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  1. This is great and I can't wait to see what you come up with when we get werewolves! Question, can you make a shorter version because it goes all the way through and comes out the other side of some sims? Or possible make it collapse or bend so that it doesn't pass through the sims? I know some animators have made their penis' collapse so you don't see it pass through a sim's body. Can't wait to see what comes next. Loving it!
  2. Sarra1171


    LMAO by who's rules?
  3. Sarra1171

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    I haven't looked through all posts so don't know if anyone else has had this problem. The only problem so far that I've had is when I had my WW pregnancy settings to the period mode when my sim was having cramps no sim would accept her "offer body", so I went in and changed the setting to the simple pregnancy % mode and they still wouldn't accept her off no matter what. I wasn't sure if that was the problem so to test it I started a new game and put the pregnancy settings on the simple % mode and the "offer body" is working perfectly. So I'm sure it had to do with the period mode setting.
  4. Sarra1171

    Wicked Jobs, Last Exception error

    Thank you! Was just coming to say mine wasn't working either. Going to try this and see if it works now.
  5. It really p#@$%s me off those certain animators that create animations for Wicked Whims that give you all of the sequence for free EXCEPT the climax. They basically force people to pay them for their animations. I think that's bulls$%@t. It's one thing to have a certain set of animations for free and then others for Patreon. BUT, to basically force people to pay you to use ANY of your animations...it's ridiculous. TO ALL YOU ANIMATORS THAT DO THIS...GUESS WHAT....I DON'T USE YOUR ANIMATIONS AT ALL. AND, BELIEVE ME, I AM A PATREON TO MANY....BUT NOT PEOPLE LIKE YOU. ANDDDD....usually those that do this, don't even have animations that are good enough to pay for in the first place.
  6. Sarra1171

    Basic Prostitution Mod!

    The Random Accept version is based on a more realistic take on the interaction, so there is only a 20% chance they accept. It's pretty low, and it's it's always a random 20% chance it's definitely possible that your sim keeps getting refused. If you're interested in it being a higher amount I could whip that up real quick (or even let you know how to edit it- it's a really quick and easy change of a number). That would be great, perhaps 50% chance? I have no idea how to edit. I'd love to be able to make my own mods and stuff though.
  7. Sarra1171

    Basic Prostitution Mod!

    When using the random version, whenever I ask they always refuse. I haven't tried the always accept version, though since it doesn't work with WW animations I don't think I'm going to. Just wanted to let you know my issues with the random version.
  8. Sarra1171

    REQUEST: Used Condom and Cum Clutter

    I have all those. Thank you. I really want some used condom, etc, clutter.
  9. Sarra1171

    wasted weed berries?

    Could you send it to me as well? I had it but then ALL my sims games got deleted off my computer. Thanks.
  10. Could someone please create some used condom and condom wrappers clutter? I would love to have this for my hooker game so when they're fucking a john behind a building, in the street, there's used condoms laying around on the ground. Maybe also dirty panties and rags with cum stains. Thanks!
  11. Sarra1171

    [TS3] Let's help L666.

    Patron name: Sarah Kamar L666 Patron since March 2016. Email: sarah_el_kamar@yahoo.com Okay well, thanks a lot. You gave it to all those other people but now you're not going to? It's not like I didn't pay for it, so not trying to get something for nothing. As Simbot said, if anyone else would be nice enough to pass the last version I'd really appreciate it. As you can see in my above post I was a Patron of L666.
  12. I was a L666 Patreon and didn't get her last update. I logged in one morning and she was just gone. AND I'm pretty pissed in the fact that I paid that month and Patreon just wasted my money.
  13. Sarra1171

    [Sims4] FreeLove mod (BetaV1)

    MC Command/MC Woohoo allows teen woohoo, teen/adult woohoo and family (incest) woohoo. Very easy to use. It has polygamy as well but I can't get that to work in my game.
  14. Some anal animations for male-female sex please.
  15. Some anal animations for male-female sex please.