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  1. This link leads to the POP voice file download, not Babo Generic
  2. Might I ask if you're using Special Edition or Legendary Edition?
  3. I'm also hoping someone does a 3BBB toolset conversion, 'cuz I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to this and none of the bodyslide options work right even with the linked CBBE conversion
  4. So I'm running the SE conversion at the top of this page, but I can't find the outfits in bodyslide
  5. Anyone figure out a more permanent fix for the CTD while equipping the tail? it's cropped up again... Edit: aaaand again it's fixed, Chungus' fix did it for me this time
  6. loved the old version, hoping to see an SE conversion soon
  7. It's mostly 'cuz I work IT, hard to let it go, haha. I have a possible lead though, decided to clear out my inventory and see if any DD locks were staying equipped, there's one item, unnamed with ID 14040F0C, that remained equipped when nothing else was on, and I can't unequip it with the console. Imma see if it's present in that older save scratch that, that's something to do with wet function, it was an idea
  8. it's mostly a curiosity thing, I wanna figure out what fucked it to avoid it in the future
  9. Hmm, I can certainly try resetting or disabling dualsheath. I think it's been there from the start. I'll reorder USSEP, didn't realize it had moved to second spot. Unfortunately enableplayercontrols does not help, and it only resets on loading saves. tried the first two, the only hotkey I have for changing the player state is SD, for kneeling and crawling. I can try that again before recycling actor, as I don't believe I have. I typically don't save when wearing DD hand restricting items since recycleactor fucks with the animations. I don't think I've tried the defeat cleanup, so I could certainly try unfortunately it's been this way since I started the game, I've even tested with new characters and the same issue occurs. I haven't really got an issue with going back to old saves as I've had to do that for other mods I also want to take a moment to add that this does not effect objects that have their own animations separate from the player. I can interact with doors, chests, puzzles, traps, and the like. this only effects objects that use player animations Edit: hold up, went back to a couple old saves and the interactions came back. now to narrow down what I installed to cause the issue
  10. When loading a saved game, I am unable to interact with any world objects that may trigger a player animation, i.e. chairs, workbenches, beds, zap furniture. There isn't even a button prompt when looking at them. While a minor nuisance before, the issue has been slowing growing more problematic. This means I cannot craft, build my hearthfire home, or just have fun with some of the mods installed. I tried all sorts of fixes, such as the "player.tai" command, the "enableplayercontrols" command, cleaning scripts, cleaning cells, etc. The only fix that worked was using the "RecycleActor" command on my character, but even this isn't working anymore as the game will lock up when I use it. I desperately hope someone can help, or at least point me in the direction of a possible bug fix, because it's getting to the point that I am unable to play the game anymore and I'm quite frustrated. Load order below, I have had no noticible compatibility issues
  11. I'm having the same issue and I don't have Realistic Ragdolls installed. edit: huh, fixed itself after a reinstall
  12. Well fuck, I'm dumb, haha. Thanks for the help, now excuse me while I drown my feelings of idiocy in Skyrim
  13. Not sure why, but Dwarven armor refuses to conform to my character's custom racemenu morphs. I had originally been using the "Curvy" preset but game my character larger breasts. for the longest time I had no issues with armor conforming to her body, but now the Dwarven armor just stays at the base Curvy slider sizes when equipped. I've rebuilt the armor, tried different replacers, and tried adjusting racemenu sliders with the armor equipped but nothing works.
  14. yes, there are config options in the MCM for just that case
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