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  1. Updated to 1.8.0 and tried again, no real change. Only noticeable difference was that the responses from enslaved NPCs didn't change to that overly verbose form after rebooting PAHE this time. I don't have a copy of PAHE 7.5.8 LE handy, as I've been busy with other stuff for a while and hadn't updated that mod since 7.3.9. I'm a bit leery of rolling a mod back that far mid-game, so instead I tried starting a whole new game to see if that would get this trait quest un-stuck. And it did! A quick test gave me a bunch of properly varied responses from different NPCs. But having to abandon the game I've spent the last month on is a less than ideal solution to this issue, so I decided to see if I could manually reboot DoM by disabling it, making a save with it turned off, cleaning that save and then loading it with DoM turned back on. That seems to have worked, as I've got varied responses back in my current game, although they are of course noticeably not the same personalities the actors had before. Interestingly, it does seem to have maintained the stats for the enslaved NPCs, as they appear to still have the same numerical ratings, emotional states, and even friends as from before the 'reboot'. I guess those are stored somewhere and it regenerated that information from there? So that solved the immediate issue, but I'm still not sure what caused the trait quest to get stuck. The only proximate event that I can think of was simply updating the mod. This manual 'reboot' seems to have worked, but it remains to be seen if it will result in any new issues going forward. Perhaps an in-game reboot function similar to the one PAHE has would be a useful addition to the mod, in the event that someone else runs into a similar problem with functions going awry?
  2. This log should correspond to the period when those previous screenshots were taken. Papyrus.0.log Tried running the reboot on your suggestion, and while that did cause the enslaved NPCs' responses to re-seed, they actually ended up with less variety. Every single one I checked in a brief test had the same incredibly verbose and often contradictory reply, which still started with the 'grumpy leech' bit from before. Responses from free NPCs were unchanged, including those from NPCs in areas that I haven't previously visited in this game. Something's clearly stuck, but I haven't a clue what.
  3. Updated to 1.7.4 LE today, still having this issue with getting this same response from everybody. Further testing has shown that it's literally everybody; Everyone I've asked the two main questions of since the prior update has returned some variation of the same response. Asking any free NPC what kind of person they are returns a response about being a grumpy, needy leech: Some of the more friendly NPCs will give further details, but it's all just as resoundingly negative. Asking free NPCs how they feel will return an equally depressive response, which is again repeated by all such NPCs. This response is consistent across both NPCs encountered after the update and before the update, overwriting any previous responses the ones encountered beforehand may have had. Something similar is also happening with any existing enslaved NPC, except that in their case the 'grumpy leech' description is supplemented with a fairly consistent declaration of being frigid and dominant. The further remarks about weaknesses and resistances still appear to be randomized. The enslaved NPCs' responses to the 'how are you feeling' and 'how's your life been' questions still function normally and reflect the NPC's experiences. Aside from this, everything appears to be working fine in the new version.
  4. Only 30 all together in this game so far, with 18 of those spread across four houses in HSH before I moved them back to PAHE to install the update, which is much more restrained than I've been in previous playthroughs. DoM certainly encourages a more personal approach rather than the mass warehousing I resorted to before it. I would also notice a slight lag in those games when HSH got heavily populated, but that definitely isn't what's occurring here as I first encountered the issue while HSH was empty. There is a distinct difference between the handover's behavior prior to the update and after it; before it operated with no noticable delay up to that 18th transfer, after the delay was present from the very first actor I tried to transfer back and for every one since. A couple of positive notes, the random comments seem to be working fine and are a nice addition. The masturbation-induced orgasms are also functioning, although seems that you don't have to be in the same cell as the actor to get the notifications about it? I left a couple of 'em goin' at it back in Mistwatch while I got some of the main quest out of the way and kept hearing about how good of a time they were having all the way over in the Thalmor Embassy, which certainly lightened up that slog a bit.
  5. Found a couple of new oddities after some further playtime. First, the handover to Home Sweet Home is now significantly slower. Where before it would occur within just a few moments, there's now a delay of at least thirty seconds between initiating the handover through dialog and the actor actually being processed. Telling other actors to migrate to HSH during this delay results in an error message stating that the new process can't be initiated until the previous one finishes. This isn't a major problem going forward, but it did make moving all the actors I had in HSH before upgrading from 1.5.0 take quite a bit longer than expected. Second, something seems to have gone wrong with the 'What type of person are you' dialog when it's used on non-PAHE actors. Where before they would produce a wide range of responses, since the update they all seem to be returning the same response with little to no variation. This also seems to have overwritten their previous responses, as I've put the question to these actors before and while I don't recall exactly how they responded I do know it wasn't like this.
  6. Okay, so I was going to pop in here to say that running the 1.7.2 installer didn't fix any of the problems I've been seeing (and in fact added new ones, as for some reason it broke all the animations), but then I refreshed the thread and found nalios' update here: This fixes just about everything. Patching it over the existing 1.7.2 repaired the animations, and it includes working replacements for all the meshes and textures I was having problems with. (Before nalios' 1.7.2 patch) (After patch) The replacement animobjects for the drinking animations also work perfectly, aside from the usual Skyrim tendency for sticking around after the animation's finished. The converted textures for the blush animations also work fine. However, I think that I can confirm the issue with SlaveTats that CrazySloth was having. When I ran the 1.7.2 installer from the main page I allowed it to overwrite the SlaveTats.pex, which I hadn't allowed it to do on previous installations. Following that I tried using SlaveTats in-game to manually apply the DoMBlush tats to an actor so I could see if they were working, and instead found that while everything within the MCM for SlaveTats behaved normally, once I exited the menu the usual message about working on the actor failed to appear and the tats were never applied. The same would happen with any other tattoo applied to any body part; the actual mechanism for applying the textures simply wasn't firing. Upon discovering that I uninstalled DoM completely, and did a fresh install of the main page version of 1.7.2 with nalios' 1.7.2 LE patch installed over it and disallowed it to overwrite SlaveTats.pex. In the brief testing I've done so far, that seems to have resolved all outstanding issues. Is there any particular reason for including that replacement SlaveTats.pex? It looks like that's now the only thing keeping this from being a perfectly functional LE conversion.
  7. Yes, this is with both the previous 1.5.0 LE conversion and Nalios' conversion for 1.7.0. Neither of those conversions have files to overwrite the elements I'm seeing problems with, so the game is trying (and failing) to use the original unmodified SE assets. I presume it's much the same reason as why a lot of the animations were not working in the 1.5.0 conversion, since the overwrites for those included in Nalios' conversion fixed that problem.
  8. I've been running into purple faces as well, running the mod on LE. In my case it was specifically the blushing textures, though. The tears and the existing PAHE whip marks work fine. I've also found that most of the new meshes included with the mod simply don't work on my LE installation at all, resulting in the giant red '!' model in-game. The only exception seems to be the potion workbench; the potion bottles, the weapons, and animobjects for the drinking addition in the 1.7.0 update all malfunction. I don't mess around with conversions enough to say for certain, but I'm assuming that since these elements are shared between the SE original and the LE down-conversion there's probably something SE-specific to them that LE is choking on. Most of these issues have been solvable by subbing in LE-sourced alternatives. The blush textures I replaced with some taken from Blushed When Aroused, the potions with a random potion bottle mesh I had sitting around from some other mod, and the animobjects with the tankard drinking model. Loses some of the original style, but it gets rid of the '!' and such. Haven't messed around with the weapons yet, though, since I'm not actually entirely sure where they come into things. Aside from those issues the LE conversion seems to work fine, particularly with the 1.7.0 conversion fixing the animations. And let me just say thanks for doing something that makes my umpteenth game of Skyrim interesting again. 😄
  9. Oooooh, crap. Evidently I did not actually re-path those from the prototype model's textures before building the final versions like I intended to do. Thanks for catching that, I never would've noticed. I'm gonna add a patch with properly filed textures and updated models to the downloads on the main page.
  10. I rise from my grave! Briefly. Yeah, I did get a little bit unrestrained with all this. The main culprit for the crash-on-entry is actually likely to be the sheer number of NPCs that the game is trying to dress with what are also unusually complex outfits when you first enter the room. That by itself can take a bit of time, and if you're using a lot of scripted mods that affect NPCs on top of that it might push the memory demand over the edge. This mod doesn't have any scripts itself, but I can't really account for what other mods might be doing. And the complexity of the statues certainly adds to the load of rendering everything in the room. That said, I didn't expect it to be this CTD-happy. My system is three years old now and was the lower end of mid-range at best for its time, and the only real noticeable effect I've run into while testing this is that it takes slightly longer to load into the chambers than an average room. Outside of that it's all been working fine for me. I do also use ENBoost to optimize and expand the game's available memory, though, so I would definitely recommend starting with that. Both for these rooms in particular, and just if you're running a heavily modded LE game in general. I also did a quick edit to the .esp file to significantly reduce the number of statues to see if that helps, so if those of you who have been having trouble loading the areas could give this a shot and let me know how it works, I'd appreciate that. Dwarven Modular Automaton.esp I'd also ask you to try using AddItemMenu to grab the Translocator spellbooks for the individual rooms and seeing if you can enter the Quarters and the Stables that way, to see if they're more responsive than the main Facility cell. You can also get into the Quarters through the not-exactly-hidden backdoor to the main exit, by jumping up and hitting the button at the back of the Dibella statue at the shrine across from Old Hroldan. I'll also point out that the rooms aren't exactly the point of this mod, and only really exist as a warehouse for all the Automated I ended up making. You can also use the console and 'help subject' or 'help automated' to grab individual followers from the pool even if the rooms aren't loading. And on the subject of error-testing, anyone have any feedback on the Automated Player add-on? Confirmation that it's working as intended would be appreciated, given that I still have no clue exactly why it works. Unfortunately the game's system requires that the hand and feet models be paired, so there's no real way to make, say, the right hand and the left hand independently equippable items. Any mis-matched pairings have to be built as their own models and in-game items, and accounting for all the various pairings results in a large number of additional parts, as I found when I attempted the concept with the -BAF- element of the Dwarven Cyborg Collection. Given that DMA is already enormous I have no plans to do something similar here, but if you want to make your own mis-matches it is a pretty easy thing to do using Outfit Studio. Just open the models you want to use in there and delete the arms you don't want, using the masking tool with mirroring turned off to separate the meshes if the left and right arms are on the same model. Once you've got that done you can either save over an existing arm model that you don't mind losing if you just want to get it into the game quickly, or save your model with a new name and make a quick mod just for it. The problem here is that the DMA parts are built out of the existing Dwarven models with their existing Dwarven texture paths. Changing them to use a customized texture without altering all of the Vanilla Dwarven things in the game would require redirecting the DMA parts to new textures. And that's a fairly doable thing! It's how I got the Type XXX skins to work, and simply requires opening up the texture info block in NifSkope and pasting in the new paths. The thing is that you have to do that for each individual mesh in the model. And many of the DMA parts are made up of dozens of individual meshes. And there are hundreds of parts in DMA as a whole. Changing literally thousands of texture paths is not something that I have any intention to do. Just doing a few hundred to get the mask effect onto the Live faces nearly drove me nuts from the tedium. It would literally be easier at this point to approach things from the opposite direction and re-path the textures for all the Vanilla Dwarven models, and that is also not something that I'm willing to do. That said, if there are specific DMA parts that you want to alter like this, it would be easy enough for you to change their pathing. Just grab one of the existing 'steel' Dwarven retexture mods, extract those textures to their own folder instead of overwriting the Vanilla textures with them, and point the DMA model's texture paths at that folder using NifSkope. Doing it for a set or two isn't that hard. Doing it for everything...
