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  1. So I found I mod that adds tons of clothes, armor, weapons, etcetera. I'm not a fan of some of the robes put on various members of the mages guild, most specifically the Archmage. So in the creation kit how would I go about keeping him from wearing that robe. Would I just delete it from his inventory? I assume there's much more to it than that. Especially since I just tried that and instead of the ugly robes he was wearing some crazy cool armor. So, um, yeah what would be involved in doing that?
  2. I'll be nice this time. Actually reviewing my original post I realize I didn't ask a question at all, I only presented the problem. So my first mistake there. As for the why you inferred (which well done because my response would have been "you didn't ask a question"), in my mind if I knew why it was broken I could begin working on how to fix it. And I must admit yes, you did point me in a direction that led to the solution so thank you for that. I do apologize for my childish remarks as I realize I was frustrated with you for not answering a question I now realize I didn't even ask. I knew it was a missing texture but didn't know that alone could cause a floating mesh. Oh I have no idea. I'm still not sure why it was there in the first place.
  3. Look boys and girls he figured out why people ask questions about modding. Exactly what I said I did. Anyway fixed it. Seems like the lower body .nif for the normal hgec body alone had that problem. Even installing the way it was intended to be used with that other mod still had that issue. Swapped to the fighter lower body .nif and hey presto it was gone.
  4. So here's the situation, I downloaded this underwear replacer for HGEC. I didn't want to faf about with the body swapping mod it required and just wanted it as a general replacer. I went in grabbed the files I wanted packed it all up properly and installed. It worked except for one problem. If you check the screenshots I now have texturless pubic hair floating in front of the panties. Not sure what's causing that as it's not there with the default underwear for HGEC.
  5. That's the one! Thanks a bunch and nice catch on that dirty esp.
  6. Long story short in another thread I found this screenshot and the poster said it was from ES74 Races Revamped for Oblivion. When I search for it I come up with nada. Is this mod still available or did it turn into something else maybe? For reference the original thread. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/4312-new-male-races/
  7. Is it possible to a partial or modular install? I'm not really a fan of the argonians, kajiit or orcs. Is there a way I can install everything but the files that affect those races?
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