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  1. Do you have any other mods enabled because I have one in mind that might cause that...
  2. Well... there goes one of my ideas for my additions (planning to add an addition that lets u have a baby even if its female on female because you visit the 'horse')
  3. Ok, I don't know if you fixed it but here are the INFO files that you'll have to look at; _on_actions.info and the scope file wherever it is
  4. remove the on_actions (or remove the S its just on_action
  5. It shouldn't really matter, since no Graphics Card company paid Paradox to make their GPU better than the other
  6. OK, Version 1.2.1 is out... all I did was fix the DEMOevent.0000 event to DEMOevent.0008 event. I also added a better trigger to event chain, DEMOchains.0001. Going on a Hiatus due to personal reasons FUTURE EDIT: This mod is discontinued and will be up for whoever wants to pick it up, just send me a message!! Next mod will contain a bunch of new features such as music to (potentially;) a new unit(s)
  7. can you give me the link?
  8. Okay, your names are WAY too long, just write for example, CDOtraining.0001 (and add 1 after that) also, you need to add a namespace at the very beginning of the document (In this case, it would be namespace = CDOtraining) Also, you have to use a YAML file
  9. I'm not gonna do it all for you, but heres the route Carnalitas 1.3.4/common/character_interactions (This will just show a lot of carn_slave files, one must contain the stuff you want) Also, dang! That license file is HUGE ~674 lines xD, if I ever add a license in my files it will be a CC one (Like CC BY-SA 2.0) and just reference a link
  10. But where do I put these genes? I know in the genes folder, but thats about it and I feel that wont work super well
  11. Version 1.0 Out!! Because I forgot about the edits there will be another update shortly with the event chain (hopefully), I'll take down my eternal fertility then as well because its now in this mod.
  12. Because A, your trying to make her your secondary spouse, or B its not going to be a Maternal Marriage, meaning that she won't get any heirs
  13. Wait, theres a trait Rapist? What mod?
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