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  1. i have some that do that was told its for DLC . not base game so check that
  2. sounds good more natural voices than all the ones ive heard . I still use balabolka from time to time
  3. excellent guide thankyou . been asking in forums for a breast mod with smaller nipples . so yes Alure is my go to as well is there something i can use for bottoms and vaginas that wont clash with Alure
  4. you just need WW v162f current . all the others are add on animations (they are worth a look for later)
  5. im pretty new too . but can you not click change spot to make them swap
  6. so dont think wildguys mod is what im after . even the smallest nipples are huge (or im missing a setting) and there is no option to change color any other suggestion for breast or nipples thanks
  7. thanks mega poster was looking at wildguys mod but then also saw body meshes by eve and dumbaby and got confused . thanks scorpio and yes i have already created lots of folders to keep it organized (most of them still empty for now) and i read to keep package files only 1 folder deep to make work
  8. so i have WW and amra72nap package installed all working good . thanks guys for making these . lots of other great mods here reading up on them to see if they suit my needs , trying to keep mods to a small amount (good luck with that) so i need a nipple size and recolor mod that will work with WW . dont like the default size or color . suggestions please . then after that need more eye hair and makeup choices, is there a package for that or all separate downloads. thanks all
  9. he might have meant when you load the game. and you get the EA script screen and tick to accept. but i just tick and dont select all and works
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