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  1. [...] She has broken into your home to offer you riches and sex. As you question her more Hulda shows up. [...] Hulda explains her need to get bent over and fucked... Boy, that escalated quickly! 😅
  2. Dude, seriously, take the best advice in this thread so far, from Lestat1627 and start over step by step. I know, it will be a lot of work, but trust me, it's absolutely worth it and will get rid of more hidden problems (that have not surfaced yet but may cause issues later on). Here is a small heads-up on how I did it about a year ago when I switched from Windump to Linux. You should (at least!) check after every point (but probably more often) if your game still runs and performs well. If not, you've found a culprit/problem. Disable all mods and make sure
  3. A very humorous analysis of difficulty levels, that (imo) really hits the nail: P1 P2 I love to play on the highest difficulty possible from the start, but only IF the gameplay is fair. In all my time on the PS4, I have destroyed only one PS4 controller so far. not on Dark Souls, Shovel Knight, Rayman, Cuphead or Hollow Knight, no, on Batman Arkham Knight, simply because the gameplay is buggy, overcomplicated bullshit.
  4. Yeah, totally right. Check the link. You should probably take Lestat1627's suggestion at this point and start over step-by-step. In MO2, you want to look at the left panel, your installation order as well. MO2 tells you when there are conflicts, i.e. mods overwriting files from others. Check that there are no mistakes. Good luck 👍
  5. Despite that fact, that your load order is all over the place (just another example that LOOT is total crap for LL mods imo), I'm gonna take a wild guess and say, the "not launching" is probably something else. First, fix your load order as Gukahn suggested. You should probably re-read all install instructions of the LL mods you installed, especially the MNC Install guide already linked above. I know, thats a lot of work, but it can really save you a lot of trouble later on. A console appearing and nothing happening is probably SKSE running into a problem and exiting. Plea
  6. ... I'm at a loss for words ... now, I have truly seen it all ... Human Evolution:
  7. Wow! Thats fantastic! ❤️ I now, however, have a similar problem like rangnarmoder: This happens with all tats in 1.5, 1.4 worked perfectly fine. And I noticed some few tats from pack 2 and 3 having this as well.
  8. After years I finally found slavetats packs (all three of yours) that agree with my taste and have high quality - and I love you for this. ❤️ On top of that, I have a small request. Can you create a copy of the "Love Bondage (Back)" tats but with "I love cocks"? Same position is fine. I would absolutely love that! I'd normally do small changes like these myself, but I've got no clue how to work with dds-files and dont have your lovely fonts.
  9. Funny is, he already was, the feature just didn't work (it does now). I already clashed with him 2 years ago and blocked him afterwards - the discussion back then was even more frustrating than this. I even used the same Jojos meme to end it back then... Small world, eh?
  10. Look, I tried to be as polite as possible and offered to end this on good terms, but you just continue in trying to escalate things when there is really nothing to talk about anymore. Right now, I don't see why I should continue talking with someone who outright refuses any other opinions than his own. You want to ignore the points I made? You want to ignore seeing people having problems with LOOT as proof that it isn't perfect (and that is NOT a generalization jesus christ)? You want to continue being agressive about this, implying things I didn't even say, when I tried to de-escalate th
  11. In MO2, every single mod is independent from each other. It does not matter in what order you install them. You can always just move things around and completely and manually change both install order as well as load order. How is that not 100% manual? MO2 doesn't give me anything except for an interface that lists the things that I installed. It does not alter anything in this list. It does not move mods or esps by itself. That's all on me. I have, twice. What I wrote is not nonsense if there are people like me, T-lam or the OP who have reported problems with it. It working per
  12. I hate how the last years have boosted peoples "intolerance level" of others opinions even more than before. The amount/absurdity of corporate-chills, woke people, SJWs, gender-maniacs and PC-fanatics is completely off the charts. You have to agree with what those people say (even if it's dumb and everyone knows it's dumb but they can't agree with you or they'll get targeted, too) or you'll get bullied into shutting-up. Or worse. The worst part about this, it's freaking everywhere. I cannot watch my favorite podcasts anymore without hearing the same fucking toned-dow
  13. But let's not start a mod manager discussion here please, we already have enough of them. Dude, this topic has already been discussed to death and needs no further this vs that. If it works out for you, fine, thats great. I use MO2 and can manually adjust both mod install order as well as load order by simple drag'n'drop. In my case, manual sorting (in MO2) has rendered me a stable game with a shitton of mods for a loooooong time, so thats fine. I tried LOOT once just to test my manual sorting vs auto-sorting and it messed up everything. Again, if it works for you, ama
  14. Vortex really does this: https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/The_Vortex_approach_to_load_order_sorting For normal mods, this will (probably) cause no problems. Vortex method of auto-sorting (i.e. LOOT) is however known to cause problems for many LL mods. In fact, the last LOOT update is over 13 months old and to this date there isn't a single SL mod in it's masterlist except for the Nexus release of Amorous Adventures. Just think about it. How do you feel running this on your LL-modded Skyrim? My load order, for example, is 100% manual. If I run LOOT on it, my
  15. Can you please specify which mods (even those without esps), load order (esps) and which guides you used to verify that you've installed everything correctly? If you used anything else than this, it's probably best to do it all over again: Some more things to check: - Check that NOTHING overwrites the most current player and creature skeletons. - Atfer re-running FNIS, do a consistency check (same window). - The mod "Aroused Creatures" has a Help tab in the MCM that briefly checks for problems with your setup. - Run LOOT to check if that fixe
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