit/forsworn type cosmetic mods. So in theory they should sandbox, but they don't. Slaves under the HSH mod control located in my various house/camps sandbox just fine, it's only the slaves that are under the direct control of PAHE that don't sandbox. They'll pretty much do everything else (except they don't like to fight) but not sandbox. Last thing I wanted to ask you was if you don't mind and can find a little bit of time, there are a couple of options my slaves have in their dialog currently while controlled by PAHE that I'm not 100% sure what it's for or what it does when I use said options, so could you possible pretty please make a list of the dialog options that a 100 submission/respect/pose/sex 95 combat slave should have and what each does when used??? Pretty pretty please??? I'm old and disabled and have the memory of a goldfish (2 strokes fucked me up) and it would really really help me out to not screw up and mess up and accidentally fubar my slaves. BTW did I tell you how much I love this mod?
  17. So, maybe now that you've been reminded of it perhaps there is room on your plate to look into a possible fix to make slaves properly sandbox when told to wait/sandbox? Please?
  18. Ok, I don't think that has anything to do with it cause she was never managed by AFT, she was a slave and not a follower. I also completely missed that somehow, but still don't think it would apply in this case. I know somewhere in another post I stated it was a normal generic bandit that had been enslaved, then pimped out via tdf. So unless AFT adds scripts to every npc whether a follower or not, I doubt what you linked has anything to do with it.... With that said, I am almost positive I have found what caused that to happen and make her name and thus interactability disappear..... somehow someway she got added to the My Home is Your Home Book of Homies, which should not have ever happened because I use the patch you have with PAHE to disable that dialog from appearing on slaves, so no clue how it happened, but I suspect MYiYH is what caused her to glitch out. I don't know of anyway to remove her from that mod without being able to talk to her to access her dialog tree, so I am most likely going to have no choice but either delete her from the save, or revert to an older save where she still works, thus loosing approx 16hrs of playtime. Unless you have any other ideas how to access her dialog or remove her from that mod, I don't see any other options really.
  19. But I really don't have another playthrough that I'm focusing on right now that doesn't already have TDF installed, so unless you can tell me for sure it's not going to destroy my current save and eat my hookers/slaves, gonna have to wait just a bit before I try it out.... nothing personal and no offense to you of course I absolutely love the fact that you have converted so many mods I currently use and that you are this invested in making TDF great again! LOL I just really don't want to bork a 300ish hour save file ya know?
  20. Ok, then I'll wait awhile before trying the AIO, cause I'm currently using TDF Aggressive Prostitution, TDF Legendary (your file from your page), TDF Enhanced Prostitution, PAHE-TDF Patch (found 0 conflicts with any other mods in xedit). Like all the info I gave you in the TDF Enhanced thread things do work for the most part with abit of finagling, some issues but I take it that what I discussed with you in the other thread is part of what you and he are working on now to resolve. So I'll just wait abit til you let me know it's ok to dl and test on my current save. Eventually that is what I want to do is "upgrade" to ya'lls new one with the new content and use it on my current save... So I can wait abit til you say it is at least "semi-safe", .
  21. Not to sound stupid but what or how are making duplicates of them having two copies? I'm abit confused here. I'd love to enslave Astrid for what she did (no spoilers) cause well the alternative isn't right imho.
  22. I have a question about this redressing thing too, but it doesn't involve any DD items... For some reason everytime I "rape" a slave as punishment they automatically put their clothes back on afterwards even tho I made sure to remove the checkmark from the "Victim Redresses" option in Sexlab. That's the only option in any of the mods I have installed that concerns NPCs redressing at all, so I have no idea why slaves are redressing after either being raped as punishment, or changing cells. I've had 3 bandit chiefs so far requip their items and armor even after completely removing them from their inventory after enslaving them when I leave them somewhere chained up.... I have unchecked the "disable auto outfit" and that didn't help either... I just want my new slaves to stay naked when I clean out their inventory after enslaving them.... this was on 8.01 and after updating to 8.04 it is still happening. Damn slaves won't stay naked, they keep magically making clothes appear.
  23. Yeah as long as I do the wait/sandbox workaround to make the slave stay where I want them first, and then use the dialog to "work alone in a city" and either pick the city I'm in (if it shows up that is), or pick the "right here is a good spot" or whatever the wording is can't remember, then and only then will they actually make money. It does take a solid 24 in game hours for them to start making money, and I can normally check with them every 8 hrs and they'll have at least a little bit of gold to collect. But they have to physically be in the place you want them to work for them to make money. If they are listed under HSH and you tell them to go work in a city somewhere, they will never physically move and will stay put right where they are inside their HSH cell, thus causing them to never get any clients and never make any money. So if you can figure out how to make them actually walk/run/teleport from either the HSH house/camp cell to the city where you want them to work then no doubt that would fix that issue. No idea if it is even possible or not tho. Also if you can figure out a way to have PAHE "hand off" their movement control and only their movement control (so they keep the slave status) to TDF so they would walk/run/teleport to the city you tell them to go to, then that would absolutely work as well, but again I have no idea if that is even possible or not. As for upgrading, that's probably what I will do and make a "clean save" once Pfiffy lets me know whether or not to go ahead and test it or not.
  24. So should I wait a little longer til you have things worked out, prior to adding in new content or should I go ahead with the one you literally just linked here and test it out? Pretty sure I know how to do a clean save: Have all hookers go "off the clock" so to speak and save, then uninstall all things TDF, load save without TDF and save again, take that save and "clean it" in resaver/failrim tools, then install the new AIO, reinstall the PAHE-TDF Patch, load the "cleaned" save and see what happens.... did I miss anything?
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