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  1. There is a world of difference between a mod like hardship that can be switched on and off on the fly, vs the type of octopus like mods that spread their tentacles through all sorts of gameplay systems, often adding to save bloat. Mods do not survive in my load order (550 mods, 298 of which are ESLs) if they start to get uppity. Also, I now avoid one significant ex-loverslab mod author, as their mods are crippling to longer games.
  2. Congrats on the second shot, it is good to see it rolling out now. My sister had a couple of bad days after the second shot, but she is fine now. I had reactions years ago when I had shots to travel in central africa in the early 80s including Typhoid and yellow fever and I was sick as a dog for a week. Take it easy.
  3. Jun gave me the note and will not stop telling me about the raiders - help! He follows me around repeating the same convo. I have tried a clean save, with raider pet uninstalled. No luck. Anyway to stop him asking?
  4. I've noticed some clothing mods are untouched by this as they use other slots - is there a workaround (eg, slot 33) - as the options for slots seems to only go up to 30 or so. Great mod. Thanks.
  5. You can add mods on top, just do not expect support when they go wrong. I run wabbajack for both Fallout and Skyrim as I am bored of reinstalling mods (after modding oblivion onwards). My fallout install (using Paradise falls) has 80+ mods installed on top of the modlist including AAF, FPE, Fusion girl, etc - so v. demanding mods. The DnD install I added just 8 - mainly texture files/body presets/face presets and one .esp - succubus heart. I find adding more can cause problems with DnD - it is an extremely finely balanced modlist which is really well put together given how flaky s
  6. Hardship sold me when I was trapped in USAF station Olivia with Ack-Ack and menacing raiders on. I ended up completely wrecked and wondering how I could escape. Had literally nothing on me and broken limbs. I remembered the radroaches, and found a bobby pin by chance. I popped open the door, the other raiders ran in like idiots and ignited the flames. After a couple died I found one had a machete. Cue sneaky murders post-menacing raider scene. By the end they were all dead, I was partially recovered and that machete stayed with me the whole game.
  7. Doh, many thanks, I probably didn't RTFM.... nice idea.
  8. Have a problem with the tank tops, bikinis and body textures/clipping. I run fusion girl 1.80, with a texture pack. When I build the bodyslides the raiders are fine (match to all clothes, no clipping). When I build the RRS FG set, 1. The tattoos on their own - are fine (raiders and me). 2. The bikini tatoo clips into my stomach (raiders and me). The bikini applies a body texture that clips with the dirty raider body texture (some conflict here) 3. The baggy top clips on both me and the raider - front and back. Update- after fiddling some more, I have clip
  9. OMG you are right. I though the BNAM and other references were AWCKR leftovers, but there were no references at all when I ran clean masters. Kimy must have made it a requirement so it was installed with DCW....?
  10. Thanks for the update Kharneth1. Great work, Hopefully TheKite VT slavesuit is next... but I realise that one is made of bits and is complicated!
  11. So, I looked at removing the bloatware AWCKR from devious devices via FO4edit. Looked at the number of parts, workbenches, etc in FO4edit and the potential to go wrong. Then uninstalled DD and walked away. You have to remove each and every entry. Clean masters only works if you actually... remove all the entries tagging the master file. They also removed the extremely buggy script that used to delete such entries as it was too crude to result in reliable edited mods.
  12. I think it is probably beautiful enemies - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9963 - as this seems to be a body replacer as well, and if HR clones the captured person it is probably screwing up as it is not referencing the same thing. I need to start a new run though, as removing beautiful enemies causes a savefile crash I cannot fix with fallrim. I can build 1 beacon - and the other gets deleted - so does the prostutute beacon act as a settler attractor as well? I might see if I can edit that functionality in and bypass the problem.
  13. The scripts are so far out of date they will cause problems for some people. Do not use unless you know exactly what you are doing,. Shame as this is a great set of anims, that I am hoping will get updated or replaced one day.
  14. Given that TheKite posted in 2019 the following: Sure, go ahead ------------------------------------ Here: I think you can convert to FG and post here. Also, existing FG conversions exist on the nexus already.
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