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  1. Might want to check the following image. I fucked about with zex, tried removing all skeleton and animation mods so I'd have no physics and just the model to start again from and nothing worked, so I'm just starting from scratch on my laptop instead. Thanks anyway.
  2. That image doesn't really tell a lot on its own so here's another..
  3. Okay, I've had a fiddle about with my mods, deployment order, bodyslide etc. My game was fine, and I downloaded a couple mods - Amazing Follower Tweaks, Creature Penises, Vinfamy Control Panel and a couple animation packs and poof, it broke something. Physics don't work anymore; breasts and butt sort of.. Stay in place as you move, like, dragging along strangely? It's hard to explain, so I'm including a picture.
  4. So I went on a bit of a tangent installing way too many mods last night and one of which is getting on my fucking nerves, and I absolutely cannot find which mod is to blame. I use vortex. Basically, every now and then a male NPC approaches me and asks me, a little too aggressively, for sex. If I say no, they either make a huff and puff or rape you. If you try and run away, you get put in a 'timed' chastity belt. This is AIDs. The only way I can respond is by giving into misogyny (which is not my jam) or calling them a creep and insulting them. I don't like this mod, please let me know if yo
  5. OH SHIT IT AIN'T T-POSING BWOI. Let me try out matchmaker. My sexlab stuff works! Thank you to anybody that helped me, very much appreciate it! - Luke
  6. Installed FNIS using the NMM button. Run. Well, that's odd. I tracked down all ZaZ bits and bobs and I managed to exclude that from the FNIS reading. This must have something to do with my problem. But where the hell is it reading defeat and aroused from?! Maybe I overwrote some files when installing them a few days ago? Removed Defeat V5, but couldn't shake SexLabAroused. I've decided to reinstall the latest Oldrim version and see if I can get it to overwrite it with a valid version
  7. Oof. Still T-Posing. Well, I'm going to reinstall FNIS (again), then XP32, then sexlab, generating FNIS once it's installed, once XP32 is installed and once for everytime I install a sexlab module (I'll just be doing framework and matchmaker to test. Wish me luck, I'll post my results once again when I've done so! If it's still broken I'll check out what you recommended.
  8. Re-installed. I dragged the .rar file of all 3 FNIS modules and activated through NMM. If this is in any way problematic let me know. Skeleton(hkx) female: XPMS2HDT (115 bones) male: XPMS2HDT (115 bones) Patch: "SKELETON Arm Fix" Reading Defeat V5 ( 0 furniture, 2 offset, 3 paired, 1 kill, 0 chair, 0 alternate animations) ... Reading FNISBase V7.2 ... Reading FNISCreatureVersion V6.1 ... Reading FNISSpells V5.0.1 ( 0 furniture, 0 offset, 9 paired, 0 kill, 0 chair, 0 alternate animations) ... Reading SexLab V1.62 ... Reading SexLabAroused V?.? ... Reading SexLa
  9. My copy is legit. Got a couple alerts about not using a legit version, but that was because I had reinstalled Skyrim (accidentally deleted the dlc modules and update module, along with an animation module) and as soon as I used steam to launch Skyrim it went away. I'll try installing FNIS again. I can't say I've had super clean installs of FNIS, usually try to manually install after using Nexus fails (something about a missing language module). I've done consis checks and they come out clean. I'll post here if anything props after reinstalling. Many thanks!
  10. Right, so don't ever delete that file and go back to the extended skeleton. I've got another problem, then. Why do I get a t-pose problem after I run the FNIS generator? It seems linked to that file I delete.
  11. Oh, also LOOT says everything is fine. I've gone through all my main modules (updates and DLC) on TES5Edit. [EDIT] I do happen to delete the 0_master.hkx file every time I run FNIS as it makes all characters T-pose for me. Is that a problem?
  12. [I NOW HAVE A DIFFERENT, YET RELATED PROBLEM - T-POSING AFTER USING FNIS GEN.] So I've been trying for the past 3+ days to get this to work and I'm at my wits end - help! When I attempt an animation with my female MC and various male NPCs I get a notification that an animation is playing, the characters strip and then the actors just stand - sometimes next to each other, usually inside each other - naked and make noises until they finish and my MC has a cum texture. That's it. I'm starting to want to eat my computer. FNIS: FNIS Behavi
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