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  1. When the carácter becomes a plunderer in the mod setav doesnt work as it should. It gives a stupid value. For example to set my confidence to 60 I have to use setav 5. Its the mod itself because it also changes the natural agression of the converted NPC to a fixed value. So I just need to change that value in the mod itself.
  2. How do I do that change the agression to 5?I tried via setav but the values dont come out right. I put setav agression 5 and it puts like 70. Maybe I have to change it in the mod. Maybe its easier for them just to do the needs in a radius instead of just battlehorn, except I have no idea how and I didn want to mess the mod up. I have TESCS I saw the packages but have no idea what I need to change. Modding is complicated. I could even find a solution for the dicks being all the same which I was able to go around by using slofs boners as equipment, so they are always changing the appearance. Jus
  3. I have them living in battlehorn castle. I lowered their confidence all together and they are naked and unarmed which is how I want them. The only thing I wanted was for them to eat and sleep which doesnt happen there. They already form couples and barely kill eachother. That glitch happens when they try to neutralize me. It will flash and reflash until I drop on the floor. Sometimes I fast travel to another location for example and I'm pulled back to the castle out of nowhere until the glitch finishes. I'd like to set their agressiveness to only defensive and for them not to neutralize me if
  4. Well after my ordeal with wanting plunders to enter and exit buildings and after I figured out the reason they went in and out of the cave which was to have sex I have a very strange bug. I have around 20 plunders all male. I've been at this for weeks even installed a new oblivion just to test it. Plunder has a bug in which is once in a while particularly when they want to force someone or sometimes they come and hit me or fighting eachother the game goes nuts. The screen starts changing to the same scene repeatedly but with diferent weather I can't figure out what is happening and most of the
  5. Ok thanks gonna try it. Ok I tried. I think I was able to set Npcs in my faction. They dont leave the house though. I tried to give control of the houses to the plunder faction but I want able because I cant Find the cell ID. Tried messing up in maskar mod and change ownership of the houses to plunder faction but it gives an error. Im using TES4. Maybe because the faction is in another mod and is not part of oblivion.esp. But I managed to get the houses cells ID. Contacted Maskar Maybe he can help too.
  6. The game doesn't recognize the command "SetCellsPublic" says not found. I tried set public on the house didn't work either as you already said. By the way how do I add an NPC to player faction? I could always try and go to maskar mod and change the ownership of every house I create. Maybe change it to public.
  7. Ill try using the command you said to make the houses public. They arent following me they have a command which is stay here and they wander a round they leave and enter sinkhole and I tried putting them in the castle from the DLC and they entered and exit the castle. They dont wander to far from where I say. And they exit stores in the imperial City too. Ill ask for more help if I need after I try it. My modding skills are horrible and I couldnt Find those commands anywhere.
  8. Hey dont know if you are still around but I have some questions Id like to make. You say in the description that plunders can live anywhere right? Im currently matching the ones that get along and separating them from the ones they dont. I'm using Maskar's oblivion overhaul which allows me to build and buy houses. I've been burning my eyes out figuring out how to make plunder members use the houses normally. Since they are owned by me I can put them inside but they wont come out. I still havent put beds in but I assume they won't lie either since the bed is mine, by the way they don't lie on s
  9. I did an alteration that worked the issue is gone, I had plunder at the end of the list and put it upwards seems like it worked, at least bugging clothes dissapeared. Lovers hookers works, gonna test if spectator masturbation is working cause I have t seen it in a bit position have returned to normal they arent misplaced. Anyway Im gonna rebatch without lovers mods selected. Still trying to find what the hell happened that my caracteres jerked off all over other NPC faces. And I can almost swear that one was moaning while jerking off in the bed. Ill keep looking if there's anything out of plac
  10. Active Mod Files: These is my current mod list. What I meant is: When I and an NPC have sex either consexual or raping all seems fine. When there are more couples fucking and npc's that start to masturbate the textures of their clothes become strange. They won't strip their clothes and little patches of skin appear, the other couples are completely out of alighnment in their positions. I got a table stuck on my legs for example. It all comes back to normal when I restart though but is annoying when it starts to happen. As for those characters that heal themselves while fucki
  11. When a lot of people start having sex after sex the nearby standers start to bug in their clothes and on the next rapes any solution?
  12. Tried it wonderful. Just have an issue with raping when I rape a healer it keeps healing itsellf while being raped. Happened to anybody?
  13. Yeah I did that. Only the sperm one seems everything is alright when they finish their neck gets strange and twisty but they return to normal afterwards. I was wondering about some positions like standing masturbation or masturbate eachother I havent found those animations. Are they there? And sorry for asking so much stuff
  14. I may try it as the last one. Now after I wrongly uninstalled my oblivion cause I thought it had a problem. I'm gonna rebuild all again using your guide. I rebuilt so just to be sure MB2 doesn't allow full strip and has no moaning and the player don't cum is exsplashsperm included in LAPF?
  15. I didn't really know about LAPF when I wrote that. LAPF is pretty complete. I really don't have time to mod and my computer skills besides playing are pretty much meh. I spent a lot of time just to get oblivion functional. Thank god for you and fejeena that are there to enlighten me.
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