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  1. I appreciate the changes. Not sure how useful this could be in reality but I'd love to see a "poll" section on the file page where the file owner can start a poll (timed or until the owner closes the poll manually). Users who follow their content would obviously get a notification whenever the file owner starts a poll. Don't know if this has been suggested before so I'm just throwing it out here.
  2. Ah okay. I feel like everyone who has ever modded skyrim once has at least heard about esp and esm file extensions but personally I never ever dealt with ESL plugins or the so called light esp (ESPFE?). That may be because I almost exclusively play Skyrim LE and never SE. I only start it up to see if my mods work on SE and that's it. Call me weird but I prefer the old version. That said, I'm not interested at all in delving into how to do it. I still hope somebody else takes up your request and shares it with whomever it concerns if it's even possible. CO More Creatures: You can safely uninstall and install this one whenever you want. Don't like it mid playthrough? Just drop it. No worries there as there are no scripts. CO Creature Edit: Again, you can safely uninstall and install this too whenever you want. No scripts at all, just basic edits. The only difference I found is that when you install this on an existing save one change won't immediately apply. The only change after testing it on an existing save file is that the aggro radius doesn't update until the next cell reset which is around 31 ingame days as per default. You can also force a cell reset using the console if it bothers you too much but I wouldn't recommend it as I only changed the radius for a handful of creatures and the radius is just slightly larger than default: Commands for the reset: setgs iHoursToRespawnCell 1 setgs iHoursToRespawnCellCleared 1 Reapply the vanilla settings: setgs iHoursToRespawnCell 240 setgs iHoursToRespawnCellCleared 720 Use these commands at your own risk.
  3. Light esp? Are you somehow referring to one of my files or even perhaps a modification of one of them with that odd description? Are you looking for somebody to make a light version of one of my mods with way less creatures for example? Sorry but I'm unfortunately not sure how I should interpret that question...
  4. Had a lot of fun in my last full playthrough as a Berserker with CO Creature Edit 1.1 installed. I have a lot more plans that need testing but I felt like I should finally upload this build. Feel free to leave some feedback as I'm certain I overdid a few numbers here and there. Upgrade instructions are as always. Just replace the old version with the new one.
  5. To clarify, I don't have your problem but I did try to google what could be the reason for it. Here's another mod that adds giant mudcrabs ("Found on the beaches around Broken Oar Grotto." - mod description): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32411/? There are also a few threads discussing invisible creatures in general for the following mods: Skyrim Immersive Creatures Monster Mod Animallica Disabling any mod that could technically cause the problem and seeing if it fixes the situation is also an option if nothing else works. Where is this invisible horse? Are there any more problems you encountered using my mod? If so then please share it with me because I'm dropping an update in the next few days for both mods and I'd be glad to incorporate a fix if I am able to reproduce the error you're encountering.
  6. For anyone who's interested, I've scrambled together something that visually changes Dogs to Grey Wolves from the True Wolves of Skyrim mod by KrittaKitty. [REQUIREMENTS] MoreNastyCritters SLAL ABC (and the True Wolves patch that comes with it) - not a requirement but just get this one too, ok? Pretty please? Here's how they look ingame: Backup your files just to be sure. Dog to Grey Wolf.rar Dog to Grey Wolf SE.rarDog to Grey Wolf LE Updated Skeleton.rar
  7. enb stuff.rar And if that doesn't work:
  8. Nope it's the same. These creatures are still without dialogue or other interactive features. You'll need other mods that add such things to creatures in general. CO More Creatures is more or less just a base and is deliberately kept as bare bones as possible. Not that I see that see it as a downside - quite the opposite is true for me. I mean I did achieve my intended goal after all. However, people are free to edit my mods to their liking if they're not satisfied and upload their version afterwards. No need to ask for permission.
