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  1. It's a modders resource. You can use it for Your own mod (with respect of use rules of course) or just replace sexout nudesuit with it.
  2. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Few random shots during gameplay process.
  3. My character for "normal" gaming MO profile.
  4. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    Sexout itself is not female-oriented at all. It's mod that You using to initiate sex. It most likely using commands that making PC to be actorB (passive/recieving side) in sex scenes.
  5. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

  6. -cough cough- ? I saw this thread and actually femboy concept inspired me to find the way to avoid restrictions. x) P.S. Few more shots of my new char, working SoS adaptation for technical "female" char was pleasant surprise, so atm I'm pretty pleased how he turned out.
  7. I always was very frustrated by the fact that most of adult content intended for females and it's quite hard to convert it for males (and also I don't like male body/face etc. stuff in Skyrim at all); so I decided to make a little experiment which turned out not bad in my opinion. I'm not into transgender/crossdressing stuff, but making young elven boy from CBBE body turned out in quite pretty result and it's kinda the best solution with minimum efforts. x) Using it with practical female armors mod and BodySlide supported armours/clothing should do the thing.
  8. Sexout Spunk

    Eh... So, no one using function I asked about and doesn't know which hotkey meant under "sprint" in it's description? That's sad, because it's quite uncomfortable to play with mod while I cannot have straight control what turns on my PC during sex. UPD Eh, nevermind, I found an issue. It's Nevada/Solid Project sprint that overrides hotkey (L-Shift). Changed SP hotkey to other one and it works.
  9. Sexout Spunk

    I have a stupid question about "grinding" option. As I understood, hotkey for Player arousal boost is some "sprint" as it described in MCM menu. Problem is that there is no sprint in default NV at all, so I cannot find what key should I use to boot PC's arousal during sex. So... Where is this key? I Tried L-Shift, Caps Lock, Q, E, Alt - nothing works. Crouch (partner arousal boost) works fine. Thanks in advance!
  10. Yeah, our scripter made really brilliant scripts. It works not like BU, but exactly like BreakArmor mod, so doesnt need any armor overrides at all, only meshes with proper index in it's names.
  11. Sexout Spunk

    Double it. Noticed that game freezing straight after sex and PC's orgasm.
  12. Sexout Soliciting

    UPD Nevermind, found out that it is option "pre-sex Idles". Turned it off and all works nice.