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  1. Thank you very much for not passing by, but trying to help me. I appreciate it ❤️
  2. Please explain to someone who does not understand where these grids are and where to copy them ... I'm an ordinary player and I don't know anything. And I don't want to change my follower. I need to solve a problem with all the NPCs that use my body. Because due to the fact that their weight is less than 100, their arms and legs are cut off.
  3. Sorry for the offtopic, but wherever I write, no one answers me. And I see you are versed in the topic of NPCs and clothing. Can you help me? Problem with regular NPCs. I have Bijin NPCs, Bijin Warmaidens and Bijin Wives mods. And the NPCs from these mods are fine, because they have their own bodies and heads. And the rest of the NPCs have a problem, because they have bodies like me. But their heads are standard. If the NPC makes a weight of 1.0, he will have a cut in his neck. And if 0.5, then the cuts on the arms and legs. When I write the command "setnpcweight 100" everything i
  4. I went around the entire Internet and so far I can not find anything. Can you tell me some kind of mod?
  5. Hello! Tell me please. I decided to play with mods for the first time and don't know anything. How to use furniture from "ZaZ_Animation_Pack + _8.0 +" mod in Devious Devices - Contraptions?
  6. Tell me please. How to use devices and furniture? I looked everywhere for fashion, but nothing sensible. And why not take furniture from the AddItemMenuLE mod like furniture from DD - Contraptions? Can you tell me some kind of mod that can get furniture from the test zone and use furniture and devices on the NPC? And sorry for my French, it's very bad
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