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  1. For anyone who's interested, the bug that makes steel armor invisible is caused by a mistake in the path to the 3D model. You can see this yourself in the Creative Kit if you load up "Femboy Reborn -Base-.esm" and go to Items > ArmorAddon > SteelcuirassAAFemboy. The biped model path is "femboy\Armors N Outfits\vanilla\steel\steel\cuirasslight_1.nif" however there is no file in that location. The path should actually be "femboy\Armors N Outfits\vanilla\steel\steellight\cuirasslight_1.nif". I've attached a plugin which makes these changes if anyone would like to use it, at least until the master file gets fixed. FemboySteelArmorFix.esp
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