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  1. hey, can we ask or suggests features? I played now for some time and I would like that mistress would force my char to get permanent body changes, including paying for it, Like big bimbo tits etc. Maybe with some kind of doctor scene?
  2. But my problem is about boobs. Do I have to wait for another version?
  3. Hey, got a problem with cumflation ... it makes my boobs bigger as well. I use Boston Devious Helper and received the boob morph, it is gone now (it only stays for a few game days) but every time cumflation is applied my char has the big boobs from BDH until cumflation is gone. Then everything is back to normal. Is there sth wrong with the morphs? Can I reset this? This doesn't happen if I spawn fgush or squirt armor in console and wear it.
  4. I don't have any questions or problems. After years, I reinstalled FO4 and tried your mod. Just wanted to let you know, this mod is amazing and I have SO MUCH fun with it ... it's unreal. Thank you very much. No honestly ... thank you big time!
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