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  1. QUEEN OF BLADES - Race and Follower

    Playable Race and Follower
    "I am the Swarm. Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn. Now at last, on this world, vengeance shall be mine. For I am the Queen of Blades." - Sarah Kerrigan
    With this modification you can play as Kerrigan the Queen of Blades herself, or take one of the two follower with you! 
    You don't know who Kerrigan is? She is a character created by BLIZZARD for the game series StarCraft.  (>More Info<)
    The modification offers full BodySlide and Racemenu support!  Uses the standard skyrim headmesh, so you can use all slider in racemenu Use your CBBE SE Slider-Presets for the Body or create a complete new shape.  Choose if you want the original look, or visible nipples!  With the SOS Addon you get genitals for both gender, females get a visible vagina and if you choose to play as male you get additional to the vagina a penis. (If you want to play as futanari) You can equip any armor without losing your appearance The mod is saved as "Master" file, so every one can also make mods for it.  fomod install-script vor easy install with mod manager  
    I used for the original mesh from Blizzard, but I have it heavily modified for skyrim! 
    Schlongs of Skyrim SE (needed if you install the genitals addon!) 
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended 
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio (Use your body shape presets to get the best result ingame) 
    You can find the female follower in Morthal in the Alchemy store and the Futanari (if you using sos addon) in Solitude's Alchemy store. 
    EvilReFlex - for creating this mod for skyrim
    Blizzard - for the original Kerrigan mesh and the awesome StarCraft Series! 
    Its not allowed to upload this file on other pages or using it in mod packs!


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  2. SOS- Addon - Futanari CBBE SSE

    SOS- Addon - Futanari CBBE SSE
    Futanari SOS SSE Addon for CBBE SE.
    Complete new made with 2k high resolution textures!
    Prebuild for Curvy CBBE or use your Bodyslide Preset to fit the Schlong to your Body.
    There are also custom shapes for Bodyslide!
    Textures looks best with: 
    Fair Skin with goose bumps specular option and no subsurface scattering fix.  Sorry no textures for argonians and khajiit (maybe later)  
    Schlongs of Skyrim SE (Not needed if you use the equippable version) 
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended (Highly recommend to install the racemenu Plugin to change size, thickness and length) 
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio (Use your body shape presets to get the best result ingame) 
    How to get the equipable schlong?
    You can craft it at the tanning rack
    Can I use the Schlong as Sexlab strapon?
    yeahhowaboutnooo made a >patch< to use the equipable schlong as strapon .
    No female got the schlong.
    The possibility is set to 0%, if you want the schlong on all females you can change it in the MCM (Mod Config Menue) 
    How to give a female NPC the schlong?
    Look at NPC ingame and mark it (default "N"), go to the "schlongs of skyrim" mcm and look if there is the name of the selected NPC and add the addon to it. 
    Will there be a UUNP version? 
    Will there be a vanilla Skyrim version? 
    Will there be a version for vanilla skyrim?
    Nope and its not allowed to port it to LE! 
    There is a visible gab to the body.
    The Schlong is pre build to fit to the standard CBBE SE "Curvy" Body, if you are using a other or own BodySlide Presets you need to use the same presets on the schlong. 
    There is a visible seam to the body.
    The textures are made to fit to the fair skin textures (link above) and for the goose bumps option and standard subsurface scattering textures
    I uploaded an blender sample file and a video that shows a very easy way to make seamless textures for sos addons! 
    Its not allowed to upload this file on other pages or using it in mod packs!


