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  1. Is this compatible with devious followers or no?
  2. I think theres a bug with NMM in installing this or with the latest version itself because when i try to bring it up on NMM its called "Borderless Windowed Fullscreen - AutoHotkey Script" instead of maria-V1.24-0 am i suppose to use a different mod manager?
  3. Sometimes 1-2 times being mounted but can also be like 3-6 or something like that its a bit random but most of the time it will be like 4 or 5 times before you get let out
  4. so what does this new update do exactly? i cant see any difference in the description from the last time i check this mod
  5. im having problems with my sibling rivelry quest i just got the sister to go to roxey inn and slept but when i wake up the gag keeps equiping and unequiping i think someone already pointed this out but i cant be bothered to read through all 40 pages again to find it maybe its BA interfering? didnt have this problem with reluctant maid
  6. i see thanks for replying was just wondering since sometimes my game has crashed upon entering a shop due to my equipment unequiping itself
  7. i dont know if its because of this mod or because of Breakable armour mod but for some reason my equipment unequips itself and reequips itself everytime i either leave a zone or a new area is loaded i would list the mods i have but i got like 163 active i didnt have this problem before i installed BA so im thinking that maybe this mod and that is one conflicting possibly?
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