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  1. I found this on the Nexus could be used for your Mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/107670
  2. I use the latest version for Kynne Blessing and use I craft the potion from the thing
  3. @DeepBlueFrog I think I found a bug when my character drink the Chaurus Pheromones the Chaurus Stud continues to attack instead of mating and following my PC. See attachment 1240952949_ElderScrollsVSkyrim2021_05_05-12_06_19_01.mp4
  4. @DeepBlueFrog I can't find the item even after I followed the instruction I tried the "help" option on the console and the add item to look for it. Come one what item am I suppose to type. So far I type "Chaurus Queen and Chaurus gag item did not pop or I even time Chaurus Gag. I'm completely lost though changing the folder name was suppose to add the item
  5. @DeepBlueFrog I follow the instruction but I can't seem to find the item when look at the search box in the AddItem Mod
  6. it's a known bug hasn't been fix yet
  7. Is there a file where the alternative version of the Chaurus Queen mask can be found like the one in the picture preview? I like to use in her final form when my character turn into a chaurus queen
  8. It would be nice if this mod use DD5 instead of the older version. I can't install Sacrificial Spriggan because I'm using the old DD that Slaverun uses
  9. Is the transformation permanent like Kyne's Blessing or Being A Cow or is it reversal
  10. Since I finish the demo gonna start new game and wait for the final version of the Rubber Facility.
  11. Yeah that explain it after the cool down I manage to get the horse shoe on her feet
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