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  3. Succubus Follower, Spells, Player Armor and PSQ Transform Addon

    Two new Succubus Follower fully standalone and made for Skyrim Special Edition! 
    You can find them in the Temple of Dibella in Markath, and both have a new spell tome for you in their inventory! 
    The Succubi fight without weapons. (damage levels with them) 
    one Female Succubus one Futanari Succubus Spell to summon a Succubus  Spell to seduce a enemy and corrupt its heart Craft a full armor set with animated wings disenchant the wings and put them on a other armor BodySlide files for Player Armor (CBBE) and the Succubus follower Armor and Body (Succubus Preset also included)  UUNP Patch for Player Armor  
    There are no requirements, all what you need is in the mod.
    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim SE - for schlong controls
    PSQ Addon:
    If you are using the "PSQ Player Succubus Quest" mod you can simply use this addon to transform into a Succubus like the 2 follower! 
    It replaces all needed dummy files with the succubus files of the mod, it also uses skyrim standard female body and textures, so no dummy work is needed!
    Works also with other installed bodies like CBBE SE and UUNP SE and custom textures like fair skin!
    PSQ Penis Type A is the Horse Penis of the Succubus Mod.
    "Static Wings" are the Wings of the Succubus Mod. (Standard Option in MCM)
    "Skin Transformation" is not needed because the Succubus Skin has already a other color, but you can use it to change the brightness or color tint. (I recommend to use a max alpha value of "100") 
    Installation is simple, just install PSQ with all needed Mods and install the Succubus Mod... no other work is needed, no dummy files, no transform package.
      Recommended settings for transformation: (left column)    


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  4. SOS- Addon - Horse Penis Redux SSE

    SOS- Addon - Horse Penis Redux SSE
    Horse Penis SOS SSE Addon for CBBE SE.
    Azazellz made the support for SOS male bodies and a Version of the Mod for UUNP Legendary Skyrim. 
    Textures looks best with: 
    Fair Skin with goose bumps specular option.  Female Dragonic Argonian Textures for argonians. Better Khajiit female body Textures for khajiits. Hairless male SOS textures.  
    Schlongs of Skyrim SE
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio (Use your body shape presets to get the best result ingame) 
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended (Highly recommend to install the racemenu Plugin to change size, thickness and length)


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  5. Textures for "SOS schlong for females" and "SOS - Equipable Schlong" UNP and CBBE Support

    Textures for:
    "SOS schlong for females - UNP" "SOS - Equipable Schlong" "SoS - High Poly Futanari Addon"
    Support for UNP and CBBE textures.
    Fair Skin Complexion NEXUS CBBE-CHSBHC-UNP-ADEC-Human Argonian Khajiit Texture-4096 NEXUS (+Beast Textures Patch) SG Female Textures Renewal NEXUS Sporty Sexy Sweat NEXUS (This is only a Patch, install first a other skin Version!) Mature Skin Texture NEXUS Real Girls Realistic Body NEXUS Leyenda Skin NEXUS (Follow the Patreon link) 
    Install the body replacer what you want to use (CBBE, UNP or SeveNBase) download the bodytextures what you like and copy them over the standard textures (for example Fair Skin Complexion) install SOS Schlong for Females - UNP (works also with CBBE and SeveNBase)(I recommend "SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.9.7z) download the matching textures from here and copy them over the standard schlong textures (SeveNBase = UNP)
    *If you use "SOS - Equipable Schlong" you need to copy the *dds files in the Skyrim\Data\textures\Equipable Schlong\ folder!


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  6. Horse Penis 1 for CBBE, UNP and SOS Males

    Take a look at the new
    Horse Penis 2 mod!  

