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  1. Like how Hitomi looks with this Shinomas blonde hairstyle, but sadly this hairstyle can be wear only with boring event Shinomas suits. Can anybody, please, make a little mod, that just change the default Hitomi's hairstyle to Shinomas blonde hairstyle? And another problem - i use Basic Bikini nude mod from Knight77, and since it share texture with event Shinomas bikini i get this bug (check second screen). How to fix this?
  2. I think this swimsuit was prize for lvl up character Luna. But there are other variants of this swimsuit for the rest of the characters - they are named differently. For example Kana (Marie body type) have the same looking red suit - SR-rarity from gacha. And here varian for all girls: https://game.doaxvv.com/en/info/1586.html
  3. Nice Milf body~! How about add tights? Is it possible, to import tights model from another suits, like "Uzaki-Chan" or "Appetizer.Shrimp"?
  4. For "Reset" you mean "ctrl+alt+f10"? But this option reset also all setting from many other mods...
  5. I understand you and appreciate your work, but it is really weird, when i change something in "Innocense", then i get pregnant body in "Orchid remake", what i didn't want, because it isn't my fetish. Can you, please, give advice, in what files of 3 mods (Innocense, Orchid Remake, Bath towel) i can change the buttons bindings from "C" to something another for each mod?
  6. Can you, please, also make activation button, like CTRL+1 to ON/OFF mod options? When i change option in Bath Towel mod, this also change the appearance of other mods, like Innocence and etc. Or it is difficult?
  7. Where need to place this file? To: mods/skins/face ?
  8. Basic - mean without version with a little puffy nipples?
  9. At last i got Tamaki and can enjoy this awesome mod~! This boobies variant even bigger, than Honoka's BP boobs...
  10. Cheater~ 🙂 But i got the third in another pull)). BTW - is any mod for this suit already exist?
  11. For the start, maybe, someone could remove the panties from Tamaki suit?
  12. This is need to update for all your costume mods? BTW many of lingerie from of the same name mod have glow effect on textures - they looks like a mirror or metal. Did you know how to fix this?
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