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  1. Meet the neighbors not working any thoughts? Morale one works tho
  2. How do I repeat it, after madanach frees me, the dialogue to bind me again is no longer there, is that normal? If I leave and return, will the why are you tense my king be back?
  3. Can the madanach morale event be repeatedalso help on borkul whomever sees this
  4. Help again, can I just trigger it using console commands, the dialogue option does not appear for me, please help
  5. I'll try tomorrow, but I think when I talk to madanach it triggers him to strip me and let me be fucked by the forsworn, also are there any other mod instances similar to that, just good bondage, storytelling and fucks.
  6. How to trigger meeting the neighbors The dialogue won't show up for me. Please help anyone
  7. is there a way to enchant them, like bondage enchantments idk
  8. Anyone here ever seen one for like a male lusty argonian made cosplay, also maybe sos compatible
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