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  1. I found the reason why my game is always freezing/ctd when I enter the Whip and Chains Inn. Its a memory issue. I was just moving npcs out of the inn with the console to find something that may cause the problem on any of them and after about 10 NPCs the game froze again. I first though it was that special NPC but it was just the number of NPCs currently loaded. Found a mod named "MemoryBlockLog" which showed that the first Memory Block goes up to 256MB and stays there when I enter the Inn. Then I found a guide to raise the memory here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/72850/discussions/0/540740500921363665/ If someone also has this issue: Create a skse.ini file in /data/skse with the following content After that it works just fine 🙂
  2. Your not alone with that issue MrBig. I'm also stuck at the loading screen when entering the Inn. This is what I tried so far: Reduced my mods to just the minimum required ones for DCL Rechecked all the dependencies for all mods and read all install instructions in case I missed anything Switched from UUNP to CBBE (Note: I realized during the switch, that the Bodyslide groups of DCL are much better grouped for CBBE, only one group for DCL) Teleport directly to the Inn cell Start the quest for the Inn first before going in Installed DCL with reduced texture sizes Started with and without an ENB Redownloaded and reinstalled DCL and most of the dependencies Teleport to the DCC Test Cell to see if the devices are a problem -> Everything works fine there Check every log file for some hint. But there are no special messages anywhere near that moment I enter the Inn. My current setup is: Latest MO2 version Mods sorted using LOOT -> No Loot Warnings Base game esm files cleaned with TES5Edit (Also tried without doing this) FNIS installed and executed with skeleton arm fix -> No Warnings CBBE Body and Bodyslide installed and used Batch Build for DD and DCL Equipment with Morphs. Used the HDT variant whenever possible HDT PE installed with no special configuration All mods are up-to-date Everytime I change something with the mods I start a new game and go with Patron in the Riverwood Inn LAL start. My testing sequence looks like this Start new Game Create a female character Wait a few seconds Check for the DCL MCM entry (Go back to the main menu and start with step 1 if it doesn't appear) Wait until the message appears "Devious Cursed Loot initialized" Save and Load the Game Go with the Patron in Riverwood Inn start in LAL Use the Bed Place a white college dress in my inventory Try to enter the whip and chain inn Get stuck during the load screen. Either endless white smoke screen visible or game freezes. My minimal load order looks like this I also tried without SOS. My game runs very smooth so far for everything except the Inn. Also the other content of DCL like the traps and quests work very fine. I guess there must be some special NPC, device or clothing or anything in that cell that I haven't encountered elsewhere yet what's crashing my game. Does anyone have another hint for me what I might have missed?
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