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  1. I am trying to move from FNIS to Nemesis, as well as using DAR; however, the HDT for Leyenda All-In-One does not seem to function properly.  I am using Skyrim LE.  How do I get it to work?

  2. Looks like a lot of folks are waiting for the AlO HDT Animated Pussy, ported over to SE. And I completely agree with them. The reason is because current vagina collision mods look quite ugly. I've tried both CBPC and 3BBB, and vagina collision is overstretched and looks quite bad. Also, with the AIO 4.0 installer on LE I always used the "Leyenda Animated Pussy" option because it just looked better.

  3. hello leyenda. sorry to send out a random message like this but in the LE edition 3.3 aio there was a fair skin specific face mod you used that i cannot find. was wondering where that mod was located? :P

  4. Are there going to be updates for this mod? The current version of More nasty critters is incompatible with AIO. There are no creature collisions in game.

    1. Sangurdar


      Maybe that's why I am having issues. I downloaded this mod and get no collisions. Tested it with creatures and nothing happened. So I just uninstalled it because I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Also, all the overriding is very confusing too. Not sure what I should override and shouldn't. Would like some help on what I should override and shouldn't. And some information on when creatures will be compatible again.

  5. im am having the hardest time downloading AIO animated vagina. There is nothing in the file but a page that list links. idk where to download the actual file or if im doing it wrong. any help would be appreciated

    1. MetallGecko


      copy the links from the version you want 2k or 4k and paste it in the searchbar in your browser of choice

  6. the 4.0 was pretty good. but the 3.3 model was my fave by far aio. had a few specific tevture mods that just made my game sing on enb. not to mention that one korean tecture that i cannot find anywhere except in this package. i know its a lot to ask and i know plenty others have mention but a se version of the 3.3 aio would be fantastic.

  7. are you going to convert the HDT all in one to SE? 

    I have to move over because of the memory limit on oldrim, but this package has made me stay with oldrim for a long time :)

    1. twotall1224


      I was wondering if your All-In-One HDT Animated Pussy mod would work with Vortex. 

  8. Do you think that you'll ever update your "All-in-one" installer package on here so that it works for Skyrim SE, collision-wise? Everything else works the same using the Oldrim file, except for that.

  9. I just wanted to say Thank you! i just downloaded the all in 1 HDT vag and it is absolutely amazing! Really appreciate what you have done with it, especially putting it together into one easy to set up package XD makes it so much easier on dummies like me who get lost when they go more than about 5 folders deep into a game lol. i tried to download it one time over McD's wifi long ago ( 2ish years i think ) when i first got the game and never could get it haha but now i got it and i wish i had tried harder back then :D thx again ?

  10. hello there, 1st thx for a nice mod package.

    i noticed that rebekah thou installed as single follower from your AIO does not show the correct vagina textures.

    maybe i messed up something? 

    i hacked it by replacing the files femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif in her meshes directory with the default female ones. not sure what was wrong.



  11. Hiya!  Not sure how best to reach you.  I have left you a permissions request at your Skyrim Nexus account.

    1. WarsunGames


      I need your help. This is Skyrim based. I just made a post on

      Armor Chsbhc & Chsbhc V3 T + SLeocid Beautiful Followers


      I was starting to add you your mod when i came to the conclusion of Serana`s vampire form. So i did some digging an found this.

      Vampire Lord Serana

      An i wanted her to have a vagina. So i started looking for models an none of them looked very feminine. Lots of them where sexy. But most of them just put a Tamerielian in there. Not a Vampire Lord body. So i wanted to request something from you. I want to use body type CHSBHC v3- TBBP body type with physics an collision. But with a vagina.


      So this leads to some Meshe changes.It would target Serana but it should also affect any an all vampire lords. That includes the Court female members in Castle Volkihar i don't know why they aren't changing if they use the same blood. So basically. A patch for all females not just Serana. Including the player.


      If you look at my post you will see how i mention when transforming they should be naked. So.Yeah kind of showing off your mod here. But on the CHSBHC model.


      Can you make a patch for this body type please? With the physics an collision?

  12. Dear leyenda, i have a question to you about AIO HDT.. this mod matches with MSP? 

  13. hola este mod se puede usar en special edition

  14. All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy 4.0 RELEASED!! P.S.: I have to edit yet the front page, but the links are available.
  15. Hi, this isn't any mistake, I removed the 3D labia for my Unified UNP Leyenda because I don't like and I did my skin specially for this new mesh without labia in my humble opinion look more realistic and the collisions are smother and much better than special, If you like more with the labia, you have the option in the installer, first step is Unified UNP Special or Unified UNP Leyenda, select the special one. With Unified UNP Leyenda no need to blend any texture anymore. Have a nice day!
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