  11. Look in the area south of Old Hroldan, on the road between Whiterun and Markarth. There will be a Dwarven surface structure with a new statue and a strange priestess there. Find one of the nearby routes to the top of the cliff behind it, and look for another bit of Dwarven decor near it's edge. The 'safe' entrance is there. If you want to fight for it, look for the cave just a bit upriver from the shrine.
  12. AVS

    Serve it up.

    This is well overdue. I wanted to get this out a few days ago, but the last week or so has been a mood, y'know? Anyway, here it is, fuckin' finally. I've done so much fucking stuff for this in the last year that I can't even begin to keep track of everything that I probably ought to be saying about it. I've already spent all night trying to cram in what I could remember, so just hit the note in the reserved post for the highlights. And seriously, please let me know if the Automated's faces don't work for you. They should have all the right pathing for the FaceGen models and the textures and everything, but this is Skyrim so who the hell knows. But it should at least be pretty obvious if shit's not working. And do give the Automated Player experiment a try and tell me if it works for you. If anybody can tell me why it works, even better. I miiiiiiiight actually get around to doing an SE version of this update, but don't hold your breath. I figured out how to fix a couple of the issues I was having before, but I might just have to punt on having a CBBE-compatible Variable set. And adding all the FaceGens for the Automated might complicate things further, as I've seen stuff about issues surrounding those. Just have to give it a try and see, I guess.
  13. AVS

    Over the Edge

    So I'm not quite going to manage to hit my goal of getting this update out this year, clearly. In a way I'm actually okay with that, as it means I won't have to put the dread name of 2020 onto my work. But I should be able to get it published in the very near future, barring any fresh disasters. It's basically done, but I've still got some error checking and housekeeping to do before it's ready to get put up. I've also got to decide exactly how to put it up; the whole mass of this together is about 815MB compressed (and something over 5GB unpacked), which puts it well over LL's 250MB upload limit. I could chop it into parts like I did for the Type XXX release, but all the stuff added in for the NPCs complicates that to the point that I don't want to bother. I'm leaning towards just putting the whole thing up at once as a Mega link. And, as you might've expected, I spent some time making last-minute changes and additions, as is my wont. One of the more extensive changes actually has very little visible impact, as I followed through on something I mentioned in the last post and built a whole new race for the NPCs that don't have Live faces, solely for the purposes of getting rid of that damn disembodied mouth bug that I kept running into with them. It took a while to get working, but it lets me freely make faceplated NPCs without having to worry about that issue. These guys are a little bit different from the 'regular' Automated in that their nude body is reverted back to the bare torso frame instead of being changed to a head, mainly so they can fit better with the original DMA concept of being 'built to suit' that got slightly lost with the Live faces. I also very briefly poked at the idea of making this race playable, but ended up cutting that for now after running into a couple of complications. One of the more glaring ones being the question of how to change their starting outfit; in the test run I did it just kept sticking them back into the prisoner rags, which does this concept no favors at all. So you won't get to have a playable Automated race just yet, but I do intend to package up that stopgap version I've gone over previously that just replaces the default head mesh with a modified version that supports the Live Face effect. That method has mostly worked fine for me in my test runs so far, but I did run into one notable side-effect. While the NPCs with existing FaceGen meshes (i.e., every properly built one) don't display the effect outside of a very brief moment when they first render into a cell, NPCs that do not have FaceGen meshes and who display the resulting Grey Face bug also now have this problem: This is something I probably should've expected from what I could figure out about how both the Live Face effect and FaceGens work, but it's still freaky to see it in the wild. And a good reminder for me to double-check my packaged FaceGens, which was useful because I totally forgot to re-point the textures on a bunch of the converted Vanilla NPCs. In terms of the less under-the-hood additions, the biggest is probably the new swords you might've noticed in the images above. These were another thing that I actually kinda forgot for a while. When I was putting together the weapons for this mod that ended up getting released as the Relic Armaments, one of the variants included parts taken from the Dibella shrine. I wasn't quite happy with how it turned out, though, and when it turned out that the shrine parts had to be rehabbed to keep the weapon from crashing the game when equipped I just cut it from the stand-alone pack, intending to get back to it later when I rolled them all back into DMA. And then I completely blanked on it until I was finalizing the outfits for the Statues and Idols and thought, 'Boy, these really could use some themed weapons... Oh, right. Crap.' Fortunately with my previous practice it was fairly easy to toss these together once I fixed the shrine parts. First up was an evolution of my original take on the concept, a version of the disk-hilted shortsword incorporating the mirror piece from the shrine. This originally had the flower part of the shrine grasping one of those swirly orbs stuck onto the pommel, but poking at it again I felt it worked better with that taken off. That pommel didn't get dropped entirely, though. I just migrated it over to a version of the orb-hilted dagger with the swirls recolored kind of pink to function as a Dibellan ritual dagger. Both of those are just rehabilitations of earlier ideas, though, and since they were done quickly I wanted to try building out something a bit different using the parts. One thing I didn't quite manage to do with the Relics was make a rapier-type sword. I approached that with the 'needle' blade, but that's too plain to really hit the 'rapier' boxes, mainly because of the complete lack of an ornate hilt. And I still didn't have anything put together that would be quite right for the full hand guard of a proper rapier, but I was interested in seeing what I could do with that flower structure from the shrine... Yeah, I'd say that works pretty well. Maybe still not a true rapier, but it's ornate as hell and that's half the battle. It also inspired a bit of a change to the shrine parts; originally I had them recolored brass in the usual way, with the main texture replaced with the Dwarven tile and the environment map added on, but on the larger and more noticeable hilt piece here that just felt flat and washed out. So I made a quick bronze version of the shrine's texture to use instead, which added a lot of depth back in. While I was at it I also wanted to do something non-sword. I had an idea for something along the lines of a mace, but first I started out with something simpler and more brutal than what I had been going for with the other designs. This is fairly basic, just a modification of the Dwarven mace's handle with a recolor of the spiked ball trap stuck on top of it, but it's very satisfyingly mean looking. It works quite well in the hands of the enemy Automated. But in the end, this was just practice. What I really wanted to do was to stick Dibella's shrine on the end of a rod and beat people to death with it. What can I say? I'm easily amused. The Fragment in the mace head is a particularly entertaining element, given how it retains its glow cycle. There's other things that I wouldn't mind doing in this vein and might play with later, but this was enough to satisfy my thematic requirements and properly arm the Dibellans. Aside from that I've mostly been hammering out various tweaks and improvements to the Facility, one of the most notable being a revamp to how I'd been doing the containers. I'd originally set up a bunch of the big Dwarven chests placed around the Facility to serve as distribution points for the DMA parts, but I was never really happy with that. They were kind of a pain to get into the positions that I wanted, so a lot of them just ended up being sorta scattered around. It didn't look great, and it didn't really work with the theme of being output points for the Facility's hidden production lines. But I had also been poking around with modifying and subbing out meshes with the idea of creating new doors for some other concepts that aren't quite going to make it into here. I figured that since I can just sub out meshes to make new containers as well, why not use that to do something more on-theme? This mesh is the spawn portal for the Dwarven Sphere with the chute part chopped off so it can be repurposed as a general portal. Sadly it doesn't seem to be able to activate its animations when used in this application, but it gets the general idea across rather well. So much so that I also used it to rebuild a lot of the safe storage I have scattered around the place for the player and add a couple a resource points in crafting areas. This change also let me clean up the main machine chamber some, now that all the chests were out of the way. That gave me space for a quick little control panel type of thing... I also leaned into the idea that the machine teleports completed Automated into the chamber by adding a SFX mesh to the output area like I've done with the other teleportation devices. This came about as a direct result of the in-game books I wrote for this update, which were the single biggest time-sink of the last few weeks. Hammering out the head-canon I've got around all this and trying to put it into the voice of the Researcher was a giant pain, and there's still a lot of stuff that I could probably clarify or expand upon that I'm just gonna skip because I've already got ten damn volumes and a sampling of character write-ups. The researcher is also a part of the handful of things I've added to the world outside of the Facility, in the form of a copy of herself that she sent off as a messenger didn't quite make it. There's a couple of other spots in the region where you can find stray Automated. I didn't go too ham with this, largely because finding good places for them is annoyingly time-consuming, but it's nice to have a few encounters. And lastly I found a couple more NPCs to cram in, specifically some humanoid Automated that use the full D2 torso like the Beast race ones. Partly because I like the look, but also because I'd mentioned them as rare cases in those books. They're... not exactly high-effort characters, being quick copies of Lydia and Jordis with fancy hair as generic Automated Housecarls. Not my best work, but whatevs. I put a little more effort into someone that's not actually going to be implemented in this release, as she kinda serves as a test for something I want to do later on: a Live Faced statue character. This was a 'there's no reason this shouldn't work' sort of situation. Doing it with the metal faces might be a bit trickier, as getting the environment map to work on those requires running the mesh through an .obj conversion which seems to have negative effects on its interactions with the .tri files, but the stone textures can just slap right onto the native face meshes without issue. All I had to do to get it to work with the Live Face effect was cut a mask shape out of it. The problem is doing it with a Vanilla face, as those only work middlingly well in stone due to their low-poly nature, and there's no decent way to give them stone teeth and tongues to keep those on-theme. On top of that it also keeps coming out slightly greyer than the texture on the body, for some damn reason. As a result of those issues this test isn't placed anywhere in the game, although I did leave her floating around in the CK files if you want to use the console to grab her. She mainly serves as a proof of concept for when I get around to working on my next plan for this mod, which is to finally re-incorporate all the Charmers of the Reach content along with some Live Face NPCs using that headmesh. The Charmers head works much better in stone and has retexturable teeth, so this idea is much more viable with them. But all that's for the hopefully less terrible future. For now I'm just focusing on getting this batch of girls out into the wild.
