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  1. which one would be the best for physics?
  2. that really would be amazing, then i wouldnt need to worry about regreting my choice 😛
  3. if i really choose bhunp im going all in i think, gonna convert everything i want and be happy :s is even harder to decide which one im going now because i dont care about the compatibility thing
  4. How would i go about converting vanilla armors to BHUNP?
  5. a lot of people say that is up to taste but i don't get what the differences are, for example you can make the same body on both right? so how can you prefer one over the other, the psychics are the same as well as far as i know, that's why i wanted to hear some in depth explanation on people's opinion, to understand what are the differences
  6. so everyone agrees that 3ba is better because of compatibility? and zer02 said its double the resolution, does that matter? i don't think i will be able to notice it on a 1080p monitor :s
  7. Which one do you guys prefer and why, go into detail on what made you use either one.
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