    The Mod adds equine penises for Schlongs of Skyrim.
    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- or DIMONIZED UNP female body
    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS
    RaceMenu V3.1.0B (or newer) to adjust size, length and thickness.
    SexLab Gender Change or Immersive Gender Change
    Revised Khajiit and Argonian Textures (for seamless argonian and khajiit textures)
    SOS Female Schlongifier (No Schlong Addon) v1.0 (to set penis size for all female NPCs | "14-16" recommended)
    Best way to install the Mod is a mod manager like the "NEXUS Mod Manager" or copy the "Data" folder from the "SOS Equipable Horse Penis.rar" in your Skyrim directory.
    SOS - ERF Equipable Horse Penis.esp (Equipable Version, craftable at any Forge)
    SOS - ERF Horse Penis Addon.esp (SoS Addon)
    uses skin color of the player craftable at the forge under the "misc" tab male and female support "ready to use" versions for SG Textures and Fair Skin (Both CBBE and UNP) Black versions for SG Textures and Fair Skin (Both CBBE and UNP) "Horse Penis [Custom]" Version for Texture Patches Cookable Food to register the "Horse Penis [Custom]" as a Sexlab Strap On Slot 60 Custom Version SoS Addon for Males and Females textures for Mature V2 Beta 11 *new*

    Gentals Base - 1.8
    Scrotum - 1.2
    Genitals 3 Length - 1.5
    Genitals 4 - 0.9
    Genitals 4 Length - 1.5
    Genitals 5 - 0.9
    Genitals 5 Length - 2
    Genitals 6 - 1.1
    There is a also a "Horse Penis [Custom]" to craft, it is the "base" edition for Texture Mods.
    The "Horse Penis [Custom]" and "SoS Addon" textures are:
    Male Textures:
    Beast Textures: (only SoS Addon)
    If you want the hairy textures for male body you need to change "Genitals_Male_hairy.dds" to "Genitals_Male.dds"
    You find the textures in the Data\textures\ERF Horse Penis\Textures SoS Male\ dictionary
    If You use a older version of the SoS Addon you need to re register the Addon for SoS to work without problem on males.
    Thanks for all the Help to b3lisario and zenna11!


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  7. Evil's Horse Penis 2 for Females

    New made Horse Penis for CBBE and UUNP with BodySlide and Schlongs of Skyrim support.
    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim
    HDT Physics Extensions
    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE or UUNP
    BodySlide 2 (To adjust the penis meshes to your body and change size of the SoS Addon penis)
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (needed for the SoS Plugin to resize the Penis in Racemenu)
    The Mod comes with installscript for Nexus Mod Manager (or other mod manager with fomod support)
    For Black Skin install the "BLACK SKIN PLUGIN" after the main files!
    You can remove the mod without problems, no scripts are used!
    Complete new made Horse Penis Easy to install with Nexus Mod Manager Uses skin color of the player Veiny and Smooth Versions HDT configs for Balls and full flaccid Penis BodySlide 2 Support Craftable at the forge under the "misc" tab Supports Belly Node (If you use a pregnancy mod) UUNP Version works with standard UNP Body Plugin with black skin textures *NEW Textures for CBBE Standard Textures for Fair Skin Complexion Textures for SG Female Textures Renewal Textures for Mature skin texture  

    Thanks to jopie123 for the HDT floppy physics configs! Check out his FloppySOS Mod!


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  8. Leyenda Textures Patch for SOS

    Leyenda Skin Textures Patch for Schlongs of Skyrim
    This textures patch is for Leyenda Skin and is made for "SoS - High Poly Futanari Addon", "SOS schlong for females" and "SOS - Equipable Schlong"!
    It fully supports UUNP and CBBE and ALL install options of the Leyenda Skin Textures! 
    The Patch comes with a FMOD install script for easy installation with a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager! (other should also work)
    Leyenda Skin for Skyrim Legendary or Skyrim Special Editon. (SSE) at least one of the SOS Addons above  
    My Schlong is still not seamless ingame?
    For the best result you should use bodyslide on the schlong with the same presets as your body (Schlong for Females and Equipable Schlong BodySlide for older SOS Addons)
    The option what I have chosen in the Leyenda Skin Installation is missing!
    For the missing option chose the "Default" Option. 
    Why is the download only 10MB?
    Its 132MB without 7Zip! And the textures are optimized to get the best quality with less vram usage. (no visible disadvantages)


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  9. Ceraph the Succubus Follower

