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  1. So EA is offering the Sims 4 Standard edition for free to keep on it's Origin site until the 28th. Just thought it would be a good idea to mention here if anyone hasn't already got the game. https://www.origin.com/irl/en-us/store/the-sims/the-sims-4
  2. Well as you said Bounce and Jiggles is quite good and the one I've found to work best for both UNP and CBBE with SOS. As for all-in-one, I haven't used the latest one so can't say about that but I did use the previous version and the hdt worked but the collisions didn't no matter what I did. You could try the recently released Maximum CBBE which looks quite promising but is still in beta/testing, hand collisions are disabled and it's only for CBBE if that is a preference issue.
  3. This made me chuckle as your post first made me think that you wanted to install SL but then have a mod that makes all the content hidden from you. All I can suggest is not playing skyrim in front of your friends or making two save game characters (one with a game that has LL mods installed and one without), back up the LL saves and uninstall your LL mods and play the other save when your friends/cousin are around. You could also try SIS - Skyrim Installation Swapper but it is very slow to switch between different installations and might mess up your NMM plugin list as it did for me a while
  4. I'll be frank. It's not exactly clear what your problem is as just saying you installed ore mods is not descriptive enough to give a proper troubleshooting and from what I can see from your mod installations, if I'm correct in assuming that everything you have ticked is installed as I personally haven't used MO, are completely messed up. So first off why do you have CHSBHC, UNP and CBBE installed? You only need to have one of these body mods installed and it really should either be UUNP or CBBE if you're also looking to bodyslide armours or use any body textures as CHSBHC is quite outdated. If
  5. Messing about with photoshop and warpaints

  6. Just checked inside the mod folder, could be the npc replacer files missing some textures. Is it characters like Ysolda, Lydia and such that only have purple hair? If it is then you need to have installed the Bijin mods for the particular character replacers you used before this mod so that the files in that mod can be overwritten.
  7. It was their second post, new users aren't able to post links until they've made a couple of posts already.
  8. Yep, check here at the Bodyslide Armour and Clothes List thread under Avalon24's HDT Conversions.
  9. After you download the conversions did you rebuild their meshes with your selected bodyslide preset in Bodyslide?
  10. She is a follower. Just use EvilReFlex's Succubus Armour, Follower and Enemy mod with her and she'll have that appearance when you give her the armour. Awesome Mods by the way ReFlex.
  11. It's not so much hard as there's a separate set of nifs for every colour and transparent colour unlike Heart Girl which only has one set of nifs that the textures are applied to. If I have time I'll take a crack at converting them but I warn you I'm not the best at this. Trying to figure out how to convert some of the UNP Cosplay Outfits without them tearing in game atm.
  12. Trys to Start Posting, "Need 2 posts before you can do that" *sigh*

  13. Wow chill out dude. ApoKrytia just asked you a simple and reasonable question, there was no need to be an ass about it. Plus they have a point, this is a bodyslide thread. If Rory was doing 7B conversions, then he would have stated in the OP or may have made a separate thread for it. As for your followers, have you checked if it's possible to convert them to a 7B lookalike CBBE BS Nif? It would be a lot easier than looking around for people to convert armours to one bodytype as opposed to changing to a bodytype that can resemble any others.
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