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  1. I did an alteration that worked the issue is gone, I had plunder at the end of the list and put it upwards seems like it worked, at least bugging clothes dissapeared. Lovers hookers works, gonna test if spectator masturbation is working cause I have t seen it in a bit position have returned to normal they arent misplaced. Anyway Im gonna rebatch without lovers mods selected. Still trying to find what the hell happened that my caracteres jerked off all over other NPC faces. And I can almost swear that one was moaning while jerking off in the bed. Ill keep looking if there's anything out of place. All mods are wonderful. Maybe Ill try to complete MB2 put some sound and even attempt to create a cumshot once I learn a bit a out modding Thank you all for being so helpful. As for the OCV2 its underneath maskar with khats and args right at the end because of a bug with khajit whiskers, that was the way I found to get them normal. And I have to move some around because OOO overwrites a lot of mods. Thank you again to u all
  2. Active Mod Files: These is my current mod list. What I meant is: When I and an NPC have sex either consexual or raping all seems fine. When there are more couples fucking and npc's that start to masturbate the textures of their clothes become strange. They won't strip their clothes and little patches of skin appear, the other couples are completely out of alighnment in their positions. I got a table stuck on my legs for example. It all comes back to normal when I restart though but is annoying when it starts to happen. As for those characters that heal themselves while fucking if there's no solution I'll have to live with that.
  3. When a lot of people start having sex after sex the nearby standers start to bug in their clothes and on the next rapes any solution?
  4. Tried it wonderful. Just have an issue with raping when I rape a healer it keeps healing itsellf while being raped. Happened to anybody?
  5. Yeah I did that. Only the sperm one seems everything is alright when they finish their neck gets strange and twisty but they return to normal afterwards. I was wondering about some positions like standing masturbation or masturbate eachother I havent found those animations. Are they there? And sorry for asking so much stuff
  6. I may try it as the last one. Now after I wrongly uninstalled my oblivion cause I thought it had a problem. I'm gonna rebuild all again using your guide. I rebuilt so just to be sure MB2 doesn't allow full strip and has no moaning and the player don't cum is exsplashsperm included in LAPF?
  7. I didn't really know about LAPF when I wrote that. LAPF is pretty complete. I really don't have time to mod and my computer skills besides playing are pretty much meh. I spent a lot of time just to get oblivion functional. Thank god for you and fejeena that are there to enlighten me.
  8. I choose remove all and they stay on. I only have MB2 which comes in the LAPF pack. Plunder is this : And I didn't hear the moan it has a lot of voices to try but most have women moans. I just unnistalled my oblivion right now to start creating a Lovers foundation. Maybe something was creating it. I'll post if something odd appears.
  9. Hello everyone. I just started using lovers pk and checking compatibility with other mods everything seemed fine. I only installed LAPF and no other mods besides the ones in the archive. My male characters will only strip lower body when they masturbate although I tried in a female and they strip accordingly to the settings I put. I disabled all my mods and left only the 4 LAPF archive ones. Besides that the only other mods I have are textures and meshes like enhanced flora and stuff like that. I don't know how to make so that I and other NPC's strip what I want and I don't know how to make them cum while masturbating. I know there aren't any male moanings besides the breathing (sadly) but I don't know how to get the breathing, they just stay silent. I'd like to install the other mods but I'd like these issues solved. By the way does plunder/blunder work fine with other mods I found it interesting. Sorry if there are too much question and just starting to venture in Lovers PK Females aren't striping either..... I also have blockhead as a plugin too don't know if it does anything. Tried installing with wrye bash no sucess. I also couldn't find the 1 to 200 files to erase that says in LAPF readme. Maybe I'll have to install the game anew. Just finished trying to install manually the same happens nobody strips only lower parts. Now I can't unnistall.
  10. Can anyone help me and tell me which mods have the most male to male action and male masturbation, it can have girls that's fine but I want to be able to choose which side I want to go more. I'm using the sex system with dating system from goranda but I want more like male sounds and actual cum. Can anyone help me?
  11. Hi all don't know if I'm posting this in the right place or not but I'd like to make a request to someone who has the time to finish a mod started by goranga called The Sex System. He made also another mod who allows you to marry whomever you want. The mod is awesome but some features are incomplete. In this mod you seek prostitutes and pay them for sex in homo bi or hetero manner. All it's fine till there. The problems are the scrypt for you to prostitute yourself is incomplete they say "I want sex you whore" but you don't get the option to ask for the money or for the NPC to take you somewhere to have sex. Male voices in sex are missing which in gay intercourse is a buzzkiller, the mouth animations are non existent when sucking (he just thrusts through the face and u adjust the angle) and it could use some more animations like legs opened anal man to man. The male actors don't have an animation for cumming they just flash like when being shocked and that's it. Females have voices though. It's unfair. Goranga says he gives permission to better the mod if someone cared to help it would be a great mod for LGBT people too since I can't find a male to male mod. I would do it but I don't understand a thing about modding. Adding some masturbation (female and male) and make sex a need that lowers your stats when you are unsatisfied would be fun too (Like Maskar's basic needs. It's missing one need though :P) . Even just putting the male sounds would be a great adition. Please help and reply :)
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