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  1. Im kinda scared to mess with it too much, cus i got pretty creepy results a bunch of times. The legs are ok, probably want to get stock legs as well, but i dont think that will work well with the pussy, what bothers me is the neck, i have to scale it down with sliders when i place the mod on my models as it is a bit too girthy.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Female Models, body/face mods and skin textures from the psycho repack
  3. IIIlll

    Hair troubles

    Thanks so much, the hair looks just right now
  4. Let me just add my own screams into the nothingness real quick I never rant into the abyss as it is quite pointless, but why not this time, ya all seem pretty cool, so here we go. This whole argument looks very ridiculous, bear with me and you will see why. Ive been playing this game since before TK, its a decent game as is, without any mods. Ive only picked up the mega packs or a free piece of clothing here or there, I was never part of the gardens. When I first heard about hook a few years ago, I thought its way too complicated for the fast pace of the game, u log in make a model, get a hard on, rub one out and go to sleep. I never felt the need to have substantial improvements, especially since I would get bored of it after a few weeks and not touch it for months. I only installed hook a few weeks ago as it was included with VX and it was an easy install. It was quite surprising how good this old game looked, so I went to the patreon to check it out, expecting this guy to be making upwards of 5-6 grand a month, but what do u know, hes banking less than 2k each month for what is in my opinion very specialized work. I have friends in IT and in accounting who are making 3-4k each month for what is essentially number crunching and paper pushing. Now im thinking, why is this guy wasting his time developing this old game when he could be spending it making 3 to 4 times that much at one of the main stream gaming companies, not having to deal with customers and not having to plan for future development, just a 9-5 day in day out. My guess is he is doing it for the same reason we r playing it, cus we like it. At the time I wasnt aware of the whole dynamic with hook and how ppl are unhappy that there is an even better version that costs a single dollar. Which brings me to my argument. Why are are u dissing a guy who is improving ur game for free and not even asking u for ur contribution, u can get a marginal improvement for only a dollar if u value his work and his time. If u dont see any value in hook, u can do like 90% of the community and run the free version. U get most of the improvements with free hook, payed hook is for ppl who cant open their computer without bricking it, u know, the average consumer. For those ppl I would imagine hook has great value, and they can get the full interface and support for only a dollar a month. Dissing this guy for monetizing his time and effort, just so we can jurk off to marginally better content, is not an honorable thing to do. Either pay the damn dollar or use free hook like everyone else. If u have the expertise to make a free equivalent of hook go ahead, but dont be a dick.
  5. IIIlll

    Hair troubles

    @Arse22 @Titanoboa Serpentesi got the wigs mod for VS from @vascosnts Thank u very much, and the wig is acceptable now. Although i would also like to remove al the reflection, glossiness and whatever other BS hook is adding to it
  6. IIIlll

    Hook 5 Help

    @IFlashDi https://filebin.net/hp5db8u5bq0bovph try using these skins with ingame skin textures set to 4x body and face im thinking the problem is running all ur skin textures through hook as someone sayd hook had problems with rendering stockings. with this method u will be running ur skin textures through TK and only applying the effects filters through hook, so TK can render ur stokings on top of the base skin texture also no need to keep ur mods compressed, someone said that VX might still have problems with rar files ,so i keep all my addons uncompressed. Its faster to modify and access so i recomend u do the same. get the txx decomressor tool so u can look in ur txx files and modify them if u have to. Im not saying u should now, keep ur file names as they are originaly in the Ollik 4x mod. U just need to add Mod_ to the base texture and txt files in the active mod folders as u will see they are done in the textures ive sent u
  7. @orimeshwith all my attempts ive noticed it only takes in and spits out body01.bsb maybe try renaming ur file
  8. @orimesh well i didnt relly try combining models, just reverting a few parts to normal on a single modified model. as i understand if u want to move parts u need to add them to the programs data base first and then install them on ur new model, 2 separate processes. But again not sure about that
  9. Try installing it in root directory, also get V3, thats the one that worked for me, i didnt actually have any successful attempts with the old one
  10. Can someone upload the old wigs from 7.5 mod for VX? thank u
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