  14. AVS

    Golden Girls

    I think the best way to describe my process, such as it is, when it comes to modding is 'a series of events arising from the consequences of previous events'. It seems like every time I make some small decision about some aspect of the mod, it leads to two or three or ten more things for me to do as a direct result. The current case in point: I mentioned last time how I was planning to punt on adding the Charmers stuff back into the mod until some future update, to give me time to figure out how to get a few things working there. As a result of that the brass masks I made with the Charmers head mesh won't be available yet, which is a slight problem given how I redid the metal body parts with a customized skin texture to match with them. I don't really want to punt on the updated body, since it really is a massive improvement over the poorly-fitted Dwemer tile texture that's been my default for making bronzed versions of meshes, but without the Charmers masks the only brass faces I have available to use with the brass bodies are the masks sourced from the SeXtreme models from the initial version of the mod. The problem with those is that they still use that tile texture, and as a result look kinda lousy paired with the updated body. So, best thing to do was update the faces. This doesn't use quite the same process to get the brass color as the body parts. Those use a copy of the skin texture recolored in a way that reacts with the bronze cubemap to produce the brassy color, while these just use a solid block of color that attempts to do the same thing. Getting it to do the exact same thing as the body has proven difficult, however. Part of that is the fact that different meshes from different sources will often interact with the lighting and shaders in different ways for various reasons that I can't even begin to unpack, which is the likely cause for most of the wonkiness I've been running into here. Another part of it is the fact that my color vision isn't exactly reliable, so I'm never quite sure if I'm getting the results I think I'm getting. But after way too much trial and error making absurdly minute adjustments to the color block, I think I've gotten something that reacts adequately similar to the brass body in most lighting conditions. Hopefully. The immediate knock-on effect of this was that it let me use an idea I had for a companion set to the Statue NPCs and build a batch of Dibellan Idols to add to the population around one of the shrines. There's a bit more room for development on these models, though, due to an annoying flaw in their build process. One thing I haven't done with any of the Automated so far, including the statuary here, is make them a unique race. They're all just the Vanilla races with their body parts edited per character. It turned out to be very easy to swap out the 'nude' body doing things that way, and for the ones using the Live faces there's no need to alter the head parts at all. But as far as NPCs that use a mask for their face go, as I noted previously it's easy enough to replace most of the head parts with null meshes that don't get in the way of the masks except for the freaking mouth. I just can't find a way to get it to go away completely. I did find that I can reliably get it to initially be disabled on an NPC by using one of the slot 30 versions of the head frames in their Outfit, as the game thinks that they're spawning with a full-face helm and thus disables all the head parts. But the moment anything touches that outfit, say by using a follower framework with outfit management on them, the Vanilla mouth pops right back into place with sometimes horrifying results. Clearly, this is not ideal. The only idea I have left for fixing it, though, is to try building a custom race for the non-Live NPCs and see if I can get it to exclude the mouth mesh that way. Given that that's one of the things that I didn't really want to have to do for this project, I've kinda been putting that off. What I've been doing instead is thinking about Dibella. Some sort of Dibellan cultism has been a part of my meta-canon for all this stuff for a while now, and as such it was a pretty obvious theme to go for when doing the decorating for the spaces I've been building for the Automated, but the relatively limited amount of iconography available for her in the Vanilla assets was a bit frustrating. My attempt to use scaled-up placements of the gold statuettes in particular was stymied by the fact that they were still pickable objects. I figured the only way around that was to retexture the static statue with the gold statuette's texture, but right when I went to start on that it occurred to me that I'd just spent a lot of time on getting a clean bronzer texture for the faces. So I gave that a try... and got middling results. Too much of the statue's detailing is baked into the texture, so losing that just makes it look off. Editing the bronzer color into the statue texture, however, works quite well. Just doing this for the Vanilla models felt boring, though, and it seemed like it'd be easy enough to add in some alternate meshes while I was at it so I did the same thing with the True Dibella and Edhildil's versions of the statue. You guys have noticed by now that I like having a variety of options, right? So obviously I ended up doing a whole bunch of these, in both the statuettes and static statues. This skewed the course of my decorating more than a bit. To start with it gave me an excuse to revisit an idea I'd previously passed on, and fill in all those little niches up on the ceiling buttress above this room. In the form of the Edhildil version and some careful placement it gave me a much more... satisfying object of worship for the shrine with the giant statue. But more than that, these helped kick off a general flurry of redecorating that saw pretty much every area worked over into a much more presentable state as I figured out how to get the CK to (mostly) do the things I wanted it to do, with the 'Stables' area in particular seeing a lot of improvement. A large part of that was also due to figuring out how to more reliably get the pedestal characters to behave. When I showed that space off last time, almost two full walls were dedicated to their placement, with no idle markers put down anywhere near them as that was the only way I could keep them from breaking position to use them. It worked, but it was hugely wasteful of space. Since then I've worked out how to make a custom AI package that blocks them from using any idles or furniture, removing the need for all that distancing and letting me compact their space down to one side of the room. It also semi-reliably locks them into a static pose that doesn't mess up the pedestal effect, although I haven't found out how to disable their head tracking yet. What it does not do, annoyingly, is lock them onto the spot they were placed. I don't know if they were wandering off a bit before the package kicked in or what, but I was consistently getting a couple that were out of position. So what I did here was find a way to brute force it. Turns out that if you only give them a tiny island of navmesh to land in, they'll stay exactly where you put them. A bit of a downside to all this is that these NPCs are now more emplacements than characters. I made the AI package conditional to having a pedestal equipped and tried having both it and a default sandboxing package on the character at the same time to see if the pedestal's would override it, but instead they were visibly fighting each other. There may be some way to get that to work, but I don't know it yet. And the thing with the navmesh makes it a bit difficult to actually recruit these NPCs as followers. You can talk to them like any normal NPC, and recruit them with whatever follower system you're using, but they won't actually, well, follow, because they're stuck on that island. You'll need some way to teleport them to you to get them off of it, and I'm not sure if there's any way to get them back on afterwards. So, yeah, consider these guys mainly decorative. The buttons above their heads, too. Those are just there for the look of some kind of energy something something device, they don't actually do anything. Given that this method was pretty effective, though, I used it in a few other places. Such as an 'offering' on a nearby shrine, and the couple of 'milker units' that I had previously intended to put behind the bar. So far they've all stayed in place just fine. All the space this freed up gave me a lot to work with in the remodel. The stables are mostly untouched on the left third of the room, while the pedestal emplacements and the translocator machine take up most of the right third by the door. That gave me all of the middle out from the bar area to turn into a fuller dining area, backed by a small lounge and bedroom. Since I had some space on the back wall by that shrine freed up, I decided I might as well add on a bathing area. I... Might've gone a bit overboard. This was one of those things where the progression of events kicked in. It started with just the idea of doing a sunken metal tub. While messing around with things it ended up becoming quite a bit larger than intended. I had added the waterfalls behind the shrine in the other room just before starting work on this, so I thought why not add in a water feature here, too? Why not a big curtain of water right down the middle of the tub? And hey, why not have it all centered on an Edhildil Dibella statue? I can't see any argument against it. I also took some of my exuberance from getting the steam effects to work and added another amusement to one corner of this room: a steam cleaning booth. This also inspired some further modifications to the Quarters. I needed some more bed space there for it to really fulfill its role, but the only area I didn't really have plans for wasn't quite big enough to fit all the beds I wanted. So I knocked a corner out and expanded the room. There was a bit of a snag there when it turned out that the outside corner piece I needed to make the turn I wanted didn't actually exist, but I used that opportunity to place another Dibella statue. And a small bath, while I was at it. Having all these brass Dibella statues to decorate with had the further effect of getting my head-canon going again. You see, the general idea I've got for the Automated's situation is that they've been pretty much trapped down there, some of them for centuries, until just recently, and they've been pretty bored as a result. At least one of them, however, discovered that they had a talent for making cast sculptures, and has been turning all the scrap the Dwarves left behind into art for quite some time. I decided to cast one of the enemy NPCs that I turned into a friendly Automated in this role, entirely because I'd already given her an all-brass body for her outfit on a whim. She'll be getting her name changed to 'Automated Sculptress' to reflect that. I couldn't be bothered to go too crazy building up a workshop for her, so she's just got a modified-ish smelter tucked into the smithy area in the Quarters. Although I did up the scale of the operation just a little bit by adding a closet where the molds cool just down the hall. But here's that knock-on effect again. I've got the setup of a bored sculptress living in a highly sexualized society of abandoned multi-purpose companion automata with artificially lowered inhibitions and a strong Dibellan cult presence. I've also got a lot of those SeXtreme models sitting around and a texture that lets me make brass statues out of them. You can guess where this is going, right? I definitely went