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  1. You cannot use this mod with DMM version and that's why I wrote the word "STEAM ONLY" on the download page.
  2. That’s conflicts between mods. Delete other guy’s one to solve the problem. 수고하세요 ㅋ
  3. As I started my DMM account recently, I'm specifying the test result within the download section of each mod whether it works well or not. Luckily, I found most of SR/R/N-rated suits and also vanilla SSRs runs well on both platforms. FYI.
  4. Looks like a simple mod, but it was complicated than my initial thought. Anyway, for Honoka fans! [SR] Navy Blue Blazer - Honoka * I modified the shape of blazer and skirt to look Honoka slimmer. CTRL + X (Blazer) : Org. -> No Shirt -> Transparent -> More Transparent -> Topless CTRL + Z (Skirt) : Org. -> Transparent -> More Transparent -> No Skirt CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off CTRL + V (Glove) : On/Off Compares to the original costume https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328853 Oh, one last thing... My topic almost reached 400K views. This mod is a for the celebration! Thank you for supporting me.
  5. It depends. You'd analyze the structure of the mod first.
  6. I've finished all of them. (same variation) Cheers,
  7. God of fortune gave me 3 SSRs with different body type. A mod for Marie body first... Gee, there're bunch of work to do. Do I have to laugh? (Edit) I also added a mod for Honoka body... [SSR] Charm Witch - Marie Body CTRL + X (Bra/Cape/Necklace) : Org. -> Cape Only -> Bra Only -> No Bra/Cape -> No Necklace CTRL + Z (Skirt/Arm Clothing) : Org. -> No Arm Clothing -> No Skirt -> No Arm Clothing/Skirt CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off CTRL + V (Shoes) : On/Off https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328812
  8. Too many of them! Should I stop this? Edit) I fixed a bug of Rubber Black suit, please download it again if you've done already. [SSR] Folklore - Luna CTRL + X (Bra) : On/Off CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off CTRL + Z (Skirt) : On/Off [SSR] Rubber Black - Nagisa (+Malfunction) v1.1 CTRL + X (Top) : Org. -> No Bra -> Topless CTRL + Z (Headphone) : On/Off CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328964
  9. Alright, here it is... Stop asking me!!! 😁 [SR] Lemon Balm/Ylang Ylang/Aroma (Pajamas) - Common Body * This is a mod of imperfection. Just for fun. * Might be buggy when several people with same outfit exist in the screen. CTRL + X (Transparency) : Org. -> Lesser Transparent -> Transparent -> More Transparent https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328795
  10. As per your request, I uploaded a simple mod for Honoka's vanilla SSR. [SSR] Delphinium - Honoka CTRL + X (Top/Bra) : Org. -> No Bra -> No Top -> No Bra/Top CTRL + C (Panty) : On/Off CTRL + Z (Skirt) : On/Off CTRL + V (Transparency of Skirt/Top) : Org. -> Lesser Trans. -> Trans. -> More Trans. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165186-doaxvv-mods-by-teddy-steam/?do=findComment&comment=3328853
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