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  1. I PMed you instead. I hope that's okay.
  2. I finally got the game to work. So the vanilla game is working now. Now I'm trying to load more stuff.
  3. At this point, just getting the vanilla game to work would be a great start! lmao. I'm not sure now. I thought this would be practice for the next ES. I just chose a video from MXR mods and downloaded it. Then I was told by the description for what was recommended and downloaded that too. It didn't go right. Now I'm trying to back peddle. I know I need sexlab and the extender to get things to work, but the game itself won't work now.
  4. Hi. I'm Juicykbf I'm new here. I'm new to mods. I'm new to PC gaming in general. I wanted to play some vanilla Skyrim and a NSFW skyrim game, but I can't get anything to work. I was hoping I could join a group with likeminded individuals and see if I could get some help with my set up. Other than that, I'm just a kinky fellow doing kinky things. 33. Houston
  5. I wanted to test out my new computer and I just started downloading stuff. However, I got Skyrim Special Edition and I can't get anything to work on the game. The opening scene is glitched and I'm seated next to the driver. By the time we get to the gate the horse starts running and crashes into the carriage in front and then the game just stops. I don't know what to do. Can anyone help? My goal is to have one vanilla game and one NSFW game, but it's more difficult that I thought it would be. I don't even know where to start on fixing the problem. This is all very new to me.
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