overboard with these. Making them is just a bit tedious, as they require the .obj conversion trick to get the environment mapping to work on top of having all the textures and settings adjusted, but the results are quite nice. I ended up doing a bunch, some of which are preeeeeeeetty explicit. But they amuse me. I'm entertained by the idea of the place just getting littered with this lady's thirst. And it is littered; these things more or less became a focus of my decorating and are scattered all over the three main sections of the complex, especially the Stables and Quarters. The quarters in particular had one space left over from its donor dungeon that I wasn't quite sure what to do with, a torture room that didn't really fit the theme I had going. So now it's an art gallery, loaded down with 'study' markers for whoever wanders in there. A number of these are modified from the originals, as I prioritized female figures that were in a position that would make a believably stable statue. Some changes were purely cosmetic, such as swapping in a Dwarven sword on this model when the original didn't really take to the retexture very well. Another converts a decorative Dibella shrine to a fully functional one. Others are purely for perverse shits and giggles, such as this alternate version of the standing group all outfitted with the Dwarven 'strap-ons' I made, plopped down right in the middle of the new sleeping area. I might replace it with something a bit more restrained and move this elsewhere. Might. The most significant change that resulted from these isn't actually to these, though. The Edhildil Dibella statue is nice, but it's always had a distinct flaw. On the original version, the face is just this featureless blob. The updated version fixed this by adding in a face, but unfortunately it's just the default headshape's face, which can not really be described as lovely. It's better than nothing, but it didn't really feel up to the job of being the Goddess of Beauty, y'know? That was a large part of the reason why I'd never really used it in my game before, but now that I had reason to make significant use of it the face was really jumping out at me. So I thought I'd see if I could find something in the SeXtreme models that could fit into the same angle as the head and replace it. I expected that would be the hard part. Ended up finding one that would fit on the second try. No, the problem was, once again, getting it to match. The initial setting looked fine in OS, but in-game it was way off. So once again it had to go through countless minor adjustments... And then I made it harder on myself by remembering that the body mesh on Edhildil's Dibella is an altered 7Base body, and that I had that bronzing skin texture sitting around. That's an improvement, but the arms were yet another additional complication. They're merged onto the body mesh, but they're not mapped to the body textures so you end up with some noise from the foot textures right front and center there. But OS does have that handy UV map tool now... And that's how I found out that it will only save the results of moving one mesh each time you open the tool. If you move more than one, the changes on the others go *poof*! What the hell. But once you get past that annoyance the fix is just a simple matter of piling the arm meshes onto some open bit of skin texture, and you end up with nice, smooth arms to go with the cleaned-up body. Now back to the head! I still don't really have a match on it, but I do think it's close enough that it's not especially jumping out at me. It's something that I can always adjust later on, so it's good enough for now. There's a few other tweaks; a bit of a glow on the eyes, a slight edit to the hair, a Fragment of Dibella crammed into the middle of the flower. And while I couldn't do it on the standing version due to the way the other model's hand is placed, this felt like a good replacement for the Dibella statue in this scene: Of course, working on this had its own knock-on effect. The texture I've been using for the eyelashes on these is the same one that I used on the brass versions of the SeXtreme face masks, which was the 'gold lashes' texture already sitting around in that mod's files. And it works fine, except that for some reason it's missing the bottom lashes. That always slightly annoyed me, but it wasn't really a felt thing until I was working on some of these statues where it really seemed to detract from the look. So I took another one of the eyelash textures, altered it, and replaced the gold lashes with it. Because I'll be damned if I'm going to go in and re-point every single lash mesh. It does add a bit of a different look to the masks, but I kinda like it. Aside from all that, most of what I've been doing lately could be called rationalizing the Automated's position in the world. I had originally planned to lean heavily on Gloomreach for that, but that has proven a bit... iffy. Some of that remains the nav for followers. I managed to fix some things- adding a jump so they can get down from the exit loop-around, cleaning up and straightening out a lot of the mesh- but there's still two areas on either side of the bottom of the second cave where there's something that just completely borks their pathing. Coming in from the new entrance they consistently jet off through the door for the exit loop, and coming down from the top of the cave they reach a point near where the boss is placed and then run back out of the cave so they can somehow pop back in through the exit. I have no idea what's causing that, and it's annoying as all hell. Especially since you kinda need the help down there. I've mentioned being confused about why the Rogue Automated I crammed in there seemed to get killed off so often. Well, I finally got an opportunity to watch them fighting and... Apparently you have to set a faction to be friendly to itself when you make it if you don't want them attacking each other? I mean, You'd think that would be some kind of a default setting, but... Anyway, with that fixed the Rogue Automated are much, much more efficient. The Falmer in the cave spawn at level 9 for my level 1 testing character, so many of the weaker Rogues get offed, but something I'm a bit hung up about with these guys is exactly how to level them. At this point in time they're just imported directly from their face donors, stat-wise, so since I grabbed NPCs based on looks more than anything else they're scattered across most of the level range. That means some of them are piss-weak, while some of them are... I piled all the stronger ones into the boss area to give them a fighting chance when they were all getting killed off. Now that they're actually working together, catching their attention as a level 1 is terrifying. I'm kinda inclined to go in and set them all to level with the player, with some degree of adjustment either way depending on their original base level, and to thin them out by spreading some of them around the nearby wilderness. That does mean they're more likely to get rolled by the Falmer while the player is a low level, but I'd kinda like to keep things so you don't have to be any sort of a set level before you can get into any of this content. I mean, in a lot of ways it'd make sense story-wise to not be able to use any of this stuff without Ancient Wisdom or something, but that kind of forced delay is just a hassle. And I do have some vague ideas about researching how to set up alternate starts... Regardless, I may also simply not implement every Rogue I've got built just yet. I could just put in enough for what I have set up now and keep some in reserve for future plans. I do have an additional area that I've been trying to build but haven't liked the results on, and will probably punt that down the road. Might be a different case if I could get a few things to work the way I want them to, but annoyingly the collision box on the pipes is single-sided and I have no idea how to invert it. As an aside, I've finally found out what happens if a Live-faced Automated gets decapitated. Basically it does what I expected, sending the face and hair (if present) flying off and plopping the decapitated neck mesh onto the body while ignoring the head frame on slot 59. Oddly it also leaves the helmet behind, and I'm not sure why it would do that. But then I'm not sure of a lot of things here. This next thing isn't quite a knock-on effect of the above, since it's something I was planning on doing anyway, but it takes on a new light in the event of a weak assault on the Falmer. There's uncomfortably little space between the two ends of the Excavations should the Falmer counter-attack, and they lead right back into the main Facility. As such the pathway through the crystals is now fortified, and the place is loaded up with all the 'drone' NPCs that I had intended to make before the Live faces took over the mod, along with some Automated Adventurers and a particularly strong Subject. Hopefully that will be enough to hold them back, and it will be, because I don't intend on implementing anything like an invasion. But they wouldn't know that. Anyway, as a result of those problems with Gloomreach, I've tweaked the concept of the Automated's imprisonment a bit. I'd always intended on adding a 'teleporter' exit at a certain place in the Quarters but had been debating how to have it be something that the player turns on; now it's going to be something that had already turned itself on some time before the player arrives, for unknown reasons, and the Automated will have a limited presence out in Skyrim as a result of it. A bunch of statues are scattered about the room, because part of that presence in Skyrim will be the Sculptress doing some export business. This exit deposits you behind the Dibella shrine across the river from Old Hroldran, not far from the physical entrances to the Facility. You'll meet a caretaker of sorts out there, and the shrine itself has been augmented with a grand statue of the Goddess. A couple more of the Dibellans are at other shrines to the Goddess (and there may end up being more if I remember any other appropriate places to stick them), and at least one of the Subjects has been keeping an eye on things at Old Hroldran. Back at the Facility, the entrance to the Ventilation Shaft has gotten cleaned up and improved, and the drop itself has gotten a bit more treacherous-looking. There's one more character who needs a bit more progress, and who's tied to what's probably the most significant chunk of work I have left: The Synod Researcher. She herself is pretty much all set, as I've decided against killing her off like I'd originally intended and have instead given her a lovely little chamber not far from the teleporter exit. Her role is to be the 'author' of the series of explanatory books for the mod, which will be conveniently housed in one of those bookcases there... when I manage to finish writing them and copy them into the mod. I'm maybe halfway through? It's been a few weeks since I had a chance to work on them, and I've changed and added some stuff since then which probably added more volumes... That duplicate of herself she has in there is also of some note, since the current idea is that she's taking advantage of the ability to make a duplicate to send out messengers. Whether any of those messengers actually reach there destination is in question, of course... Part of that question being whether I can be bothered to figure out how to make that an actual Event or if just want to dump a corpse somewhere noticeable. At some point here I'll decide this thing is done enough. Of course, then I'll have to clean it up and pack it for distribution...
