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  1. It's not that I'm talking about. I'm not confused and complaining that they aren't getting psyfocus or recreation when they should. Are you guys all illiterate? Why the everlasting shit do they voluntarily meditate during recreation hours??? They don't get recreation from it anyway. How is this not a bug or a design oversight. By definition the poor code implementation is interfering with base game. So that's a feature now? They just start meditating and stay that way until they start starving or about to pass out. It's like watching a NEET child physically negl
  2. Do you mean this is a bug? Or is this a feature? Because this happens to pawns who aren't psycasters and just meditating for recreation.
  3. Found a bug. Pawns with hypersexuality don't get any recreation from meditating, and remain stuck on the job indefinitely.
  4. The issues with pink squares isn't lack of sprite variants per se. The bundled dll is nuts and tries to read male, female, thin, hulk, and fat variants for all apparel related textures even when it's not necessary (therefore lacking the variants). This happens even on bodytypes that are vanilla, and even on female, and what's even more hilarious is it happens even on the modded bodytypes too. The fix is to find the asset through Unity Asset Bundler or from a mod and then copypasting it into the directory 5 fucking times correctly as male, thin, etc.
  5. All utility slot items broke with S16 because of the bundled apparel.dll. You can manually fix this by copying the source texture that's generating red lines and pasting them into the S16 directory. You just need male, female, hulk, thin, and fat variants each.
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