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  1. do you have any mods that affect belly node? slif makes mods that modify the same nodes stop conflicting by use of it. You could assign values in slif to nodes, but that's probably not what you want.
  2. set node morph to 0% for all. ensure that bodyslide morphs that are used by mods, like if the mod morphs it directly, is named in the slif config so it takes it over instead. ensure that the configs and lists files are correct. dunno about cbbe 3ba, I use TBD and had to create my own stuff
  3. put them in the folder in the SLIF folder in SKSE under storageUtilData. you then select them in-game in the mcm menu. as you increase your breast, butt, or belly node, that gets converted into bodyslide morph values. Percentage is how much the morph value increases per point of node value. Min and max are explanatory. Steps is the number of stages between max and min, and where the morph changes in-game. Reverse scaling determines if the morph increases negatively instead, like you put negative values into bodyslide. If you want to add more tbd morphs, you will have to add it via th
  4. Yes, but you have to make the configs yourself. Or modify mine. Edit: files had values that would not let SLIF work. Fixed 003_TBD_SE_Bodymorphs - Copy.json 003_TBD_SE_Lists.json
  5. use these files. put them in the right folders in skse folder. change values as you please. These should get you started. I think these are old but should work. Haven't played skyrim in like six months. 003_TBD_SE_Bodymorphs.json 003_TBD_SE_Lists.json
  6. so, simpler thing after you posted that log: how many dll files do you have, cause iirc there was a hard limit on that or a limit on memory allocated for dll. otherwise, you should check that crash file, and try messing with some of the other mods. Could also be showracemenualt, as some users on the nexus were talking about freezes finally, I'm not really the best for debugging skyrim. I would assume something in SLIF is causing it due to there being SLIF-like values in the crash log. Maybe make sure that SLIF is up2date or the scripts are right. And maybe check ke
  7. I have both of those running, and no CTD on load. Normal questions: SKSE up-to-date? Engine Fixes? Try .net framework to figure out the crash problem. Just installing .net causes it to create a crash file when the game CTD's and lists dll's and objects that could be causing it.
  8. you need to make the bodymorphs file yourself based on the bones in the list file
  9. what body specifically is your CBBE? Like 3BBB? And, are you using bodyslide morphs via SLIF or is MME just scaling nodes?
  10. btw, if you save your character in Racemenu, the jslot file should show you any bodymorphs that are applied to it, which could help with troubleshooting, as some mods may be applying the bodymorphs to morphs that don't exist
  11. it depends on body and if you are using nodes and/or bodyslide morphs in-game for inflation. I use TBD, so I doubt my preset would suit you. for SLIF, you need to change the nodal calc on the first page. You probably want Add, which will add all mod values per area of inflation. You'll also need to change the bodymorph tab so that things like PreBreast and Breast are at 0% if you want to use bodymorphs, then set the values for the bodyslide morphs in SLIF's menu. if you just want node growth, set something like belly or breasts to 100%
  12. try using Sexlab Inflation Framework. the mods may be inflating, but are being overwritten by other inflations from mods i.e. one updates more often than another
  13. I don't believe you need to patch SE mana tanks, as patching it breaks it. Mana Tanks should have worked out-of-the-box for SE
  14. SGO4 doesn't have a patch to my knowledge for SLIF. SGO4 uses bodymorphs by itself, so you could use that.
  15. ah, thank you. I guess it may be because I'm using TBD that I keep thinking it doesn't work. Thank you for the help
  16. So, after looking through the oldrim forum and this version, I have yet to find a definitive answer on how to convert node growth to bodymorph growth. Can anyone direct me to a post that explains how or explain it?
  17. Yeah, the body should still work, you may need to manually activate hdt physics (the not smp kind), but it should still work
  18. think of armor as a body replacer, it has it's own body in its mesh; if it does not, it would clip; your armor is not converted to fit your body
  19. the anim you are using is #2 of this: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24339-sexy-idle-animation-by-red31133dm/ i think their was a problem in the posts about the hand thing for 1 and 2. nexus explains problems: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53396/?
  20. Just so you guys know, there IS a converter... http://www.loverslab.com/topic/27557-new-clothing-body-style-converter-beta-v089f-10-26-2014/
  21. It is one of the .dds files in textures; you could use this: 0_CBBE Oily Skin.rar
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