  15. AVS

    People and Places

    One thing that I've learned as a result of maneuvering myself into a position where I pretty much had to make NPCs and locations for this mod, as they're the best way to show off the Live faces, is that I really, really hate making NPCs and locations. I don't know how people can manage to make decent mods with these tools. I keep finding myself spending hours on making what amount to incremental changes, and half the time whatever it is that I'm trying to do doesn't even work. It's just insufferable. A large part of it is, to kick a very dead horse, just how god-awful the Creation Kit's interface is. For example, I spent entirely too long trying to figure out how to get the lighting to do what I wanted it to do. The placed lighting that you drag in from the CK's lights list is uselessly dim, and you can't make up for that by placing more lights because having too many in an area causes annoying flicker effects. But there's no obvious way to adjust the brightness settings in any of the context controls. Turns out the only way to do it is by holding down a fucking three-key macro and dragging the mouse up and down, because apparently that makes more sense than putting a fucking lighting tab in the edit window! Christ. Bethesda likes to mention how the Creation Kit is 'the same tool we use' to build the game, and I honestly think that's the whole of the problem. Internal and corporate tools are where UI design goes to die. They're invariably these horrible, cobbled-together, nightmarishly unintuitive messes crapped out on the cheap that spend far too much time getting in the user's way. It reminds me of the access control program we used at a previous job that didn't even have basic UI shit figured out like greying out text boxes when they're not editable. A frickin' college kid making a freeware program for downloading porn can manage to pull that trick off, so we're spending how much money for a program that we're relying on to secure our facilities and comes from a company that can't? It's baffling. Anyway, angry rant aside I have been making progress with this. It's just been irritatingly glacial. Both for the reasons mentioned above, and because I have, as usual, really overextended my scope. Making the Automated turned out to be kinda interesting and, as mentioned before, really easy to do with the existing NPCs, so before I knew it I had, um... Going by the FaceGen file count, 143. So far. I think I might have plot openings for a few more. So obviously the location work has taken on new priority, because I need someplace to put all these fuckers. The previously mentioned re-dress of Raldbthar still forms the core of it, and I've done various major and minor edits to get it styled up, especially that central room that I've remade to be the Automated factory's output. That got cleaned up and relit, with bins filled with Type XXX parts and chests scattered around that should contain every armor piece in the mod, if I filled them up right. Some of my more recent work has been adding in idle markers scattered around so the Automated that I staff the area with have something to do, but that's one of those 'half the time it doesn't work' things. I gave all the Automated pretty much the same sandboxing packages, aside from some cases where I had reason to do otherwise, but for some damn reason most of the ones I put in this room just stand around like idiots. I've got 'study' idles all over the place, but most of them are going to waste. Yet at the same time I've got other areas where I can't get the NPCs to keep still for all the markers and furniture they're constantly hopping between. So I have no idea what's happening here. The rest of the Raldbthar rooms have been getting their own little livability edits and cleanups as well, with DMA parts scattered here and there for added flavor. My plan to make use of copies of other Dwarven interiors ran into an all-too familiar snag, however. I had intended to make use of a couple of the rooms from the Afflicted dungeon, but those had even worse cases of the problem with sections not visually rendering that I ran into with the Avanchenzel interiors, one of them having pretty much everything ten feet from the door failing to render when you entered the room. I have no frickin' clue what's causing that, much less how to fix it, so that ruled those out for me. Out of the small handful of useful-looking areas I had identified, the only one that didn't really give me issues was the living quarters from the ruins under Markarth, so that kinda ended up as my expansion space by default. But it is at least a fairly useful space. I bodged together a door to it from the Raldbthar space off the bridge at the top of the main room... ...and rebuilt the tree area further in to serve as a sort of main room with an ad-hoc player home in the rooms around the dining area. The tree itself got replaced with a Dibella shrine, although my plan on using a giant version of the golden Dibella statuette as its centerpiece is slightly hindered by the fact that I don't know how to make it so it can't be picked up like the normal version. Doing so and then dropping it has odd results. The real fun here is actually in an alcove next to this area, which was previously just a caved-in passage. I'm a big fan of player home mods that include a teleport spell to the place, and it certainly made sense to have something like that here given that the current entrances and exits are a bit... fraught. But more on those later. Making teleport spells is actually one of the few bits of scripting that I have previous experience with, as I did one for the last attempt at a interior mod I made, some five years ago. Which turned out to be particularly useful since it meant that I could just reuse that script instead of going through the trouble of compiling a new one. Given the sort of worldbuilding I had in mind here, though, I wanted something a bit more impressive than what I had in that old project. This is Dwarven shit, now, it has to be a whole machine. It took a lot of digging to find that lighting effect, let me tell you. On top of that, a regular old spellbook for learning the teleport spell wouldn't do, so I had to figure out how to make this happen: Then there's the spell effect itself. I'd previously just copied the Skyfall Estate teleport spell's method and used the Restoration effects, but digging around in the effect list I found one that specifically said it was for a 'teleport' from the College questline. I tossed it onto my spell and, well... Much more on-theme. I have run into one problem with this, though. I've been using the spell from that previous project for years, and I've never had any problem with followers teleporting with me. They'd always end up right on the landing area beside me. With this one, though, that hasn't been the case. They consistently end up coming in through the relatively distant main door into the area instead. I'm not sure why, since the COC marker for the teleport is planted on the navmesh and everything. One of the many things I still have left on my to-do list is tearing that older spell apart and seeing what I did differently back then. On the subject of entrances, here's the main exterior entrance to the Automated space. There's some additional clean-up and detailing for it on my list, but it's currently functional. It does not, however, lead to where I originally intended. My plan was to use that long-drop trap from that one Dwarven ruin up in the mountains on the Morrowind border, but it turned out to be both more of a pain in the ass to rebuild than I expected and subject to that same unrendering bullshit that's been plaguing all of this stuff. So I finally said 'fuckit' and built a new space from scratch. It took a few tries to get started, but eventually I ended up with something acceptably close to the theme I wanted of a one-way drop into a pool of water. That said, this very nearly ended up being abandoned as well, since it turns out that this is exactly the kind of space that you do not want to follow Bethesda's instructions for generating navmeshes on. Their damn auto-generator doesn't even recognize water. I wasted far too much time trying to salvage that mess before realizing that my best bet was just deleting the whole disaster and building my own nav from scratch, vertice by vertice. That was a useful thing to learn how to do, though, since it made cleaning up and altering the navmeshes in the copied spaces much more feasible and made those spaces more useable. But lord, was it a time-sink. Eventually I ended up with a nav that would let followers fall into the room alongside me and escape from the water without trying to walk on the bottom... ...and that let the 'worker' Automated I had placed in there actually use the various idles I had placed around. My one regret with it is that I didn't give it as long of a drop as I'd originally envisioned, as I didn't want to risk having parts of it outside of the view distance. But it gets the idea across. Obviously, though, this won't serve as the physical exit. For that I wanted a tunnel off to Gloomreach, with an entrance in the Raldbthar space tucked into that sort of living area along the one side. My original plan there was to have a bridging pace using one of the Afflicted rooms, but since those wouldn't work I was left having to build another new space for it. I figured that it should be a sort of mining area, as I had a general idea that the tunnel into Gloomreach would be something that the Automated would've finished digging at some point immediately prior to the Dragonborn stumbling onto the scene, and in light of that there ought to be something worth mining there that might also explain why the facility as a whole was located there. To build it, I actually took that above shot looking up the ventilation shaft as my starting point, turning the 'shaft' cave meshes sideways and then shoving them full of Azura crystals. The concept is that these crystals are the source of the ones used for the Automated's brains and various other parts. I had considered doing a larger excavation space reflecting that, but actually building it was a pain in the ass and then I lost all the work in a fucking CK crash, so to hell with it. All that's left of that is a little stub tunnel off to the side with some Blackreach crystal clumps in it. The actual gameplay reason for this room, though, is the tunnel roughly knocked into the back wall. A short winding walk through there gets you back into Vanilla Skyrim, but not into all that great of a place. So, the current plan is for this to drop you into the very bottom of the Gloomreach Hive, right next to the tunnel leading back to the entrance. The idea is that you could then either sneak off to the start and go through the dungeon properly, or charge right into the boss area and see how well that goes. Things will be more complicated than they originally were in the Vanilla, though, because there's going to be a whole mess of Automated sourced from enemy NPCs who're hostile to both the native Falmer and the Player running around. The exact details of this I'm still working on, as dungeon leveling is yet another of those things that I have no previous experience with. The Falmer pre-existing here are fairly tough, with the boss being a level 26 for the level 1 testing character I'm using here. The handful enemy Automated currently placed have their original levels, for the most part, so how well they fare against the Falmer is a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes I go in there and they manage to kill the Falmer off, sometimes it's the other way around. Part of my plan is to expand the battle some, adding more Falmer to help match the mass of Automated and moving some of the fighting up to the large but previously empty initial room of the first cave, but I may find myself having to change even more things around due to the pathing being a freaking headache. I've run into three different issues with followers already. First, while they'll go through the entrance between the excavations and the hive just fine, they invariably run off through the nearby door to the upper cave whenever you try to get them to go past it, so they will neither go into the lower cave or back into the excavations with you. Second, when they get to the upper cave they can't parse the jump down into the initial room. And third, even if you get them into the start of the cave and proceed on the proper path through the dungeon, they get stuck on the ramps halfway down to the bottom of the hive and can't even approach the exits! So no matter what the heck I do there I've got a lot of what looks like Bethesda's fuckups to fix to get this running properly, and I'm not even sure what might be causing the first one. I might end up having to reposition my entrance, which'll be a pain. For the followers and some of the generic non-hostile Automated I've got them set to level with the player, so they can be useful for longer, but that also means that most of them will be pretty useless early on against an enemy Automated with a set level of 27 like the Storm Wizard there. One of the things on my even larger 'would like to do' list is finding some way to add the Automated factions to the Player. As things are currently set up I have these NPCs divided into the regular Automated faction, which is friendly to the player by default, and the rogue faction which is hostile to you, but it would be nice to have an option to let them tolerate you nosing in on their Falmer extermination. I know there's ways to do this, but I need to do more research to see if I can easily implement them. There's probably more hostile Automated than could reasonably fit into these caves, too, so I might end up scattering a few more around nearby, but I have to see how the current hostility settings for their faction work with that. I also complicated these a bit by not making every single Automated sourced from an enemy NPC hostile. Mainly because some of them are kinda cute. I needed a way to differentiate them, so all the hostile ones are now named as Rogues. This does make some of their names pretty long, though. