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  1. myself im a fan of vortex, i feel its holding my hand, preventing me from doing too stupid mess ups and somehow magically (so far so good i guess) handling my 110 mods to play peacefully together, and doing the behind the scene connection magic to make it all work But damn i had a good laugh from reading your post. 10/10, made my day ^^ Maybe one day il try MO2, so far i haven't had any reasons to, but maybe Vortex will abuse me as well, who knows?
  2. I will check it out and test around. Im just really new to using mods at all, and haven't had any luck so far with these, and those i got to work were a bit over the top, hehe, but thanks!
  3. Ok, i think i had another mod that added the option to "Play" with every prostitute in Gomorrah, so it might just be that which caused the problem, i'l continue testing
  4. Being able to play the game without really noticing the mod, like its just there when you actually can have sex like a vanilla option, (Hookers and companions when romanced) so it feels like its always been part of the game kinda. So not every character you talk to has an dialogue option "Hey lets fuck". I just really would like something like this.
  5. Thanks for the reply! But i could only find a Fallout 4 mod when i searched "A Sex Mod" and it was also in German so i think i found the one you meant(?) But from what i saw, that would have been a good option for what i'm searching for, if only it was for New Vegas. Anyone know of anywhere i could find a capable modder to hire for a small job like this, or?
  6. Greetings. Really all i want is an immersive mod that would replace the "Blackout" when having sex with NPC's (kinda like the"Blackout to sex" mod should do) With an "all in one" kind of approach with nude skins and a simple layout, preferable some kind of MCM type of settings. All i really want it to be able to do is after some normal game play, without a world FULL of nude NPC's and full of sex things, be able to visits already existing prostitutes and/or my companions, to chill and have pretty much simple sex with maybe 2-3 different options/animations. And then continue on with a "seemingly vanilla-Not-sexyfied" game play. So that the "only trace" of this mod being installed is when you actually go to have sex, instead of these other mods frequently found where everything really gets transformed and the world is full of nude characters. (TL;DR - I only want the vanilla "blackout sex" to be replaced with optional sex animations, doesn't have to be overly complex, and not change anything other in the game, an "All in one" mod for this.) Does anyone know if it exist something like this, or is there anyone who could make a mod like this, i'm more than willing to pay you to make it, and make it worth your while, since i'm not experienced at all with modding and really would love a mod like this. Feel free to just reach out to me and we can talk about it! Hope to hear from you guys! =)
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