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  1. I have done much research, especially in how it works in Skyrim (BetterFemales has some similar slowness). Fallout 4 is no different, same game engine. Spells with a base effect (magic effect record) that modifies the speedmult actor value base their change on the "Magnitude" value, and it is a +(positive base effect) / -(detrimental base effect) integer change, not a % change. They may have called the actor value a "mult" and reference % changes in their descriptions of enchantments, but it is not really a multiplier, at least not in how changes to it's value can be achieved with
  2. Hmm so no longer updating the mod? I see another problem that is I think just a wrong interpretation of the speedmult actor value, the way the mod has it configured, the speed reduction not a reduction TO a %, it is a reduction OF a %. For example, at 7 months, your speed is supposed to get reduced to 75% of normal. Since you start at 100, that means the speedmult value should then be 75. However because in the esp the "Magnitude" at 7 months is 75, it is actually lowering the speedmult value down to 25. You have to treat it like a subtraction, not a %, that
  3. Question on "Cravings", besides the initial message that you are craving X item, is there any way to check what you are craving? I was in the middle of a firefight when the message was shown and cant remember what it said I was craving, and the status effect does not tell you. Also, I have looked at the quest data and the script and tried eating several of each item listed in the quest script, and see no indication that I satisfied the craving, the debuff is still there and there was no message that said i "sated" the craving or that i am "still craving X" item?
  4. Has anyone else had an issue with KW 0.61 build 399 and the computer interaction "Play Computer Game..." just dropping as soon as you try it? I have narrowed it down to KW 0.61 build 399, I removed all other mods and with just KW it happens. The "Play Game" on the TV+gaming console interaction works fine, it is just with computers that the interaction drops as soon as you try it. It does not happen with KW 0.37 build 375 (the last version I had downloaded).
  5. Just because you install CBBE or UNP (or insert body here) does not mean the belly/breast skeleton mode will work. By default, those mods DO NOT install the version of their body that includes the belly and breast skeleton nodes that are required for that mode to have any effect, so you will not see any changes. To have that mode work, you need to install a body with those, usually referred as HDT in some way. For instance in bodyslide there is a "CBBE Body" and a "CBBE Body HDT", you want to build it with the HDT version. The same is true with armor and armor mods, un
  6. You may need to put a negative number in there to actually cause damage, otherwise you are probably healing the baby, try "damagebaby -50", not sure though. As for stopping regen via health potions, if you are comfortable with TES5Edit, you can try changing the main beeing female quest "BF_Main" in BeeingFemale.esm. In the script portion of that quest there is a part that is passing a list of magic effects (MGEF) that the scripts watch for to trigger healing the baby, you will find a list under "BabyHealingMagicEffects". You could try removing those, not sure if that would work or
  7. Note on Bodyslide / skeleton / bf visual scaling settings: The "Pregnant belly" SLIDER in bodyslide / racemenu is not the same thing that the "Visual Scaling type = Skeleton (NIOVERRIDE)" uses to change the belly. That setting works by scaling the SKELETON belly bone, NOT changing a SLIDER. Most likely, the naked / light armors you are seeing change have the belly SKELETON bone in them, and the heavy armors that are not changing DO NOT have the belly skeleton bone. You can check this with bodyslide -> outfit studio, open the heavy armor in it
  8. Just an FYI for anyone else out there who had my problem. Problem: Exposure raising even though there are no NPCs around, nothing naked around, no sex stuff happening, etc... Possible Cause: You have the mod "Forgotten Magic - Redone" and are using the conjuration spell "Blessed Weapon" (conjures the battleaxe with no body that attacks stuff). Reason: The NPC that is conjured by that spell, while invisible, has no armor/clothing defined as something it wears, so while "invisible", it is technically considered naked, especially by Sexlab Aroused.
  9. If you are not showing a belly change when naked but seeing it when armored, you most likely do not have a naked body that has the "belly" bone I mentioned. The default bodyslide CBBE naked body, "CBBE Body", does not contain the belly bone (nor the breast bones). Try building the naked body with the "CBBE Body HDT" version and using the "Skeleton (NiOverride)" BF setting.
  10. #1 - There is no limit and no connection to adoptable children. You can have as many children as your computer can handle (i think someone in this thread at some point was having like 100s of children until the game crashed). The children you have are in no way connected to the adoptable children mechanics, so no worries there. #2 - How BF changes your belly to look pregnant depends on what "Visual Scaling" method you choose in it's settings. If you choose one of the "Skeleton" settings, then the sliders in bodyslide have little to do with how the belly will l
  11. There is no progression, either you have a "baby" and get an item that stays a baby item, or you have a "child" (give birth to actor) and get a child NPC that has some perks and leveling, but it remains a child NPC.
  12. I am getting an error when trying to download attachments, such as the one here (bottom of that post): I get this in chrome, but every other browser as well: This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_RESET This is happening with all attachments in forum posts. I can download files from mod down
  13. Think it is this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81513
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