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with the non-hostiles. Right now I've got most of them hanging around in the excavations, but I'll probably end up peppering them around with the other generics or setting them up as lesser followers. I've got some story ideas for how this all works, as well... I should get a bit deeper into the People part of this post, but first I want to segue a bit into few additional items I threw together while I was working on the rest of this. The first one... doesn't quite work the way I want it to yet and probably won't be released with the rest of this, but it amused me and I want to show it off, so... Remember last post, how I talked about figuring out how to make the Automated's default nude body be just their head, and maybe making a head-specific pedestal to showcase that? Well, I did that thing. This is highly amusing in concept, but in practice there are... Problems. Mainly it's the same problems faced by the other pedestals, in that it needs to have a fairly stationary idle pose forced on it to keep it from swaying around and clipping through the ground all weird like that. But while I found a good-enough solution for the regular pedestals in the form of the Soldier Wall Idle marker, using this pedestal with one of those just straight-up breaks the HDT height setting. Now, while I was messing around with this I did find one thing that got me exactly the effect I wanted, and oddly enough it was the 'hands behind head' submission pose from Display Model. Not only did that get me a completely stationary pose, but it also coincidentally corrected the somewhat-off guess I made for the HDT setting and put the base more or less level on the ground. So of course it then turns out that if I try to correct the HDT so that the base is level without the pose, the pose ends up hovering a bit. I've got some vague ideas for making something useful out of this, maybe by finding some way to put a sphere or hover effect on the bottom, but it's not that much of a priority. The pedestals as a whole still need some way to lock the characters into poses and out of furniture and idle markers to really have the functionality I want for them. DAR has some promise for the former, although I didn't get quite the performance I wanted out of it on NPCs, but the latter is way outside of my ken. A script effect like Holzfrau used on Dwarven Augumentation might also be worth exploring. Either way takes a lot more work and research than I really want to put into this just now, though. I probably ought to focus on actually getting the basic mod out before I try out any fancy tricks like that, and I definitely need to stop adding new stuff. That said, I did add some more new stuff. Not much, though! I've wanted to add some pony-themed headgear for a while, you see. The horse head mask is amusing, but... not really cute. I've made a couple attempts at a mechanical horse mask or helmet, but none of them have turned out quite the way I wanted either. I'd been playing around with some quick, non-Dwarven ponygirl stuff alongside all the rest of this, though, and found that combining the bridle piece from the Haru outfit with a pair of equipable horse ears, initially cut from the Vanilla horse and later from Bad Dog's Horse race mesh, had some pretty favorable results. while I was playing around with the cow horn pieces that I added recently, I thought, hey, why not recreate that? The bridle part is very loose on the face to hopefully provide clearance for all face morphs, but it's supposed to be more evocative than functional. I used the Horse race ears in my first test of this because obviously they look vastly better than the Vanilla horse's, and couldn't bear the thought of giving them up so I got Bad Dog's permission to use them here. 😄 This is set up the same as and categorized with the horn sets, and can be used with the wigs or a character's existing hair, but I also did a combo piece with the Crest that's set up as a helmet under the name Cavalier. I also asked if I could use the Horse race tail to make a new weighted horse tail accessory in the vein of the equipable Khajiit and Argonian tails, since it's also so much better than Vanilla. Nice. Between this and the cow-themed stuff I had already done, I got the idea for another new area. There was a door in the Quarters area that I wasn't using, so I thought, why not have it lead to a cave that was set up like a ranch? Just a big rocky cave with a grassy field and an artificial sun in it. Sounds great, right? Yeah, well, turns out that making a big grassy field in Skyrim is waaaaaaaaaaay the fuck beyond the realm of my patience. You can't even actually do it as an interior space, and exterior worldspaces are a whole damn thing that I ain't got any time for. So it got scaled back to a sort of a stable room. That give me a home for some of the NPCs that I gave cow and horse-themed loadouts, but the space I made ended up being big enough for the stable area to only take up one wall. So I used some of the rest of it for a different kind of stable. And then I tossed a bar area in because why the heck not. This whole space also isn't quite finished yet, and again isn't entirely what I originally had in mind. I originally had a couple of the cow-themed characters on pedestals behind the bar, but it turns out that even if you have them set on a furniture idle with them marked as the owners and delete their sandboxing package, they'll still wander around to other markers if they're set close enough. With all the ones around the bar they were just wandering around willy-nilly, so it didn't make any sense to leave them back there. That actually makes filling in the rest of the room a bit tricky; I scattered some idle markers around to give the characters stuff to do, but I have to keep them a certain distance away from the characters on pedestals or they can break off to use them. The pedestal characters are generics based on various player presets, and I've got one of each race in here. I'm tempted to have more of them, but with as much of a pain as implementing the idea has been I'm content to dial it back to just this group. I might build some additional mechanical structure above their niches at some point, since the head-canon I've got going for these guys is that they're Automated who've set their systems on idle for repairs or somesuch. As far as the NPCs in general go, it think I've pretty much got them finished. I've gotten all of the custom RaceMenu-made characters I've had on-hand or made recently loaded in, and Automated all of the Vanilla NPCs that interested me. I've got them all set to have the heads as their nude bodies, and as part of that I ended up setting each crystal insert type as its own 'body' to simplify things on my end. That does mean that the crystals are no longer lootable, but it made setting up outfits that much easier. I'd been vacillating a bit on how exactly to do the outfits, toying around with the idea of doing sets of 'generic' outfits for the bandits and such to choose from and only doing character-specific one for the followers, but in the end I decided it would look better and be easier to keep track of things if everybody got their own specific and unique outfit. Actually adding them all in took a few days, though... But in the end, I've got a pretty broad base of Automated 'citizens' running around. Hunters, an Argonian maid, a whole little coven of witches... The followers have almost as wide of a variety. Some of them are old personal characters, some of them are faces that I made for the mask project, and others are ones that I just made to fill a perceived niche. There's some that are of note, and a few that honestly really aren't. A couple I made almost solely to flesh out (aheh) the 'companion' role, and one of those exists entirely because I like redheads. Figuring out the exact roles and abilities of these characters has been one of the main timesinks around making them, especially since I ended up making so many and even more especially since I don't really know what I'm doing. Sure I can add perks, but do some of them actually do anything? How much do combat styles even matter? What actually is the difference between Berserker and BerserkerLow? I have stumbled across a few good combos, though. One is in the form of N11-24. She was one of the faces that I originally made for the mask project, and I had a frost theme in mind when I gave her that very blue makeup. So I figured, why not give her the ice-encased body parts that I had made on spec? And while I was at it, give her the Frost Atronach's body SFX? And the Ice Form shout? And the Dragonspeaker helmet, so I can cast her as an ancient Tounge who got caught up in the Automation? And it all pulled together very well, actually. Although there is a bit more of a story behind those iced-up bodyparts. After I made the burnt set for Y1SR4 I poked at the idea of making a few more elemental-themed Assault Troopers and made these parts in the same way that I made the ice skin in the old -BAF- stuff. Those didn't have a matching face texture like the burnt skin did, though, so I tried to make one. And it crashed the game. Consistently. Not right away, though. I had it equipped onto a testing character who I'd spawn into the game using the console, which usually placed them behind me. And every time I'd turn around to take a look at the face... Instant CTD. I don't know what the hell was going on there, but the whole idea got tossed right onto the 'don't care enough to spend the time on' pile. Another thing that almost ended up there was Not-Samus, here. I still haven't gotten that gun-arm to line up properly with the magic FX, but that was honestly less of a concern than the fact that the Atronach firebolt spell that I wanted to give her, and that I'd previously used on Y1SR4, persisted on firing from the wrong hand no matter how I changed her spell and equipment loadout. Then I finally took a look at the spell itself and saw that it's specified as a left hand-only one, whoops. So hey, now she's got a custom right-hand version with boosted output. There's another thing that's not on that pile, mainly because it's very easy, but that I'm inclined to exercise some restraint on, mainly because it's way too easy: Duplicates. Before I stumbled upon the Live Face method and ballooned the NPC portion of this project way out of control, I was only planning on adding in a few NPCs equipped with the Vanilla masks. That's mostly been washed away in the tides of all these characters, but it's still something I can easily do. In fact, since I added in all of the faces I made the masks from as Live characters, it's trivial to make copies of them with the null headparts I made for that concept and the appropriate mask tossed onto their outfit. So far I've kept it to just a few; two helpers for the worker in the ventilation shaft, and one duplicate of 12-16 for shits and giggles. But like I said, it'd be way too easy to go overboard with this. Y1SR4 could use an assault squad, for example... There's also a few more characters I'd like to get in based on that whole nearly-forgotten 'living statue' aspect of the mod provided by the stone parts, which haven't seen much play in the Live Faces section of this project. That'd tie into what I've got in mind for the other half of the Quarters area and the 'safe' exit from the place, assuming I can get things to work the way I want them to. One other thing that's gonna get cut for time is the Charmers content. I do still intend to get it out at some point- it's got my best stone and brass faces, after all, given that those textures don't work worth a damn on the Vanilla masks- but there's various complications around them that I just don't want to bother with right now. And one of those is actually the Live faces, because it's perfectly possible and highly effective to use the same process on a Charmers head. That's how I figured the process out, after all. But I've still got to do little things like cut out a proper mask texture for them, and figure out how exactly to add a Charmers-built character as an NPC, and so on and so forth, which hasn't really been a priority with 143 vanilla characters and counting. Eventually I'll get to it. I want my Dibella back. And I definitely want to see if I can get those stone and brass faces moving. There's also probably some more stuff that I could find to shove in here, particularly with the last Holiday hair set release. Just a quick skim there produced a few things that look worth doing... But I'm going to prioritize getting the tedious and annoying work of getting the locations built done first. I'd like to get this out sometime this year, y'know?
  16. AVS


    Sooner rather than later, but most of what I have left is stuff that's kind of a pain to do so probably not all that soon. Depends on how long it ends up taking me to hammer out all the details around building the NPCs and the locations for them. Like I said, I'm figuring out a lot of that stuff as I'm going along, so I can't really commit to a firm timeframe.
