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  1. Just updated to Win10, will give the nif converter another try once I beaten this thing into submission & everything's set up exactly the way I want it.
  2. Damn so fast with updates you've created a new one before I even finished installing the last one & sorting out my load order.
  3. I thought DD5 was meant to be an all in one, no need for the separate packages anymore?
  4. I've got to shape the suit to the SE CBBE, it's a different shape from LE CBBE. Also got to update my 'puter to Win10 so I can use the nif converter, hopefully a weighted nif will bypass the OS bug when using multiple references.
  5. Oof, trying to figure out what you did right, not fun. On my SE install I've got something like two dozen SKSE plugins just for fixing bugs & glitches, wouldn't even know where to start looking ...
  6. Turns out it's because I'm still using Win7 & the exe was compiled for 8 or higher.
  7. Yeah I did, double checked I had all the files, redownloaded everything, ran system check to look for corrupted windows files ... nothing. Going to continue google searching for a solution.
  8. Hrrmm, can't get CK-CMD to run, keeps throwing up a 'something missing in Kernel32.dll' error.
  9. Objs sent, along with a UV template. There's a lot of clipping which is partly intentional, partly a side effect of using shrinkwrap. The suit is meant to be beyond skin-tight, effectively becoming the wearers skin, plus trying to increase the offset created sausage fingers, which I really wanted to avoid.
  10. UUNP body-1 done, body-0 next for CBBE & UUNP. Edit: how do you want the files? blend, obj, nif?
  11. Right installed a 2nd instance of Bodyslide to create the UUNP body. What preset do you use? Scrub that, using the 0 & 1 meshes straight out the folder.
  12. True but I find you get a better fit if the mesh has already been sculpted to the body, besides I always knew it would take multiple attempts before I got something I was happy with. Behold, actual human hands on a CBBE body. Also, beyond skintight.
  13. At the moment I'm working on the CBBE version, I'm making things up as I go along right now Once I've got this finished and into Kinkrim I'll attack the UUNP version.
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