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  1. Thanks for your commitment. Problems that I was asked were mainly on handling transparent parts of the costume. I guess there's possibility that older hashes in ShaderOverride sections that still effective for Steam were removed from d3dx.ini. Here's some cases, CASE1. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3426085 CASE2. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3442966
  2. Hey, it's obvious that Nagisa is my WAIFU... [SSR] Breeze Romantika - Nagisa/Marie/Kanna (Normal & Malfunction) [Normal] CTRL + X (Top) : Org. -> Opened Top -> More Opened Top [Malfunction] CTRL + X (Top) : Org. -> No Belt -> Fully Opened Top -> No Bra CTRL + Z (Ribbon/Skirt) : Org. -> No Ribbon (Back) -> No Skirt (3-Step) CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off <Malfunction> https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328851
  3. Hello, I fixed Minazuki's mod "[SSR] Breeze Romantika - Common" to work on the Steam. Also, pressing CTRL + 1/2 is not required to traverse between variations. Because this mod is not originated by me, I'll directly post it here. * Fixed the skirt variation bug / removed skirt type variations [SSR] Breeze Romantika - Common v1.2.1 (Minazuki) Top Variation (X + 1) Bra Switch (X + 2) Flowers Variation (X + 3) Ribbon Variation (X + 4) Hand Sleeve Variation (X + 5) Panty Variation (Z + 1) Panty Lace Variation (Z + 2) Skirt Variation (Z + 3) Under Skirt Switch (Z + 4) SSR_Breeze_Romantika_Common_v1.2.1.zip
  4. No problem here. I guess you'd better reinstalling 3dfix if you updated it recently.
  5. Wow, I'm really impressed. @warnecruid just sent me shaved skin of Mai. (Hi-Res) If you want to embrrass Mai more, replace "/resources/textures/skin.dds" with attached file below. Take care, skin.dds
  6. Hello, I updated my Mai mod to the final version. Take care, v1.2 : moving front hair, correction of hair texture mapping, changed skin color/body (based eromaro's 4k skin) adjusted face texture https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3330498
  7. Do you want to say my mods have flaws to fix? No, I don't think so. Updating components of 3dmigoto - fixed shaders (ShaderFixed folder), pre-defined shaderoverride section (d3dx.ini) impacts to all mods. Also, custom shaderoverride/textureoverride section in a mod are shared to others.
  8. Because Mai is not Momiji, I guess? BTW, I'm adjusting various things including skin color for the next update.
  9. I hope this should be reviewed in detail. I got too many questions for this recently in my topic or message. * BTW, I guess STEAM users don't have to update their 3dfix's.
  10. The mod has no prob. Check mod conflicts first, then reinstall 3dmigoto. I guess your shaders got broken.
  11. I updated DMM fix for Mai and merged into the main topic. No further update for DMM.
  12. A good news, @krunkDunk just sent me fixed version of Mai mod to work with DMM's. Download original mod file first, then replace modified Mod.ini using attached file below. Although I didn't test it, I expect some of you will upload screenshots of the beauty. Take care. * Moved to main topic P.S. Thank you for the help, krunkdunk.
  13. Disable all the other mod for Momiji (facial expression, nude skin, ...)
  14. I did some minor improvement for Mai. I recommend you to update the mod.
  15. This is my version of Mai. I did my best in every detail. [Face & Body] Mai Shiranui v1 (Replace Momiji/Default Hair/[R] Ragdoll) * Better result with 4K resolution. Nude skin is included. * Costume replaces "[R] Ragdoll" * Not recommended using Momiji's face mod together. * Seams on the jaw/back of the head * Mai also hate tanning. Keep her face/body bright. CTRL + X (Costume) : Org. -> Transparent -> More Transparent -> Topless CTRL + Z (Glove, Shoes) : Org. -> No Glove -> No Shoes CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3330498
  16. Open the ini file and change default value of your choice. It's by design. [ResourceKokoro] filename = HI_Kokoro_L_HL_FO.dds
  17. Jesus... I'm dying to have this for Nagisa, not Marie!!! [SSR] Blue Dragon Cheongsam - Marie & Nagisa CTRL + X (Panty/Shoes) : Org. -> No Panty -> No Shoes CTRL + Z (Dress) : Org. -> Transparent (3-Step) -> No Dress https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328875
  18. Hello, I updated Tina mod to v1.3 and replacing it is recommended. Gee... Nothing left to be improved! 😁 v1.3 : fixed hair shadow, eye adjustment (size & position), topless preset (bikini) Cheers, https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3330498
  19. [SSR] Jewel Ruby - Misaki/Patty CTRL + X (Top) : Org -> No Flower -> Topless -> No Arm Accessory -> No Necklace CTRL + Z (Skirt) : Org -> No Skirt Ribbon -> No Inner Skirt -> No Skirt CTRL + C (Bottom) : Org. -> No Panty -> No Legstrap & Shoes https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328990
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