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  1. Remove dead male underwears?

    Yeah, I don't know why anybody needed it, but luckily this issue is easy to fix - just install male body of Your choise, either Robert Male Body or Breeze and choose nude option for it.
  2. Yes there are, and I am author of this mod. It has permission issues (I did not get permission to use original spine model and textures) so mod _should_ be private. I shared it via PM to one "good" person who leaked link to the web without asking me and even without informing me about it (trusting people is very bad thing, do not do it in never ever!). You can google it if You want it. Because no one cares about what author mod (me) think about this shit anyway.
  3. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    Tried it out - indeed, framework itself can handle player on creature anims without issues. Flag "Msmsspinebreaker" worked as intended, test dialogue where mutie was flagged as ActorB and Player as ActorA gave proper animation (1417 in my case) where human bangs mutie. Spunk bar actor names are in russian, but Player is indeed top in this scene. Animation made with 10 minutes but looks not bad ingame. Need to make few adjusements (forgot to remove 3rd camera bone again so it makes camera look wrong till game reload, common issue eh), but yup, it works. I think I'll make few more anims with human actorA role and will send You animation files, so You can put them to new beta of Sexout. While such content is impossible to use in something that will not be allowed to male PC, I am glad to share my work.
  4. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    I'm not going to share my anims for new creatures, but what I can do and would be interested in doing is make creature animations where player is actor A. If You'll provide support for player as actor A in creature interaction for Sexout - I am ready to create some simple anims (don't expect very much, they'll be more "it just works" than masterpieces because making creature animation is quite hard because of scene root rotation problems, but still it's much better than nothing) for this option.
  5. The best male body replacer is definitely Robert Male Body. For females I use type 6. I don't think that You'll need DD FNV from me, because all mod designed only for male character (yup, I am perverted yaoi fan, so all my creations are male only ).
  6. -SexoutSpunk adds arousal and lust mechanics to the game. -Sexout Sex Assault will do that. -There is some mods that do this, I didn't use them, just search throus downloads section of Sexout mods. -There is no DD for New Vegas at the moment that was publicly released. I have Devious Devices FNV through, because I ported most of models stuff and my friend from russian modding community made brilliant scripts framework that maked DD work as they should. Mod is WIP and most likely will not be released because I wasn't succesfull in taking permissions (I was ignored).
  7. Sex Screenshots - Post your ingame adventures here!

    Refined missionary anim to reduce clipping. Also made two new ones.
  8. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    I am always play only male characters, and while all sexout stuff is female-only bla-bla-blah, it's quite offensive to me because I am forced to spent tons of time to adaptate all mods that I need to my gameplay. It's not really enjoyable to share my anims to situations that I even not able to see ingame if I don't go to edit/geck and don't spend lot of my personal time to fix this shitty restrictions. Second reason that mods like breeder is strongly against my moral principles so it would be very painful to see my creations used that way. There is many other personal reasons but I don't think anyone need to know them. That's all.
  9. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    I am creating my own animations (have about 10 new ones atm, made support for 4 new creatures) from time to time, but I don't release them because of reasons.
  10. Sex Screenshots - Post your ingame adventures here!

    First human on human scratch-made animation (sooo much easier than creature ones!). Synchronisation totally srews ingame so there is clipping. >_> As far as I know it's engine glitch associated with FPS variations, eh.
  11. Show us your character!

    Some new shots from me - made support of unique models for vanilla armor for my PC (script honestly stolen from DoA droids mod ), so here's how vanilla leather armor looks on him from now on.
  12. Thanks! I'll try it and see how it will behaviour in my case (actually all I need it to close dialogue menu once it opens and return to gamemode).
  13. Hello again! Is someone knows, is there some way in Fallout to forcefully stop dialogue/converastion with player? Something just like StartConversation, but doing the opposite thing. Or maybe some way to forcefully exit menumode 1009. Can't find anything similar in GECK/NVSE/JIP LN functions.