  17. AVS


    I'm arguably in the home stretch on this project. Problem is that most of that stretch involves building locations and NPCs in the Creation Kit, which is stuff that's well out of my comfort zone so I have to very... slowly... figure out how to get shit working as I go along. I have a fair bit to say about that... but it'll have to wait until the next update because the screenshots for that me over the image limit and I've got some other, more interesting stuff that I want to get to first. To start with, the main reason that I'm considering this to be nearly done is that I've pretty much gotten all the parts I can think to build for this put into the game. The rebuild of the Type XXX set is done, with full Beast race support, rubber versions, and the permanent modesty variants ditched in favor of removable panels. The Relic weapons have been folded into DMA proper, and the wig sets are about as done as I can get them. Even went ahead and fixed the weighting issue with the forelock of the Ellie wig where it'd clip into the face in some poses, since it popped up in the raised shield stance and was bugging the heck out of me. I also addressed the issue I brought up last time where figuring out how to recenter the pattern on the Edhildil bikini top left it looking lewder than I wanted for what's functionally the most clothing the Type XXX parts can wear. The solution was pretty obvious really; if I can use Outfit Studio to manipulate the UV mapping on a mesh, then I can just as easily use it to remap it to a completely different texture. Thusly: Figured I might as well get some use out of that female Dwarven Armor texture. Took quite a few tries to get something I was happy with, but I ended up with a set using the scale mail elements for the bikini bottoms and the breastplate pattern for the tops, which works out pretty well and more than adequately fulfills my 'have some shame' requirement. Of course, the problem with this method is that changing the UV like this means that I can't simply slap the modifications onto the bikini meshes I'd already built as a texture swap. I had to rebuild all of the Edhildil tops, and then generate an entire duplicate set of tops and bottoms for the Armor textures. So that took a bit of time, and doubled the parts count for these. But you can mix and match the tops and bottoms, which is always nice. I considered doing more variants, including one set remapped to the Dwarven banner texture, but that one kept crashing the game for some damn reason and I decided that two sets was more than enough for the parts count. Being able to mess with the UV mapping also helped me out with a problem I ran into on the ground models. I spent the better part of a couple of weeks getting all of those built and updated for the new pieces, and for the most part they were fairly straightforward. The problem came when I started work on the ground models for the Vanilla masks. Yes, I do still intend to include those even if my focus shifted rather sharply to the Live faces; no sense in letting all that prior effort go to waste after all. The problem is that to make ground models using Outfit Studio you have to move the parts' meshes down into the positioning needed to fit into an existing collision box. Most of the time that's not a problem, but there's some meshes that for whatever reason simply will not respond to OS's move tool the same way as other meshes. So say you've got all the meshes in a model selected and are trying to rotate them backwards, then these uncooperative meshes will rotate forwards, stuff like that. And as it happens, one of those uncooperative meshes is the Vanilla head mesh. So to make a ground model out of one of the Vanilla masks, instead of just moving everything at once I'd have to move all the non-face structures and then manhandle the face back into place over them. For a couple dozen faces. Fuuuuuck. Thaaaaaat. And then on top of that there's the issue with how the game won't render skin tints on the non-wearable models, so you wouldn't really be able to tell who half of these faces were supposed to be anyway. So with all that making 'proper' ground models for the Vanilla masks is pretty much out. But being able to mess around with UV maps made it much easier to go to my backup solution: Making gift boxes. Simply get some good close-ups of all the masks (ignoring how Umana's scars are the wrong skintone, as that's from a previously discussed issue): Use those to generate a bunch of texture files, then find one of the box ground models bouncing around out there. Cut a slice off the top of its mesh and map it to your portraits, then paste it back onto a full box mesh. Remap that slice for each mask, and boom, boxed faces. It's not as satisfying as having the full mask lying around like I can with the other face types, but hey, it works. And it gets them pretty much as done as they're going to get, in light of that shift to the Live faces. And on the subject of the Live faces, there was one thing that I've had a suspicion about ever since I first discovered how to get them to work but that I was reluctant to try. You see, the process for making them relies on making various minor changes to a character's generated head model, but as a result of that it only seemed to work for NPCs. The player apparently doesn't get a discrete head mesh generated into an accessible folder the way NPCs do, so giving the same effect to your own character appeared to be a fair bit more complicated. But there is a default head mesh sitting around which appears to be used by the player character in some way, as manipulating that during my previous attempts to make a Live face from a mask-cut version of that mesh did produce some results. So what happens if you make the Live face texture changes on that default mesh? Exactly what you want to happen, basically. On first blush, at least, this seemed to work pretty seamlessly. Unlike my attempt with the cut versions it's still fundamentally the same mesh, so it responds perfectly normally to the sliders and accepts all the existing presets while still maintaining the mask effect. It even accepted an old existing Racemenu preset in the form of 12-16's original settings without any complaint. I did run into one wiggle when exporting the mesh, though. It shows up as expected in the sculpt tab, even to the extent of not having the invisible parts of the mesh colored in by the texture: But the actual exported mesh in the SKSE CharGen folder doesn't reflect that. Oddly, while it maintains all the flag changes and added alpha property needed for the effect, it automatically switches the texture pathing from the specific mask texture that the default head mesh had been pointed to back to the original default texture paths. Which is annoying in that it means that using this to generate new NPC heads will be slightly less streamlined than I'd like, but otherwise not that big of a deal. The bigger deal is that this particular method only seems to work on Nords. I didn't notice this at first, as during that first test I only went through the Nord presets. When I fired up the save for my existing Breton character after making the alterations to the default mesh and saw that they weren't being reflected on her, I initially assumed that the effect would only work on new games and not preexisting ones. But when I kicked it around in the chargen again and found that it universally wasn't showing up on the non-Nords, I realized what was going on. The Nords are the only ones who actually use the default pathing built into the .nif file. The other races use race-specific texture sets in the CK to do things like use alternate normal maps for the elves and so forth. To fix that I'd have to go into the CK and change those texture sets to redirect them to the mask texture, or... I could just replace the default face texture that they were pointing at with the mask's. I didn't really want to try doing this, but I had a sneaking suspicion all along that it would work thanks to some of the issues I had with getting the Live faces running in the first place. Logically, replacing the head's texture with a version that's had a huge portion of it erased would be a problem. But there's a few factors in how the game works that seem to add up to bypassing that logic. First, this effect only works on a head mesh that's had an alpha property added to support it. All the game's NPCs, however, use existing pre-generated heads that don't have that alpha property, and as such don't have all the non-face areas of the head turned invisible like this. Second, and most confusingly, when a mesh that doesn't have that alpha property set is pointed at a texture that's been altered by erasing sections so as to have areas of the model rendered invisible, it acts as if those erasures never happened. So on head meshes without that alpha tagged in, the full head texture continues to be displayed even if the one in the default texture's folder has been replaced with one modified for mask use. That previous concern about it not working on existing games was also proven false, as it happily adds the effect to an already-running character. I don't understand why this works and it kind of annoys me that it does. But since it does, I might as well make use of it. I haven't exhaustively tested it, but so far everything I've seen shows the mask effect only applying to the player while all of the existing NPCs are normal. It seems likely that it would only be an issue for characters that don't have an existing or properly generated FaceGen model, but that's already noticeable through the grey face bug. And you'd have to revert the changes to the default head mesh and texture while working in the CK if you don't want them on your generated characters, as it does apply the effect to all the female NPCs in there. But as long as you don't run their FaceGen you're fine. And as far as chargen goes, there's now no hiccups for any of the humanoid races. Aside from a lot of the Vanilla hair sets really not working well with the mask effect. There is some question of what exactly I'm going to do with this, though. Obviously it can't be a default part of the mod, since it's a fairly intrusive change to any and all player characters, but it also seems to be the only effective way to get a functional player Automaton. It's probably possible to use it alongside the original defaults by making a set of separate Automated races, but that's a whole bucket of worms that I don't really want to stick my hands into. Might just release the modified defaults as a separate add-on pack, especially since that wouldn't need an .esp file to work. Or I might just give you instructions on how to use the mask texture already packaged into DMA to do it yourself, since it's really not that hard to do at all once you know the steps for it. Iunno. In the meantime, one thing I can do with this is streamline building new NPCs like I've been wanting to. Yes, I've already got a bunch in here, but I've been wanting a few to showcase specific parts and body layouts. The Javelin helmet/mask in particular kinda needed one, as I rather like the look of it but its fit on characters with larger noses or cheekbones can be just a bit iffy and it needs a good balance with the mouth. Another one blatantly cribs from the bandit expansion mod Breton I used to try out the Gladiatrix helmet and a mostly robotic body, as I quite liked how the look turned out. And yet another is just a quick sort of pseudo-Samus thrown together to go with the Metroid-inspired arm set I made for shits and giggles. Those arms could still use a little work; I got the weighting on the shoulders fixed so that the right one isn't rolling around while firing magic, but the cannon's still not lined up with the magic effect. That's not really a huge priority to fix, though. I also rolled that cowgirl version of the Dawnguard Redguard that I was amused with in my prior testing into the mod (by treating her like a chargen import, as I'd like to avoid having anything besides Skyrim.esm set as a master file here), but she prompted a few other additional parts. The first ones should be fairly obvious. That prior version of her just used a playable copy of the Being A Cow horn/ears set that I had put together for use elsewhere, but that didn't entirely work for the Automated setup. Some bronzing, mesh edits, and a few mounting parts later, though... These are set up like straight circlets, so they're usable with the wig sets. I had originally intended for the same to be true of the last batch of headgear I made, but the skullcaps they were built on to make them more effective as helmets ended up not working well with a lot of the wigs, so they're now just set up as plain helmets. These horns are intended to appear more as clip-on type things. They were also made pretty quick and dirty, so while I tried for a certain degree of compatibility between the faces I can't really guarantee it. And they'll absolutely get a bit clippy if you try to use them with a full head, or even just one of the skullcaps. And of course while the cow horns were the reason for doing this, why