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  1. Is there a guide on knowing how to differentiate what's what when using python? There's all these folders and I'm not sure what everything is with base, core, simulation and so on.
  2. Where is a site of link to learn about xml tuning? Because I was on a site learning some things about python already, but I want to know what xml tuning is and how that goes into modding.
  3. I don't know how to create a mod, and I've seen a video and read some stuff online, it completely confuses me, so I was wondering if anyone could come up or make one kind of like this? Maybe take it on as a challenge. I was wondering with all these sex mods that work with wicked whims could there be an improved one for an escort service, where there are legitimate levels(low class hooker to like a high class call girl) and a place to work out with, options to have a pimp or work for a madam, even become a pimp or madam, running your own brothel and earning wages for it like with retail. And maybe more buffs for intercourse. For example: a female sim has a run in with a male partner who is more than average height and the buff would be something commenting on size, or if it were reverse and the female sim was too loose. I think it would also be great to have features for male sims to get enhancements and female sims to get rejuvenations or revirginate themselves. Also having clients and sims who have an aggressive trait that might leave the sim excited and/or bruised from their experience, bigger reactions and dialogues to go with them. Like if a sim decides to become a prostitute or stripper than her family members or household members get a shocked mod saying things like "You're wasting your life!", "Are you insane?!", "Holy Sh#t!". It would be cool to have features that have it so your sim can keep their job a secret and that it can be revealed creating waves throughout their community where people look at them differently or expect something from them. Their clients can choose or the sim can choose to use protection or go bareback giving them a buff(for example: Beaten Raw, Rode Raw, Thick Cock, Deep Puss). And another feature could be to allow your sim to take on a specific amount of sims in a day or night with a schedule that they make for themselves with option to accept or reject clients. I think traits like good girl, bad girl, easy, would work well too. A madam and pimp can randomly or specifically choose who goes on jobs or what client a sim gets, they can even coerce the sim or worker into sex after a shift is done, even coerce with money or drugs. A hardcore, softcore buff, leaky or dry buff. Basically a more in-depth sex worker mod with its kinks. I think that it would be cool to have an in depth sex mod, or one that expands a bit with buffs for huge penis or small penis sizes or one that's just right (like samantha in sex in the city: Goldicocks, Too Big, Too Small, The Perfect Fit), a buff for juicy and soft vaginas, one for too many sex partners, too much sex in the day, tight ass, slick throat, and so on. But it would be cool to have agencies too that do business on the side, where your pimp is your boss who you work for in guise during the day and at night as one of his escorts where there are assigned johns and private sessions. Also would be nice to construct your sex, drug, or whatever empire (because in the sims I feel like you could get rich from selling candy or pizza), being able to recruit girls, intimidate them, an option to favor them or dislike them, even kick them out on the street. It would also be cool to have functions for plastic surgery and reduction surgery, even be recommended when a girl or guy starts working for their boss. When the escort is drunk or high they could blackout and forget their entire night and what they did as well as be susceptible to clients and randoms requests whether it's to dance, drink, flash someone, or sex. There could also be like veteran escorts that can help or hurt a newbie and get them demoted or promoted. Sometimes the boss could get lonely and request a certain escort for the entire night and it's their job to satisfy him in any way he wants, each time being different. And if the escort follows a certain line of options they could eventually become something more with the boss and later run the empire with them. There should also be consequences if they reject certain offers including from the boss. I think escorts should also be able to service security and bouncers, sleeping with them to gain information and status, drugs, or gifts. Also options on what type of business or brothel you want to run, one where you threaten and intimidate, maybe even get physical, or one where those who work under you were like family and you try to help them when you can. There are a lot of things that could be suggested like doing sexual acts without skin to skin contact according to what the client wants, doing whatever they want to get them in the mood. Chance of condoms being broken, baby care, adoption center options with an option to support the child given up. Bad and good cops who are undercover or out patrolling, where the bad cop offers drugs or money for satisfaction or take you in, good cop offers advice and a chance to become a CI maybe. I think this should all be interactive and also able where you can construct what you want and have a label for company/brothel or side job, something like that. I also think that maybe there should be a career path where an escort can become a cam girl like in aep or do a sexy photoshoot by hooking up with someone from the business during work hours. Maybe starting off as a sexy shoot, then a topless shoot, full nude, opportunities to act are thrown out like in acting and like in acting you can choose gigs. The only difference would be that it's porn with different story lines that make your sim or a sim popular, famous, even legendary. For the escort/prostitute career there should be limitations on how many clients can be taken on at once if at all, a minimum and maximum. I posted this in the request and find mod as a suggestion for ww...I know it’s a lot.
  4. What about creating an object, can you create a lot type?
  5. Is there any known guide on how to create a mod using python or using mod constructor or somewhere I can learn about the coding process needed for modding? Because I’m just sitting around wanting to try and start to make a mod.
  6. A career like Nisa's wp, interactions and traits.
  7. Yeah I don't know if there are any guides on using it, so right now I'm a little lost at what to do...but thanks for the info.
  8. I downloaded zerbu's turbo career mod and mod constructor, but it there a guide in using it?
  9. Right now I'm trying to follow ~The Sims 4 Modern Python Modding: Part 1 — Setup~, but I'm having an issue with the decompyle step. Then there are other guides. I'm not sure which would be the best to follow. I wanted to make a career mod similar to Nisa's WP, but have the name of the profession show up where the sims career and schedule is. But I also don't want it to be scheduled. And then I wanted to create a mod that's a clinic or hospital with different wings(though this would probably be very intricate and difficult to construct) where sims can go in for check ups, go through tests, get shots, prescriptions, go through surgeries, procedures...etc. And a few traits and aspirations, some to go with what I just mentioned. Okay, so if I wanted to learn about how to start creating a mod, career/aspiration/trait plus interactions, and the career not be a rabbit hole, what would you suggest be the BEST option for a beginner who has no idea on how to code or what the code means?
  10. I've been trying to follow this python coding guide...but I'm stuck at the part where I need to install uncompyle6 to decompile the files I guess. And I've been trying to follow the guide in using windows shell to do that, but I keep getting error messages. I downloaded python 3.7.9 and the latest uncompyle6 from the website, all that I'm doing now is repeating the steps from the guide, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong or what I need to do. Can anyone help?
  11. Do you know anything about using or trying to install decompyle?
  12. Thanks, but does the Sims 4 Studio also allow creation of aspirations, careers, and traits? I wanted to create an adult interactive career (kind of like nisa's wicked perversions) with buffs as well as a normal one and normal buffs that associate with reaction to eating foods (like pizza, giving a specific buff depending on what kind was eaten...and so on). I kind of wanted to try to start off small by creating traits, I'm not sure if this would be harder because I know nothing about coding.
  13. Are my sims supposed to get some type of response buff for turn ons or turn offs? And what other mod traits can I add from other creators? (I'm enjoying this mod a lot)
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