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  1. Thanks for that LadySmoks... I'll look for it and cross my fingers that I can finish it up
  2. Thanks folks for the input. Also, thanks Josh for posting settings. I was trying to get a closeness to Annie Sprinkle in her heyday, but I wasn't having much luck.
  3. Thanks! I wanted t avoid spending time looking for 1.5 if it was replaced, as it has been
  4. Quick question... are MedBod 1.5 and MedMod 1.9 two distinctly different body mods? Will they both appear as options in tops/bottoms?
  5. Should I show pictures of what I'd like to create? Or what I get when I try to go big on a sim?
  6. Hi Folks, I try making female sims with big chests like a few porn actresses form years back with exaggerated busts. The problem is the breasts don't look right no matter what I do. Small breasts and average breasts don't pose an issue, but Candy Samples type chests are beyond me. If any of you can posts pics of your big breasted toons along with the Sliders used and the Slider Numeric Values, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your responses. rorjr99
  7. I have the Porn Star & Prostitute careers, but I don't use Kinky World (I'm too lazy to reconfigure my game to incorporate it) so no access to a Stripper career. The Sexy Sims 2 Stripper Career is for Sims 2, while I am looking for Sims 3. Like I said, I got 1/3 of the way through the coding to set this up, but coding isn't my thing and I walked away from it. Perhaps if I get more serious about this career, I'll pick it back up again (along with an Office Worker, Human resources, Museum Worker, Comic Book Artist/Writer & Barista professions).
  8. I started working on a Full-Time Stripper Career, and came to the realization that coding isn't my thing. I created the below before i hit the wall: Level Titles Pay Scale Work Hours Some alternate phrases for Hanging with Fellow Workers (Slut BBQ) or Meeting Fellow Workers (Zoned) Stopped 1/3 of the way on the <KEY> Lines of coding Anyway, I am looking for this profession if anyone has created it for their own games. If no one has created it, but is willing to take over the work I started, I'm up for that as well. Crossing my fingers for some hits
  9. Anyone have Nipple Pasties that fall under accessories? I haven't found too many options out there for Sims 3. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. rorjr99
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