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  1. Thanks this looks nice, I forgot to specify i'm on the special edition but the mod's available for it
  2. Well surely someone won't like sacrosanct or better vampires for some reason so it's always welcome to have choice And yes indeed i've stumbled upon one in snow veil sanctum today. Eh no matter I still like the museum concept Home mods with auto sort chests yes please ? Always up for more player homes too. Though I fear breaking what seems like a stable modlist so far
  3. Not sure what you mean by repeating vanilla quests, I just pick up the items marked by the curator during the adventures and bring them to the museum. Gives some purpose and a nice display to items & lesser items. Same for the library. And the safehouse is great, plus the auto sort chest gets really handy. It's either that or having a bloated vanilla chests in a playerhouse, so yea. Sacrosanct i'm not experiencing any particular lag. I like it, it just adds more things to the vampire gameplay. And yes the immunity to sunlight is great, but I think better vampires does it too ? not sur
  4. Thanks. That's mostly what I do, gathering relics for LOTD and freeroaming. Nah it's heavily modded, with things like Wintersun/Sacrosanct/LOTD. But it's like with Fallout 4. I'm forced to read a terrible blade runner fanfiction written by a teenager who thinks he invented hot water. Except that Skyrim it's a kid who scribbled lowcost dragons from lidl with a stabilo highlighter over an already not so good and messy elder scroll lore. Jee I hate Emil with a passion. Anyway just venting...
  5. Alright I accept your mission, and will start tracking down and eliminating the people who voted for the College of Winterhold Eh maybe i'm just too difficult, I disliked pretty much all these questlines, except the dawnguard (aside goddamn Soul Cairn) Hopefully DB is just underrated in that poll
  6. Hm, mildly interesting questline, many side quests. Doesn't sound great tbh. Guess I need to go make my opinion
  7. Skyrim. I've been trying through 20+ playthroughs to get to the dragonborn dlc, and my motivation just wither at each KISS dialogs I have to listen to. Is it even worth it or is it just another deadly boring Soul Cairn with Hermaeus Mora theme slapped on it ?
  8. One of my fav band hehe. I steered away from metal long ago but still going back to Nothing & Catch 33 for a fix, don't dig the latest albums as much Nowadays its more this
  9. Actually. it can, sometimes, technically come from biology
  10. Just gonna leave this here : If you're getting the message : Ostim:Error - Your version of PapyrusUtils is out of date - This is ALMOST CERTAINLY because OSA's packaged in (and out of date) PapyrusUtils is overwriting a more recent downloaded version. Please exit without saving, and move PapyrusUtils lower in your mod organizer, or install the latest version if it is not installed so that OStim can function. And you're on mod organizer 2, so can't move papyrus in the load order, since it appears only in data tab and not the plugin tab 1. Download the latest P
  11. Think the recommended textures for Sos is Fair Skin Complexion ( Skyrim / Skyrim SE ) if that's what you meant. Leyenda works too ( Skyrim / Skyrim SE )
  12. Aw, lovely fembois around these parts. Working on my first one right now, and this is a lot harder than I thought it would be, having issues retaining androgynous traits. So WIP, aand I'm in prison cause I stole... and I robbed.. and I kidnapped the president's son Upgrade after messing a bit with Racemenu
  13. I just realized that every years, I travel around this period so I don't have to be an existing member of my family and participate in their annual batshitshow. Fuck.
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