  9. I see. I completely agree with you on this. Modder are (usually) providing content free of charge. Most of them do that because they enjoy the stuff they do which is awesome. But to ridicule and/or harass others just because of their taste, content or whatnot is just wrong and these people should get a hobby. The thing I live by is that I don't care what others do and think as long as it isn't damaging to another individual or yourself. Almost everybody has some weird thing about them and that's absolutely fine as long as you keep it in order. That said, you do you. Thanks for your contribution to the modding scene, keep doing what you love and don't get distracted by a bunch of angry smooth-brained baboons. Nobody wants some jackass all up in their face telling them how to think and act. Oh, and your characters look great - especially this one.
  10. This is a bit related to my previous post so I'm just going to ask here. I haven't done much research but are there any other dickified wolf variants out there? I know that True wolves of Skyrim has many more colours to choose from for example the grey one. It'd be nice to give dogs their own different coloured wolf form instead of copying one of the existing 3. Maybe the amazing @MadMansGun knows more about that. Oh and I'm going to post another CO More Creatures update in a couple of days. Nothing big, just a few tweaks I did.
  11. ENB cel-shading Hey, so I found something about that on this mod page: "The Silent Horizons built-in cel-shading pre-pass effect (link, but you'll have to scroll through user images to find an example)" He seems quite unhappy about the results of cel-shading on SE ENBs though so yeah I guess it does work on that ENB but there seem to be problems with that specific effect on SE. Dog to Wolf Since you use Animal SOS the actual way to do it might be different but they should be similar enough to figure it out on your own (I hope). Sorry but I don't use Animal SOS -- just MNC and BakaFactory's ABC (with the True Wolves of Skyrim ABC patch of course) You'll have to navigate to Data/Meshes/MoreNastyCritters/Canine and copy wolfred.nif & wolfredHard.nif to your desktop (or any other preferred place). Then rename those copied files to dog.nif & dogHard.nif respectively. Afterwards just drag those renamed files back into the original folder and replace the original dog.nif and dogHard.nif files with your renamed wolf nif files. You can obviously choose which of these 3 wolf variants you want as dogs -- doesn't have to be the red variant. Maybe you also need to do another step which is to copy skeleton.nif (and skeleton.hkx?) from Data/Meshes/actors/canine/character assets wolf and copy it into Data/Meshes/actors/canine/character assets dog. Click yes to replace when asked. Not sure if this step is necessary. I just had it written in my modding documentation from 2018 when I was more or less experimenting with all sorts of things. The first step should do the trick though... I guess? Anyway, be sure to backup your stuff. I'm just an idiot on the internet trying to help and my instructions may be totally illogical. Unrelated Image *cough* :
  12. Yes I was referring to that mod. You can "recruit" creatures by unlocking the "Speak with Animals" perk in the Speech tree. This obviously also goes for those which have been placed by my mod.
  13. This is weird. I just ran around all over the college with my mod installed and I couldn't even get Skyrim SE to CTD once. It also never happened to me in LE. I can't really imagine it being the cause to be honest. Where exactly at the college are you getting crashes? Maybe there's something wrong with your Frost, Fire and/or Storm Atronach because I just added one of each around the center. Try summoning them and see what happens.
  14. Don't worry, it's fine First off, you can safely ignore enbseries.rar. This is just there for people who need it. CO Creature Edit 1.0.rar - This one changes some values of creatures like HP, DMG and whatnot. It also makes them scale to your level. So in short, creatures are way more dangerous. CO More Creatures 1.6.rar - This .ESP places a lot of vanilla creatures in the world of Skyrim. Makes it more lively in a way. With this installed, you'll see dogs at markets and in inns, horses in small villages and encampments and so on. I tried to stick to immersion but there are a few exceptions which you may or may not like. CO More Creatures 1.6.rar (No Jail Creatures) - The same as above but I removed all creatures that were in jail cells to make it compatible with a certain mod. CO Personal Edits 1.0.rar - This is also not important. It's just an .ESP that sets the height of all the playable races to the same value.
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