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  1. @jaeos, @Vortec May your souls be blessed by the eight divines. That's great timming, I just learned how to "convert" any clothing to 3BA too. I haven't even played Skyrim in two days now, lol. Now I'm trying to get Touched by Dibella SE to work with one stand alone follower. I managed to edit a follower body with TexGen, simply loading TBD to her .nif and deleting whatever was there seem to work. Although the TBD seem to be loading extra stuff. (maybe it isn't) When looking at the body nodes through NifSkope I notice redundancy
  2. Thank you, I finally got everything right thanks to you. I'm going over all my clothing mods, getting rid of uncompatible ones. Also, I've been searching for clothing collections out there. I can't seem to find good updated ones. Besides COCO and Sun Jeong. Do you have any recommendations or advice for where/how to search? I though that for sure a topic tracking popular clothing mods or something like that would exist... Edit>> I see the problem, time consuming conversion to 3BA. Slowly converting one by one the ones I really like. Found
  3. I was having a hard time making sense of Bodyslides and how to use what, when and why. As of yesterday I finally got the gist of it for the basics. But I still have to learn a couple things like: What groups should I batch build with what body. At least know I know how to select and what they are, as well as the presets. Can I remake my bodyslides anytime without breaking my save? How can I find out what body a specific NPC is using? (I have a couple stand alone followers that have bodies If I install this The Legendary Booty Body - 50 Plus CBBE SE Bodysl
  4. The list on this topic is asking for the loose one not the bsa. I did make the same mistake as you the first time I downloaded it though.
  5. @LawOfPhysics Check for me if you downloaded the High Poly NPC Overhaul - Skyrim Special Edition - Loose it has 318.9 mb while the BSA has 340.9 mb BSA Files are loaded first in the order. Even if they are placed properly. The game ends up reading the info for the facegen before the plugin is called. Most black face issues are mismatches like that. Just load order stuff.
  6. @Lawsofphysix Can someone explain the "black face bug" to me and why it's so annoying to fix it?
  7. (Optional) Song of the Green - Auri Replacer So cute... (even with her sharpened teeth) @Aylis, the mod that has an option for sharpened teeth is this one: Song of the Green - Auri Lenka Replacer SE - Optional Sharp Teeth The one currently linked on the list is this one: Song of the Green - Auri Replacer - Ella's version
  8. Mod link: Touched By Dibella If you look at COCO's stuff, he has two download options for clothing. CBBE and another for TDB Link provided COCO Bikini Collection I was aiming to get a couples of npcs with this body type. Would that be possible?
  9. I can't have CBBE and Touched By Dibella at the same game right? If I want Touched By Dibella's body, do I have to give up on all mods that use CBBE?
  10. I can't try this yet, as I'm installing everything again from scratch. I'm almost done reinstalling everything. I found a couple of things I did wrong the first time. I was too excited with all this mods. I ended up rushing through some of them. I'm at the Armors and Weapons separator I'm interested in installing the following mods: Shino Bikini Pack -CBBE(Physics)- COCO Bikini Collection - CBBE-TBD SE Nezzar's Ult Lingerie Collection - CBBE-TBD SE is this the place for them in the load order and will those work with this
  11. It looks like NPCs are using the standard body as they should. I think whats happening is that the max weight for npcs ends up looking small when compared to my pc. I did edit CBBE Body on BodySlide with the Curvy Preset selected, the preview button in bodyslide was showing what I'm getting in game. Those sliders where somewhat limited thought. How can I further enhance NPCs body range? My pc is looking as big as those images references at the nexus mod page for CBBE 3BBB. But the npcs don't look like I do. Another thing is that my pc is not getting physics whi
  12. Sorry, that was pleonasm. I apologize. I think she is working fine. I'll try setting her weight via console. Didn't know I could do that either. What other useful console commands should I know about? Edit: Tried playing around with her weight and it seems like @wollboi is right she is maxed. I had these references in mind (talking about the images on the post not the mod itself) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30174 But those are pcs from what I understand now.. I guest I just have to put more time into morphing sliders on the r
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