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    Fan of BBC.
    Also muscles.
    And 3D art.
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    Don't believe in racial supremacy, just indulging in a fantasy.

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  1. Seirne

    Gamer Girl

    Well... She's... famous I guess😅
  2. Seirne

    Gamer Girl

    Old Stuff from a while ago, didn't know what to do with it so I turned it into a mini-narrative: Textures here on the male model still look a bit weird. Backstory:
  3. Poor Sigrid~ She has no idea what to make of that...
  4. It'll be a lotta fun using these, thank you based Alter🙏
  5. Your Friendly Neighbourhood Alchemist v v v v v v v v v v v v v Moonlight Love Makin' v v v v v v v v v v v v v
  6. Seirne


    Nice, hope to see more of that neon
  7. Good Work! Can't wait for this narrative to unfold!
  8. Lookin' interestin'
  9. Wowie she kinda heavy tho?😁 In all seriousness, seems like an interestin' character
  10. Seirne

    More fun

    Wowie, Nice Demoness lady... I wonder what she would look like in Skyrim?🤔
  11. Wowie, How'd you get such good screenies all of a sudden🤔
  12. Seirne

    Jessica BBC Short

    Some pics from an unfinished project from a while ago: ❤️Hope you can enjoy❤️ Pics: Vids: FIN.
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