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  1. Allnarta

    F3, FNV or F4?

    You are always welcome. Calling great game that many people likes a "shit" without mentioning that it's your personal opinion is at least not objective. More likely is just childish.
  2. Allnarta

    F3, FNV or F4?

    FNV was made on Fallout 3 Engine if You didn't know, lol. No Fallout 3 would mean no FNV. And personally I love F3 much more than FNV - atmoshpere, main quest, world design, everything. F4 sex framework is buggy as hell, unstable and has much less possibilities than FNV Sexout which latest Beta is most stable sex framework I've seen in Bethesda modding.
  3. Allnarta

    Show us your character!

  4. Allnarta

    Show us your character!

    Made portrair for new avatar.
  5. I'm awared of it, but unfortunately it's not official and barely supports even half of all DD features. Most models are redone in outfit studio female versions (and because of that models quality a lot worse than female originals, yes) by volunteers and lots of them don't have male counterparts at all. Not sayng about proper technical male support (quests, messages, item descriptions, dialogues, other mods, etc.). Officially DD creators are against male support and never ever care about male patches with DD updates. So yup, it's just fair that I am not going to do anything about DD FNV for females untill the day this state of things for Skyrim, SSE and F4 will be changed. I would be gratefu for this (and, maybe, those players who play males and want to bring some bondage fun to their gameplay too). It's pretty simple: Models that I used and need to have perms for LL release are: Vivis Cockcages. Could be difficult because she was online long ago last time. On the other side, most likely there will not be issues because of this (I assume she abandoned modding). DCC4 Male Chasity Belts. Heretical resources (took some of them). I asked him but he's ignored me. It was in January (so it's about 5 month ago), I can assume so long time of silence may be counted as given permission, heh. He was last online in march, so it may be hard too to get proper perm. FT Workshop (i.e. some devices from newest 4.1 release). Captured Dreams Shop. I took shop concept and sign model from there. Sexlab Parasites. I took FaceHugger model from here and don't know who author of it. Here's what about it in credits section: 'facial' Facehugger - tweaked by Kakabishan and Nosdregamon And nothing more, no links to the original mod or model. Also, there is models for parasites from Aradia and DixiePig but they have free permissions woth proper credits given. As I remember, all other models are from original DD and should be free to use with proper credits. But I'm not sure 100%. That would be nice in the future, yes. There is lots of text (mostly messages - almost every item has it's own unique message for equip/unequip it) so it would be hadr for me to do alone. Of course! I still doubt that it's possible to get all these permsissions, but who knows. x)
  6. While DD FNV that I was working for last few moths is already in pre-alpha state and actually already playable, I decided to make showoff topic of it. I don't know if I'll be able to make some public release for the mod because of permission issues (I asked and was ignored) but maybe someone will be interested in fact that Devious Devices mod for New Vegas does exist. Description Just like title says, this mod is reincarnation of Devious Devices on New Vegas Engine. Models are mostly ported from original mod while code is fully made from scratch by Vovvva and me. Features -Functional Devices. Just like in original mod, if You are locked in device, You cannot just unequip it as usual clothes. You must find/craft/buy key, ask someone to help You (You can ask for help while You in Armbinders) or try to remove device with Your strenght/agility (random succes chance based on this stats of Your character). Also, devices have proper effects. Restrictive boots slowers You run speed, blindfolds add visual effect, armbinders prevent You to use inventory and weapons. Plugs have effect that activates once in about 5 ingame hours and so other. -Deviously dangerous Wasteland. Similarly to Deviously Cursed Loot, You always have a chance to be locked in restraints while opening containers and bodys. Chanse is not big so it will not happen too often. -Captured Dreams Shop. South of Novak there is new shop where You can buy almost every avaible device in mod (parasites are exception). Also You always can buy keys and be sure that Your Wasteland scavenging will be safe. -Loading screens. There is some amount of devious loading screens that shows avaible devices. -Living parasites. Mod contains few animated parasite "devices". At the moment they are added to Devious Loot randomizer. You cannot remove them with force or key but You can ask doctors for help and they will remove parasite for some amount of caps. -Sexout integration. All devices will be kept on Player during sex (bodysuits will not appear if player in any armbinder) and mod has few dialogue options for sex with NPC (paying people with sex for help to remove device, for example). Known mod issues/engine limitations -You can talk with the gag. It's just impossible to make universal script or dialogue that will always prevent this because of the way engine works. Every attempt to make some universal dialogue prevention that we made always led to game breaking situations related to quest dialogues. It's possible to add conditions to every (every, every, EVERY) dialogue from 20 000+ vanilla ones but still You will have to do huge patches for every quest mod and every dialogue. So it's better just take it as is. You still cannot eat and drink with the gag in Your mouth. -Armbinders contain body, so not compatible with armor. Because of the way how armbinders are made they contain body and take upperbody slot. Not big deal while original DD prevents player to wear any clothes with equipped armbinder. -Also, Armbinder does not remove pip-boy. You cannot open inventory while You locked in armbinder, but You will have floating pip-boy because there is no way to safely remove it when devices is locked on You and add it when You free from device (we tried a lot, believe me). So You'll need any mod that removes pip-boy from the hand, Readius or any other. -Clipping. There is no universal way to hide devices with equipped armor so You'll have devices clipping through armor if You are not in armbinder (in armbinders there is still minor misplacement for some devices but mostly they look good with each other). -Devices are added to Sexout safe clothes list, but not in SCR "blocked holes" list yet. So, sometimes You may be orally fucked whith equipped gag, for example. Not every mod cheks for SCR variables, so there is no way to completely avoid it. Screenshots It's quite few devices shown here from overall content. At the moment it's more that 130 items with nice diversity of models and colours (almost all devices from original mod, few from cursed loot, few from other mods). Videos Q&A Female support? -No. And will not be untill that day when original DD will fully officially support males (never I guess). Language? -Russian atm. It's just no need to make english version if I will not find the way to make public release. But if I will, I'll be glad to see mod translated to english. What if I put device on NPC/Follower? -Device will become usual clothes. Visually it will look as intended, but NPC will not be locked in it. We made this intentionally to make mod as lightweight as it possible. -Is mod modmakers-friendly? Not really, unfortunately. You can call Devices equip in Your mod with universal functions, but You must be very carefull and understand what You are doing. Otherwise You most likely will brake player's game. Mod is not designed as open framework. -Quests? There is few planned quests, yes. One of them already has few stages but it's unfinished yet and hidden from player. But yes, there will be quests in the future for sure. -Release? I would like to. I have no permissions for some models and my attempts to take it was ignored. If someone ready to try and ask perms from original DD authors - You are welcome to.
  7. Allnarta

