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  1. Opened up Skyrim a few days ago and readjusted the number of bathers to the default 6. Things seem to be working again, and the underwear didn't appear to show up that session. I'm guessing XP32 Maximum Skeleton and Schlongs of Skyrim are some of the standard body replacers?
  2. From the annals of TikTok.
  3. Alright, so I uninstalled Skyrim Romance, updated FNIS behaviours, and started a new game (as a giant burly orc). I turned on debug mode so that I could see what would happen at the Solitude Men's Club. The first thing I did once SMC finished initialising was turn on auto-stripping, and once I found that sex was occurring, I decided to adjust the scan timers for shorter periods of time. Going to sleep in the club appeared to hasten the timer for quicker tests, and I adjusted the probability of the player being asked for sex. So far so good. Problems started arising when I left and
  4. Hmm, I seem to have an odd recurring problem. I'm not sure if it's specifically a SexLab issue, but after refreshing FNIS behaviours, the men are just standing/posing around the club without engaging in sexy times. I tried cleaning SexLab through MCM, and I turned on the debug log for SMC. The only significant change I made was boosting the number of bathers to max, and the debug log sometimes says that it wasn't able to scan them. The other Sexlab-dependent mod I have is Skyrim Romance, but I'm not sure if that would introduce conflicts in any way.
  5. As a complete noob to FNIS-dependent mods, perhaps the guide should mention that the .exe file should be run each time one of those mods are installed and enabled?
  6. Finally got this mod to work (I had no idea I was supposed to run FNIS each time a dependent mod was added), and I wanted to say thank you so much for making an MSM-oriented mod. I might have to tweak my PC's sex drive so that options to fuck come up more often. 😈
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