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  1. You cannot use this mod with DMM version and that's why I wrote the word "STEAM ONLY" on the download page.
  2. That’s conflicts between mods. Delete other guy’s one to solve the problem. 수고하세요 ㅋ
  3. As I started my DMM account recently, I'm specifying the test result within the download section of each mod whether it works well or not. Luckily, I found most of SR/R/N-rated suits and also vanilla SSRs runs well on both platforms. FYI.
  4. Looks like a simple mod, but it was complicated than my initial thought. Anyway, for Honoka fans! [SR] Navy Blue Blazer - Honoka * I modified the shape of blazer and skirt to look Honoka slimmer. CTRL + X (Blazer) : Org. -> No Shirt -> Transparent -> More Transparent -> Topless CTRL + Z (Skirt) : Org. -> Transparent -> More Transparent -> No Skirt CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off CTRL + V (Glove) : On/Off Compares to the original costume https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328853 Oh, one last thing... My topic almost reached 400K views. This mod is a for the celebration! Thank you for supporting me.
  5. God of fortune gave me 3 SSRs with different body type. A mod for Marie body first... Gee, there're bunch of work to do. Do I have to laugh? (Edit) I also added a mod for Honoka body... [SSR] Charm Witch - Marie Body CTRL + X (Bra/Cape/Necklace) : Org. -> Cape Only -> Bra Only -> No Bra/Cape -> No Necklace CTRL + Z (Skirt/Arm Clothing) : Org. -> No Arm Clothing -> No Skirt -> No Arm Clothing/Skirt CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off CTRL + V (Shoes) : On/Off https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328812
  6. Too many of them! Should I stop this? Edit) I fixed a bug of Rubber Black suit, please download it again if you've done already. [SSR] Folklore - Luna CTRL + X (Bra) : On/Off CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off CTRL + Z (Skirt) : On/Off [SSR] Rubber Black - Nagisa (+Malfunction) v1.1 CTRL + X (Top) : Org. -> No Bra -> Topless CTRL + Z (Headphone) : On/Off CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328964
  7. Alright, here it is... Stop asking me!!! 😁 [SR] Lemon Balm/Ylang Ylang/Aroma (Pajamas) - Common Body * This is a mod of imperfection. Just for fun. * Might be buggy when several people with same outfit exist in the screen. CTRL + X (Transparency) : Org. -> Lesser Transparent -> Transparent -> More Transparent https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328795
  8. As per your request, I uploaded a simple mod for Honoka's vanilla SSR. [SSR] Delphinium - Honoka CTRL + X (Top/Bra) : Org. -> No Bra -> No Top -> No Bra/Top CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off CTRL + Z (Skirt) : On/Off CTRL + V (Transparency of Skirt/Top) : Org. -> Lesser Trans. -> Trans. -> More Trans. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328853
  9. Finally, I added a mod for Honoka body type. (same variations) Cheers, https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328777
  10. This suit is crazy, both appearance and performance. I'm really into Luna... [SSR] Jewel Opal - Luna's Birthday CTRL + X (Top) : Org. -> Lesser Top -> Topless -> No Necklace CTRL + C (Panty) : Org. -> No Panty Decoration -> No Panty CTRL + Z (Skirt) : Org. -> No Skirt Decoration -> No Skirt CTRL + V (Arm/Leg) : Org. -> No Leg Strap -> No Arm Clothing (Lower) -> No Arm Clothing (Upper) https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328875
  11. I described the solution on the download page. Thanks. * Change hash value in the [TextureOverrideBody] section of "Mod.ini" to work properly. [TextureOverrideBody] hash = ea2b5c74 match_first_index = 0 ...
  12. I added a mod for common body type.... It has same variations as marie body's mod. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328777
  13. 70 rolls, but only got this... Happy anniversary!!! [SSR] (2.5Year Anniversary) Peach Party Sakura Dance - Nagisa/Marie/Kanna CTRL + X (Top/Necklace) : Org. -> No Bra Strap -> No Bra -> Simple Necklace -> No Necklace CTRL + Z (Skirt/Arm) : Org. -> No Inner Skirt -> No Skirt -> Lesser Arm Clothing -> No Arm Clothing -> No Arm Strap CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off CTRL + V (Front/Back & Belt) : Org. -> No Front/Back Skirt -> Lesser Belt Accessories -> No Belt https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328777
  14. I'm afraid not. I don't have the costume with my DMM account.
  15. [SR] White Bear - Hitomi CTRL + X (Top) : Org. -> Transparent -> More Transparent -> Off CTRL + Z (Skirt) : Org. -> Transparent -> More Transparent -> Off CTRL + C (Stocking) : On/Off * Panty removed by default https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328998
  16. Hello, Due to the request, I uploaded a new mod. Cheers, [SR] Jet-Black Labyrinth - Common Body [SR] Blue Sky Labyrinth - Tamaki [SSR] Golden Labyrinth - Helena CTRL + X : Org. -> Topless (Breast Popped) -> Topless (Loosen) -> Nude https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328819
  17. I updated mods for the outfit. Replace old mods with them.
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