    Sex Screenshots - Post your ingame adventures here!

    Some new pretty stuff from DD 4.1. x)
  8. Allnarta

    post your sexy femboy's

    Thanks! Heh, thanks. Actually I tried to make him not so girlish (I prefer twink-styled guys as my main Chars but not actually transgender, just a bit "feminine") but, well, I am forced to use what I can because I am not ready to go and make my own models (sooo much problems with trying to import models to Blender, no, I am happy with advanced modding for beloved Vegas, Skyrim is just the game when I am simple user). Some new shots, managed to open mods in CK and made adaptation of Hentai Void Armor to femboy race.
  9. Yes, I assume problem is related to SoS update. There was some major bugfixes in 1.0 so core script could be updated. I cannot say 100%, because unfortunately there is no way to get version below 1.0 on the web (I searched and wasn't succesfull), but I cannot imagine any other reasons. As I already said, all SoS functionality is OK, except Femboy SoS addon (and after resetting SoS it refuses to recognise addon as SoS one, it just ignores it and won't load it to addons list).
  10. Yes, I tried. As result, SoS refuses to recognise Femboy addon as shlong addon and don't load it at all - it just dissapears from MCM menu, there's no option for choosing it in MCM as shlong for player and shlong model permanently dissapears from PC.
  11. Already tried. Result is the same, femboy shlong refuses to work as intended while SoS itself and standart shlong is totally OK.
  12. Nope, doesn't work. All SoS functions work perfectly for standart race and standart shlong, problem is only on Femboy addon.
  13. Heh. Actually Femboy SOS addon is almost in the end of the list. I assume it may be problem with latest game and SoS versions - SoS 1.0 was overhauled, as I understood from mod description.
  14. Hi there! I have strange issue with the mod: I cannot make Femboy's dick to be flaccid, it's always erected and doesn't respond to SoS hotkeys and RaceMenu erection slider. Vanilla races and Smurf average addon work flawlessly. Problem is only with Femboy Addon shlong. I have SE latest version, SKSE is newest one, SoS is version 1.0. Where could be problem?
  15. Allnarta

    post your sexy femboy's

    Finally managed to install RaceMenu to Skyrim SSE so decided to try port my elf guy from LE. Worked perfect and I have no stupid CTD's that terrorizing me in LE all the time. x_x Body preset is redone from scratch on new CBBE body. Shape looks less skinny (which is very good because sometimes my LE version looks dangerously underage lol) and overall model skinnig is way much better. Builded body on this shots wasn't touched in OS at all and made 100% with Sliders. Also there is still no ENB (going to install Rudy). Need to make all armor adaptations again, eh. Luckilly it will be muuch easier that LE one's where every freaking armor must be fixed in OS because of chest weighting flaws that distort armor meshes.