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  1. Oblivion does good at wanting to do various kind of runs, the imagination you can put in the game through mods it's never ending and the fact that skyrim updated again it maked me mad to reinstall all the mods i had for Skyrim SE(finally i deleted every mod and the game until it get's it's final updates), because majority of it's mods needs other scripts that are outdated and screw every other mods because they get outdated. (personally, reviving skyrim again was a mistake) so now im trying to reinstall oblivion in the TOASTER i have for computer and experiment how do i explode it (kinda imposible though i modded oblivion with heavy things and the only thing i could get was make it slower.) imagine that my computer is really a very old notebook(don't remember if netbooks were more powerfull,but mine's got very old and a little obsolete) but in the end i hope to get a little upgrade for this toaster so i can play with better mods
  2. I have a trouble with racemenu that does not let me use the face scupting feature. i don't have much details but these should help a little 1. i use Skyrim SE (don't own AE, cannot afford it) 2. actually don't know if i screwed something 3. the SKSE version im using and i suppose its used for now is the Preliminary AE build isn't it
  3. it gives me some nailflan mod like but some of them just disapeared/are hidden from nexus to never be seen for a long time
  4. Thanks bro, i was searching it over a year... literally
  5. i don't know much about what's happening to Nexus... on the other hand i don't think if thats the file i was searching but i'll see if it's what i was looking, because i wanted to use the conversion made by Nephene: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42691
  6. Someone know's what happened to the Like a Flower Dress made by Nailflan? i cannot download it in nexus because is hidden and don't know how to find it
  7. let's say that i guessed right in what order to put that mods... xd now i feel that im in a modpacking school or something like that... the power of being a lazy teen man (i don't know what im trying to say xd) probably a last question (neither i think it's the last but it is what it is) if i put a clothes mod that modifies the arena district or testing hall by putting new chest it could screw my game no???
  8. Also a quick question where i should put Tamago Setbody in the load order? below the Setbody.esp or below some Tamago/Hiyoko.esp
  9. Yeah lovers magic in a next prima book could be a great addition, as for plunders i don't know if it is a project still on development or it's terminally frozen because there is some dialogues that says for upgrades (in some sinkhole cave areas that probably in a next update they put more decorations and stuff) you should give it a try. the mod idea is to use the bandits and npc a new purpose like a little army of pillagers to be more precise and adds like a sex need mechanic and romance options for those who like to have a more straight (refering to a more pacific like) type of love to an NPC. it has a little questline involving the expansion of the sinkhole cave secret headquarters and the surrounding area of the sinkhole cave(the front of the entrance) to give it a air of a base of operation for a gang of outlaws even it has a ship to go to the dungeons easily and take your new slaves back to the sinkhole cave
  10. Oh let's say im "Not even a little familiar with CASTLE SKINGRAD". Sorry really it's a shame to say that i like oblivion without finishing it in vanilla but it is what it is, all that says the mod it's something about the arcane university an yes ¿the count's son? i should check it i know that the first versions had Captain Renault with the book and a generous 200 Spirit energy but now i don't know that. i Started to use the Feejena's Version because for a strange reason Captain Renault Wasn't spawning with the book in it's corpse. now taking some extra time to ask about a little issue about Plunders (i should put it in Technical Discussions i Know, but i forgot to put it) by some strange reason i start Plunders with the question options but it does not give me Neither the Quest's Advancements or the Dispose Spell, what i screwed? (im going to reinstall it to be sure that i didn't screw some archives by accident) "Now Let's Say I Bring Dimensional Dissasters Everytime I Forgot To Put A Mod" (just to sound more dumb that i could)
  11. Does someone know where do i get the spellbook that teaches you all the basic spells for Lovers Magic?
  12. and now i can imagine literally a disturbed penis, jokes apart... what? you mean psicologicaly or what?
  13. Wait, What is being discussed here??? ( im lazy to read all 18 pages and want context )
  14. Wasn't understanding well, im sorry, Im using xOBSE v22.4.1
  15. Not OBSE, OBME (Oblivion Magic Extender) that's something that one of your mods had with it as i remember (i think was SlaveRaperS) probably OBME is Relying on something that makes it work well but isn't present so it works halfly(don't know if i say it well) bad
  16. Yes Was the Obse pluggin: OBME that was causing this trouble now that i didn't need to reinstall everything from zero i can resume my journey
  17. Sadly didn't work... even i tried disabling Xeo SP but nothing work, it's a shame because i don't know if reinstalling everything from zero will work, even i should try to do the same with vanilla oblivion and see if it's something from my toaster... After two more revisions i did take seriusly of disabling everything that was mods (not the official DLC) 1st Attemp. With OBSE Pluggins = Fail 2nd Attemp. Without OBSE Pluggins = Worked so the reason behind of this trouble was something in my Pluggins folder... Probably OBME but i will see what caused that
  18. well i should try deactivating the mod, because i always start a new game thinking that the previous save data was corrupted, if that does not work then i should uninstall oblivion and delete the leftovers and try to make it slowly. Im very tired of the issue i could take that as a excuse to try again from zero and probably make it better Also Forgot to Mention Xeo SP (it is installed before these two) is an addon for MBP++ and x117Races that modifies the vanilla Npc faces (like with OCO) and adds new variations of the vanilla races and adds races, so i dont think it would be good disabling it
  19. Well now an Update of the behavior of my issue: If i Load a Save after Quiting the game without Reloading it ingame shows the same crash behavior as the other times
  20. i have those 2 pluggins. but for today i feel like ironically funny??? don't want to make joke of my issue but cannot see it from other way i've got enough trying to fix it today so tomorrow probably i resume my journey to fix my game
  21. that mod isn't in my mods probably we confused it with F2L_facechange.esp but somehow i think probably the unofficial patches could be the cause of all my problems, because i screwed the last time with it
  22. I think it was part of From2ch Lives that puts some New Npc companion with MCS but now that you mention it i should try to disable some
  23. Well at least it's better sorted... but that didn't fixed it :T probably some obse Pluggin
  24. Well Now the Sorting is done now im gona try to see if stops crashing
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