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  1. can someone who knows how to fix this last step help me over discord?
  2. ok im really at a loss. finally did the batch building thing STILL NO EFFING VISABLE CLOTHES OR DEVICES> according to my friend whos done this, my load order is the same as his, ive rein stalled uninstalled, nothing is getting this damn mod to show the damn clothes.
  3. finally have everything working, except the invisible hobble dress among others- for future ref, there needs to be a recourse for users who are new to mudding such as "batch building " I still cant figure this out, I've watch the 3 videos i found on it, not a single one explains how to get the menu. all the videos start using the menu. I don't know how to obtain the damn menu
  4. trapped in rubber doesn't work. i cant get any quest to work. the most i managed to do is be able to play as Krystal from star fox. i have un installed, reinstalled 10 times each now, haven't slept in 8 hours or more because I just wanna play my game. why cant it be "plug in play ?" i get coding if difficult, but there should be a option or preset body for complete dumbasses like myself. Like I said im willing to pay someone to fix this hot mess. as I clearly have no idea what I am doing. In the meantime ill play SE...I got that to work -even tho there isnt any bondage mods for SE. ive l
  5. im seriously about to just hire someone to do this crap for me, im tired of wasting my time
  6. using vortex, no clue what a load order is, I just followed a turtuial i found online using steam as the launcher. it doesnt have the option to go fullscreen
  7. finally have the correct Skyrim game, and everything is installed but trapped in rubber will not start, i notice theres 9 files, do I need all of them also dispite having ccbe, and the body slides, my body doesnt show when wearing a arm binder at the start of cursed loot quest lastly idk how to get this game to fit my full screen? am i stuck with a tiny square? also i have no menu to batch build. i have watched many videos, none of them explain where the eff to even get the menu
  8. skyrim SE, im sorry for ranting, I got my race to work -it seems i needed a skeleton mod LOL i feel dumb. Im mainly looking for where I can tie up a npc, or have it done to my character
  9. So i have a old copy of the orginal skyrim, tried downloading all the mods in order, to get a much better setup for playing skyrim. NOTHING WORKS. there is no support for anything bondage related, and I wanna know why. tried skyrim SE , for simple mods like a cerinian (akakrystal fox race) AGAIN NOTHING IS WORKING. this is worse than the ps4, nexus mods took out all bondage support. the only damn reason why I bought the SE version was to have fun. This site needs to be updated, and the mods need to be better assisted. I have tried everything. Second life is getting stale, and there isnt many g
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