would you ever think I would stop there? There's a few more of these already, including a version of the cow horns without the ears. I miiiiight add more. Depends on what I find that fits. But aside from this amusement, adding this character in also prompted me to do something about her chest. I like the MC torso, there, but it has a bit of a flaw as far as using it with these NPCs goes in that it only comes in the pre-expanded 'milker' size or as a Variable part. The permanently big bosom works well enough for a thematic character like this, but I also wanted to use the chest on characters like that Gladiatrix-based one above where a more modest bust would be more appropriate. At the same time I'd like to avoid using the Variable parts as much as possible on NPCs in light of them not being wholly compatible for CBBE users. And while I was at it I could also use a more compatible version of the D2 chest to use on characters with non-mask heads, especially after seeing how well it was working with the Gynoid parts on that Nord up there. I absolutely did not want to do a whole slew of fixed-weight versions of them to match them up to the existing presets, though. In fact I couldn't do that for the D2, since the neck weighting would be completely off for characters at anything less than 100 weight. So the obvious thing to do was to build normally weighted versions of the two torsos. Based on the UNPB preset, for personal preference. The complication here was that this also required me to make weighted UNPB versions of the various chest coverings, since the existing ones are either fixed weight or the Variable versions that wouldn't be guaranteed to fit. But that wasn't a huge burden, as all I had to do was batch build everything in BodySlide to UNPB and copy & rename them to tuck them into the 'DMN' catch-all that I've been using for the NPC-specific parts. Doing it like that also let me grab .tri files for them, so they should continue to work with SLIF and the like. Since I did base this on UNPB and made it with the express purpose of using the D2 torso with the Type G pelvis, though, I kinda had to finally get around to fixing the issue with the top ring around the pelvis' mid-torso connection clipping through the back of the UNP-based torsos. Just squeezed it forward a little bit and it looks much nicer. The Type G's are still hopeless with the xF torsos, though. The waists on those are far too narrow for the G's top. As has so often been the case in the course of this project, doing all this to get a non-Variable version of the D2 ended up opening a new line of inquiry. Despite having gone to the trouble of adding Beast race support to the Type XXX parts, Beast characters have been conspicuously absent from whole mess of NPCs I've been throwing together. The main reason for that has simply been their heads. Back when I was working on the Vanilla masks from the humanoid races I also made an attempt at making ones for the Beasts. I haven't really talked about it much because it did not work out well at all. It was technically possible, but the cutlines on the meshes were not in particularly opportune places, especially not for the Argonian head mesh which had the cleanest division running right through the middle of where the ear membrane is on the texture. They just really didn't look good. That said, that particular problem could likely be bypassed using the Live face method, as it doesn't rely on the mesh layout and is just a matter of how the texture gets edited. But there's still the other problem that I ran into during that attempt at making masks, which is that the beast heads don't really fit over the human-shaped head frames all that well. They have a lower 'dome' than the humanoid heads, so the tops of the frame structures tend to clip up through them. That could be fixed by making Beast-specific versions of the frames, but ehhhhhhhhh... So basically I've written it off as a pain in the ass. But with the non-Variable D2 torso, I can just do the Beasts as a full-thorax Automated with an intact neck. In fact, thinking on it further, I can just set the weighted D2 to be their default nude body and staple DMA parts on to that. Once you've got that going, well, tossing together these generic NPCs is fairly trivial. Having them set up like this is both effective and kind of elegant. It amuses me to be able to strip their parts down to the core like this. But of course, this took me down yet another line of thought. When I took these poor Beast generics off to be killed in the name of science, I also dragged along the one based on Susanna who accidentally ended up as a test corpse a while back to serve as a comparison with the humanoid Automated. The nude body I had been using for them was actually one that I built before I got the Live faces working, and thus was made with the assumption that it would be used on characters using the masks for faces like the first couple of NPCs I put together. I was working with the idea that should they be stripped they'd be stripped down to the bare frame of the torso, so that's what their nude body was. But when used with the NPCs built with Live faces, stripping them bare left a torso frame with a flayed face hovering above it. Not exactly ideal. So I got to wondering if I could just add in the head frame as part of the nude body. I wasn't entirely certain about it, since it uses a non-standard slot (59), but I threw it together to test it out and what do you know, it works fine. In fact, doing it like this I don't even need to add the head frame on as part of the outfit, like I'd been doing, as the different slots on a nude body get displaced by outfit parts separately from one another. As long as nothing else is taking up the neck's slot, it'll be visible. This actually streamlines things a bit, as it means I can have a different nude body for each head type- brain, armored, crystal- and distribute them appropriately among the NPCs instead of stressing over building different versions of an outfit with different heads. It'll mean that the brain and armored heads especially won't be lootable, but that's fine since they'll 'belong' with the character's face. The crystal inserts are a bit more questionable, but then I'm thinking that would also be true in-lore. The dead don't really need a pulsing heart crystal, though. Let's take that out. Yeah, that's better. Now she looks properly out of commission. That bulky bit around the neck popping in after removing the Type XXX torsos with their nice, svelte necklines was still annoying me, though. It also didn't really make much sense from how those torsos were built for them to clamshell open or whatever and have that frame inside. So that was in the back of my mind when out of the blue at work the next day I thought, 'Hey, do the nude bodies even need to have the torso piece?' As it turns out... They do not. This... Is basically perfect. This lets me leave the head frame and the Live face as the permanent body and just build everything else around that. This is actually pretty similar to what I wanted to do in that abandoned 'detachable head' experiment from the DCC project ages and ages ago, albeit in in a completely backwards way from the approach I attempted there. About the only downside is that there doesn't seem to be any good way to block SoS add-ons when the body is empty like this, since they use a similar 'default nude bodypart' system. That'll take some manual editing if you're using the SoS pubic hairs like me, but that was already generally true with the Automated since they're likely to have pelvises that don't match up to the SoS part's bodyslide. And of course, this doesn't only just work when they're dead. The obvious problem with stripping them while they're standing being that you're left with a head just floating here in space like this, though. This is really begging once again for some kind of forced animation locking them down onto the ground when nude or something, but that's still a ways outside of my knowledge base. Or maybe some kind of head-specific pedestal, if I can think of a good design for it. I'll have to play around with things a bit. For now the only thing I can really do with headlander here is to perch her on a Display Model rack. Hey, it's something. Really, truly something.
  18. Kind of, barely, probably. I'm going to assume that this .esp uses the original MaikCG model and its pathing. In that case, the Bodyslide files included with my version that replace that original model will allow you to build one of the variants in the original model's place, which should then work with this Devious-ification. Slagblah's modifications will not, however, be present on any of the individual variants added by my mod, as they are each a separate armor in-game and the Devious system requires that its scripts be added to each item individually at the .esp level. Adding the DD effects to them would require someone to make a new Devious-ification .esp for this mod, and that someone isn't going to be me because getting the Devious stuff set up is way more of a pain in the ass than I want to deal with.
  19. AVS

    Swords Out

    A quick upload because it was pretty much done and I wanted to get it out there. The more in-depth lore stuff is in the in-game book and note. Enjoy!
  20. Just a quick-ish weapon mod thrown together because I wanted some more weapon options for my other projects, with some basic swords and shields kitbashed out of various Vanilla meshes and the Centurion chestplate from Clockwork. I challenged myself a little bit by making full crafting and tempering recipes for all of the items, but as I didn't bother to actually test them I'd appreciate being notified of any issues there. The in-game documents hint at a larger story, but I'm not going to bother to expand upon it or build any kind of a full-blown quest for this. You might be able to find an additional prize if you follow the expedition's likely route, though. (Or you could just use AIM to grab everything. Whichever.) Feel free to use these wherever. They're 97% Vanilla assets anyway, aside from the Clockwork mesh and one modified Vanilla texture used for the mysterious crystals. Also feel free to convert this to SE yourselves if you don't want to wait for me to get around to it. Should be fairly straightforward. Big thanks to Holzfrau for the suggestions for the names.
  21. Dwarven Relic Armaments (August 2020) View File Dwarven Relic Armaments A group returning from the excavation of an unnamed Dwarven ruin were supposed to bring their discoveries to Markarth, but after their stay at Old Hroldan they were never heard from again. The fate of this expedition and the relics they unearthed has remained a mystery. Summary This is a collection of Dwarven swords, daggers, and shields, made to my tastes and to occupy some niches that I felt needed filled. They are lighter, faster, stronger, and significantly less bulky than the Vanilla Dwarven equipment. Additional information about their origin and place in the world can be found in the in-game documents. You can find a clue to obtaining the relics in a note left behind in the Old Hroldan Inn. They are also craftable with the Dwarven Smithing perk, although you may need a deeper knowledge of the subject to create some of the items. All of the relics are Dual Sheath-ready. Run that mod's patcher for the left-hand versions and back-mounted shields to appear in-game. SE version to come when I can be bothered to do it. Submitter AVS Submitted 08/12/2020 Category Weapons & Spells Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Dwarven Relic Armaments A group returning from the excavation of an unnamed Dwarven ruin were supposed to bring their discoveries to Markarth, but after their stay at Old Hroldan they were never heard from again. The fate of this expedition and the relics they unearthed has remained a mystery. Summary This is a collection of Dwarven swords, daggers, and shields, made to my tastes and to occupy some niches that I felt needed filled. They are lighter, faster, stronger, and significantly less bulky than the Vanilla Dwarven equipment. Additional information about their origin and place in the world can be found in the in-game documents. You can find a clue to obtaining the relics in a note left behind in the Old Hroldan Inn. They are also craftable with the Dwarven Smithing perk, although you may need a deeper knowledge of the subject to create some of the items. All of the relics are Dual Sheath-ready. Run that mod's patcher for the left-hand versions and back-mounted shields to appear in-game. SE version to come when I can be bothered to do it.
  23. AVS

    Immersion Blender

    I was also considering that, but I hadn't managed to dig up the translated phrases before posting. I might hybridize those a bit with some Oakeshott-style names, if I can get them to flow well. I've got a general idea of packaging these as a lost archaeological expedition's discoveries for the stand-alone version, so I'm thinking of giving them names that sound like something a researcher would catalog them as.
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