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  1. I tried Face Selection, but I see need reload room for changing. Have any shortcut or keyboard key what reload room? Or need exit and load again from menu?
  2. Thanks, and if anyone have more creative like me, and can make more lips in future, that's will good. I used basics photo editing with base image, I hasn't UV for this. Anyone have full UV pack for VX? 🙄
  3. Lips GenitalCaps Pack 1 I made a visual hack for lips: used GenitalCaps for lips over standard lips. Here is my packs, test it under Pose Editor! I think this solution will good for photoshooting. Unpack attachment to ActiveMod folders, and select lips under GenitalCap list. Use Options for fix colors, brightness and saturation for your model! Lips GenitalCap pack 1.rar
  4. YES!!! Many thanks, this list need for ActiveMods! IBEXX and other 7.5 stockings used numbers in filenames, just I re-sorted these and renamed to without numbers. Have you UV packs too for VX, or can I use for old 7.5 version (1.5 release)? Or pantyhose packs use same UV as stockings? Because body stockings works now, but if rename to pantyhoses, maybe will wrong, but I will test it in next days. Update1: ok, I will unpack texture from Images.zip, and use these images for new pantyhoses. Thanks! If have UV pack for VX, this will great. Update2: ve
  5. Stocking Pack for VX I converted many stockings from 7.5 to VX, ex. IBEXXX Stocking packs too. This mod does not belong to me. All credits goes to the original creators. Unpack this to ActiveMod folder. Update1: IBExxx body stocking pack updated! Remove old version from ActiveMod folder, and copy new versions! Stocking pack_v2.rar
  6. @EJAX I attached a screenshot to my first post, what is my problem with pantyhoses. If this addon disabled, then list is empty. I converted standard stockings to VX, but ZStockings cannot. But ZStockings size is different, no feet image, and after resize results no perfect. Normal F_stockings convert to VX steps here: - open a new folder - move to there these files: F_Stockings01.png (or 02, 03, etc.), F_StockingsFeet01.png (or 02, 03, etc.) and if have preview file - delete numbers from file names, you get this: F_Stockings.png, F_StockingsFeet.png and p
  7. I missed too this feature under VX. Anyone can help how can we use these with VX?
  8. Hello, I used many stockings and pantyhoses under 7.5, but under VX I see Skeleton legs (include dimisd update1) only under pantyhoses. Which mod blocking these items or how can I add these from 7.5 version (which .txx needed)? And I have many F_zstockings item (from IBEXX and Ultimate stockings). How can I use these under VX? 🤔
  9. Have any mod for pussy change only? No the body mod, only for vagina. Addon texture, and more lips option (like bigger small lips, smaller, longer, puffy, normal, little opened). Like nipples and areas, just for unique pussies. Outer lips and Inner lips changes nothing extra now. Small changes, but that's all. Need more options, textures, if possible.
  10. Great thanks for tips! I never used background color in older versions, and now I will try your tricks!
  11. Hello, I need a special screenshot maker for Pose Editor. I use ReShade addon, and can make screenshot with this, but need a special: shot without any background (transparent) with effects and custom resolution (ReShade support game screen size only). Anyone can make this addon (like in Honey Select)? This will great for character cutout. Green background is not perfect, or need a transparent background/room for PNG capture + past effects (like in GeDoSaTo), or call ReShade setting when/after save CTRL+SHIFT+P (full size screenshot)
  12. I installed under VX, but didn't find under Masks...
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