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  1. that mod looks like what im looking for, Thanks bro i think im going to look for animations and that could wrap everything
  2. well i think like knuckles gauntlets that scale with hand to hand, even hand to hand overhauls, thats the only thing i could think for now
  3. Is there any Hand to Hand weapon mods for Oblivion, i wasn't able to find more than one
  4. well there was no reason to be rude anyways, in fact i seen some follower mods that required manual installation because some textures could mismatch/be screwed with loaders. i don't play modded skyrim and know little about that (that little is like nothing) also what you see wrong in installing manually some mods, yeah perhaps is very boring and that but sometimes is needed.
  5. Well the only thing i know about followers is that is better installed when you do it manually, because using a mod loader sometimes does not load all the textures or screw it badly. if thats not the case probably its a bug or incompatibility.
  6. Okay, Thanks for the info and help
  7. i have kinda of a normal problem, the 3 files that must be extracted with 7zip only has the bsa file or there is something more that i couldn't find? in any case i did not installed xeosp for now, but im making the preparatives to do it.
  8. you're welcome (im spanish so normally i don't know how to express that kinda thing) i don't play a loot skyrim but i will always try to help
  9. Hmm... i think that kind of thing happened to me in vanilla, im not very secure, but that could be fixed by changing the resolution until it shows the startup menu correctly. i hope that could help, but if it persist then i don't have a idea what's happening
  10. i think that could be possible to make because actually there are mods like lustbound that has sextoys... but i never seen someone making beds in that way the most probably thing is that you would need to do, is the sprites for the position wheel (sorry if i misspell some words im from argentina)
  11. I think this is for Fallout 4... not oblivion xD
  12. That face resource is very beautyful, i think that MBP++ has some resources in it's folders, no?... if it's that i could use something from these folders like some eyes and hair, and probably, with time i should make my very first mod, if i have some guts do that...
  13. Is there a way to modify a npc with: Custom Hairs, eyes, Etc. I would want to know about that but im kinda clueless
  14. This mod looks amazing for use but... those Npc That uses like other Haircuts from mods these give me curiosity if thats the effect of a certain mod or what... i know the faces are from the OCO (Oblivion Character Overhaul) a great face mod if somebody asks me Also does this mod keep updating or something? because i doubt if this get like freezed developement (dont know how to spell very fine english)
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