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  1. Hey did you find a fix I'm having the same issue ? same happening to me. Hi, I have not found a fix to this... Other than the fact that it appears to only save when I'm in the neighbourhood screen- I can't press save when I'm in the household, only save and return to neighbourhood. I'm also finding that the termination pregnancy via the SIMS smart phone is not working either? Turbodriver said there's another place to discuss these conflicts, but I have yet to find it- I'm relatively new here- so I might need someone to direct me. im having the same problem..
  2. I want a smoking weed mod or like a vape pen or something lol i dunno why I just do ..
  3. The only ones that work is the double side bed one's that's it ..
  4. Hahaha No Amra definitely yours the BJ ones they were there before idk what happened & yes i tried deleting the saved data for the woohoo mod twice idk how to fix it I also have the latest version (5)
  5. Okay, thanks very much for letting me know but i'll wait until your awesome new floor animations are released
  6. Because all of your floor/oral animations have gone away for me with the new version
  7. So then the floor animations have been completely removed then is what you're saying ?
  8. These animations are exclusive for bed. Also to floor Im working in exclusive animations for this surface Well, then I'm confused . I just put in an older version of your animations and tested it out, and with the older version, there are vaginal floor animations, as seen in the screenshots. These are the ones that are missing from your latest update entirely (I understand they might not have sound yet, that's fine. I'm just wondering why they're missing lol) Sorry if I'm missing something obvious! I'm having the same issue as some others, all of your animations from the p
  9. Does anyone know how many animations you should have in total i updated to the new mod version now my vaginal and oral have gone away for floor position also i have a total of 128 animations ..
  10. Question should i only have v5 installed or all of them because i'm noticing a lot of my positions have dissapeared
  11. I need help, my custom breast skin/nipples only works for teens and young adults now but not for adults and elders also, all of my vaginal positions have dissapeared for the floor location ..
  12. It's telling me wrong password when I try to install the files, is it not the same as before?
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