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  1. just CBPC 1.1.1 and a unp skin that uses belly nodes.. old HDT all in one pussy ported over
  2. have fun with new belly impact Its a little much most of the time.. need to dial it in
  3. When he drops to big of a load and now you are encumbered.... first world succubus problems...
  4. nothing to say but i luv this set up... so easy and clean
  5. Thanks! have used these in the past and forgot about them!
  6. Any one working on a converting "let's dance again" ? Love that mod and would love to see it working in SSE!
  7. That happen after each update, you need to start SE normally via the normal launcher (not throught MO). It's because the registry value need to be registered again after an update. Tried that... no go
  8. I cant get loot to see my mods. I can run bodyslide and FNIS through Mod Organizer 2 with no issues but loot will not see my mods. If I start Skyrim SE all the mods are there but loot only shows main files and DLC. Running windows 10 and Loot/SSE/ModOrganizer2 are all installed on their own drive outside of "programs" and I am running Loot in MO2 just to get those out of the way. Any ideas?
  9. Well done! looking to step away from skyrim modding and this was awesome kick in the pants I needed! Love it! Cant wait to see more
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