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  1. I have been testing how long I could keep a character running with interactions. I believe thus far it's tied to giving birth, as the one character i'm testing on hasn't done it and abortion pills don't seem to hurt. Can't say about birthing pills though.
  2. I ended up resetting the headwear line back to normal, but i'm not sure what the matter is still. Looking at the sexbound article yeah it looks like I missed combing through that, whoops. But I was using 5.4.2, but it seems like another person was getting the same error, for the same reason, presumably. People make new threads though because brain go brrr.
  3. With the mods the only things I tried changing was headgear being visible during animations, pregnancy time to IG instead of IRL, Trimester time and number of pregnancies possible.
  4. So I just got introduced to this whole sexbound thing and i've naturally went to seeing what works with what. But at some point with every save I make testing something goes wrong to the point of preventing player animations from occurring. They happen just fine up until a point, all animations functional with both player and NPC actors, but then the player goes invisible upon attempting an animation and all that remains is a static node and the SxB animation wheel. I have my suspicion that it is tied to pregnancy and making offspring, but I don't know the code enough to be sure. As I s
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