    Ceraph the Succubus Follower
    ... "You called, Master?"
    First I made the Succubus Armor, Follower and Enemy, but I was not happy with many things... except the two follower.
    So I decided to make a complete new "only follower" mod. (If you like the old mod, you can still use it. (they will not conflict)
    "Ceraph" inspired from a character from CORRUPTION OF CHAMPIONS, it is an erotic text based and browser based flash game.
    Ceraph can grow male genitals, a normal human cock or a equine penis (complete new mesh and textures!).
    You can find her in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth!
    !! If you update to 2.6, clean Ceraph's scripts out of your save, or start a new game !!
    There are no requirements, all what you need is in the mod.
    The Special Edition needs "Skyrim Special Edition"!
    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - for schlong controls
    FloppySOS - because VIDEO (try 1.7, if skyrim crashes with 2.0+)
    HDT Physics Extensions - boob jiggle, boob jiggle, boob jiggle, boob jiggle,
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Special Edition:
    SoS Light SE - for flaccid cocks.
    Is she marriable?
    Yes, you just need a amulet of mara.
    What body does she use?
    She uses the "Clams of Skyrim" body with my own bodyslide presets, but I deactivated the HDT Vagina.
    Why are you using Clams of Skyrim without HDT Vagina?
    Because it has much better bone weighting as the standard CBBE body... and the 3D vagina looks also nice.
    Can I reactivate the HDT vagina?
    Yes! You need the tool "BodySlide" and choose the "Ceraph Body HDT", there is also a HDT version of the human penis! (Its a bit buggy if you use both)
    You also need Clams of Skyrim installed, or a other mod that contain configs für HDT genitals. (AllinoneAnimatedPussy should also work)
    Can she work as steward for my house?
    Yes, if you have the hearthfires dlc.
    Can I give her a other armor and weapons?
    Yes, but I would not recommend it because her weapons and armor are balanced and level up with her.
    Is it possible to remove the penis?
    The penisses are optional, talk to her to hide or show them.
    Is it possible to remove the wings?
    Nope, the are a part of her.
    Can I use the equine penis mesh in my mod/game?
    NO! (its made only for my Succubus Mod)
    Will you make a standalone mod of the equine penis?
    No, it would be much work to make patches for the most used female skin textures.
    She is to strong/weak
    Please tell me what level you are
    Why do Guards not attack her, she is a demon/daedra?!
    For normal Humans she looks like a normal... but sexy woman.
    What ENB did you use for your screenshots?
    Grim and Somber Hircine Presets
    For newer Screenshots K ENB
    Ceraph in CoC has many piercings but your follower not
    Simple answer, I hate piercings.
    I liked her old pinkish look more from the pre 2.0 versions!
    Use the Classic Skin patch, just install it over the main file! (for her old body use the ERF_Succubus Presets on all "Ceraph" parts)


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  10. Demonstration Project

    - Unreal Engine 4 Adult Game Project -
    I startet this project a year ago to learn to work with the unreal engine 4,
    how to import/create assets, how to work with materials, using blueprints and much other stuff!
    very simple thirst, hunger and health system with HUD (expandable) very simple dialogue system (expandable) a basic (don't wanted to say simple again ) interaction system, look at a target and press use (Tip there is no crosshair but the head is in the middle of the screen) transform your skinny women into a muscular big breasted succubus (You can change her skin and eye color) a skyrim-like bodypart system to add/change clothes (press "i" to open the appearance menu to change colors and put on armor)  Futanari, I like futas... and I was to lacy to import a male character  (normal and horse cock) Jiggle Boobs and Butt   
    I think I know enough now to start a complete new project and make a "real" adult game... nothing big but something with more gameplay. 
    But I have soooo many ideas and I'm not sure what type of game I should start to make. (first one should something simple)
    I'm also not sure what fetishes I want to use, I think the basic "vanilla sex" is boring and you can have it easy in real life. 
    Tell my your feedback, ideas etc.!
    64bit Windows 




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