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  1. is anyone else getting ctd to desktop with zzestrus.dll on main menu? Not sure what has changed in my setup but the only way to run is without that .dll. Is estrus Chaurus using that .DLL or can I keep it hidden.
  2. Dude, this is epic! Just by reading your script it opens up my understanding and so many great time savers I can use this for, thank you. Just 1 question, to play it safe with the original MOD, would it work for me to simply copy all armor records into a patch for each of my armor mods and then simply narrowly apply the script to only that patch?
  3. Hi All, I have been largely successful in the setup following the instructions. I didn't see a bodyslide available for the normal HDT setup so I did the moonlight tales plus addons for 3BBB body which has seemed to work well. Did the work of hidding conflcits in ABC, MNC and SOS warewolf references. The only think I am missing is when my femal character transforms everything is right except there is a hole all the way through the body where genitals should be. I have ASOS and maybe it is to do with that. I have tried disabling in creature framework but same result.
  4. I am finding only the mercenary generic is devious and none of my other followers are. I am not sure if I can use a console command to make them devious perhaps.
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